Medusa's Halo

*My first try at a Doctor Who screenplay. This is not a cross-over*

New York. Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building. Home to Percy Jackson and his creator, Rick Riordan. When the Doctor and Clara meet him at a Starbucks coffee shop they never expected to end up stuck in a crazy motor inn (TARDIS parking provided) where the weird inhabitant's conversations don't make any sense at all.
To top it off people who have lost their memory are popping up like caffeinated daisies. They all have a symbol on their neck and they remember one thing at least, but the Doctor thinks it's a false memory because how is it even possible that they recall meeting a Weeping Angel?


3. Medusa's Halo 3



(Riordan is lying in bed. It's dark and he's having a bad dream)

M: He spoke to you today.


M: Lies.

RIORDAN: I didn't.

M: Don't lie!

RIORDAN: Go away!

M: Fine but I expect answers.

(You hear a faint hiss and then M's voice is gone. Riordan relaxes)

WIFE: Are you okay, dear?
RIORDAN: Yeah, I'm fine.

(Riordan turns over in bed. The faint image of a Weeping Angel appears outside the bedroom window but Riordan doesn't notice)


(It's in the Midnight Garden Motor Inn restaurant. Camera focuses on the plasma TV nearby)

NEWS-REPORTER 2: Good morning, my name is Renee Brewster and today yet another person has appeared without knowledge of where they've been, where they are or who they are...

(The Doctor and Clara are sitting at a table at the restaurant. Two plates of bacon and eggs are sitting on the table)

CLARA: Are we going to be doing more stalking today?

THE DOCTOR: No. We're going to hospital.

CLARA: Sorry?

THE DOCTOR: If you'd been listening to the news there's been a magnitude of people randomly disappearing. Most of them seem to end up in the St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital.


THE DOCTOR: They can't remember anything.

CLARA: Nothing?

THE DOCTOR: Nothing.

(Clara sits back a little)

CLARA: No water thanks.

(The passing Silurian waiter nods)

CLARA: *under breath* definitely bonkers.

THE DOCTOR: I'm bored. Let's go-

TADDEA: Good morning!

(Clara jumps in surprise)

THE DOCTOR: Good morning!

MAEVE: Hope you're enjoying your stay. (giggles)

TADDEA: I love llamas. They're so tasty. Taddea likes llama. Maeve likes dancing.

MAEVE: Can you do ballet?


MAEVE: That's a shame. I do love Jazz.

TADDEA: I like carrots.

MAEVE: I like wine. It tastes nice.

(Maeve does a twirl. Her hair sweeps back and Clara sees a glimpse of circle on her neck)

CLARA: Doctor.

(Taddea and Maeve stagger away)

The Doctor: What?

CLARA: That girl, Maeve, had this circle on her neck like on the Dalek.


CLARA: I don't think so.

THE DOCTOR: Vampires. Yep, definitely vampires. Now, where was I? Right. I'm bored, let's go.


(A taxi pulls up at St Luke's Roosevelt Hosp and Clara and the Doctor get out. The taxi drives off)

(A receptionist looks up and smiles as the Doctor nears the desk)

RECEPTIONIST: Can I help you?

THE DOCTOR: Can I see Dr Jibben?

RECEPTIONIST: Are you visiting?

THE DOCTOR: Yes we are. My daughter and I are.

CLARA: You're daughter?

THE DOCTOR: I don't think she would've believed me if I said wife.

CLARA: Good point.

RECEPTIONIST: He's second floor, to your left, room 10.

THE DOCTOR: Thankyou.


(The elevator goes DING. The Doctor and Clara walk quickly down the white hall)

(A man dressed in white looks up. He smiles)


THE DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor.


CLARA: I'm Clara, his 'daughter'.

DR JIBBEN: Are you visiting?


(The Doctor sits down next the young lady lying on the Hospital bed)

DR JIBBEN: She's still quite distressed and hasn't said anything. We can't seem to get any information from her. From public records we found out her name is Chiara Owens but she can't clarify.

THE DOCTOR: What's your name?

(The lady looks at him strangely)

VICTIM 1: I don't know.

THE DOCTOR: So you can't remember anything?

VICTIM 1: Who are you?

THE DOCTOR: I'm the Doctor.

(Victim 1 takes hold of the Doctor's hand)

VICTIM 1: You're the man they told me about.

THE DOCTOR: Who told you about me?

VICTIM 1: She said you were evil. That you would destroy her. Why would you destroy her?

THE DOCTOR: Who told you about me?

DR JIBBEN: She has amnesia, sir. You can't possibly expect-

CLARA: He knows what he's doing.

THE DOCTOR: Who. Told. You. About. Me?

(Victim 1 reaches up and pushes away her long hair, revealing a small circle inked onto the skin)

VICTIM 1: It's a halo. They drew one on every other person.


CLARA: That's the same symbol as the one on Maeve's neck and the Dalek.

VICTIM 1: It's a halo. It reminds us that they're sad- while it's black at least. They were crying.

(Victim 1 lifts up a trembling hand and puts it over the halo)

VICTIM 1: They're beautiful, the angels. They're tears were so beautiful.

(The Doctor jumps up)

THE DOCTOR: The Weeping Angels?

CLARA: What are they?

THE DOCTOR: This isn't good.

(The Doctor runs out of the Hospital room at top speed with Clara in pursuit)

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