Medusa's Halo

*My first try at a Doctor Who screenplay. This is not a cross-over*

New York. Statue of Liberty. The Empire State Building. Home to Percy Jackson and his creator, Rick Riordan. When the Doctor and Clara meet him at a Starbucks coffee shop they never expected to end up stuck in a crazy motor inn (TARDIS parking provided) where the weird inhabitant's conversations don't make any sense at all.
To top it off people who have lost their memory are popping up like caffeinated daisies. They all have a symbol on their neck and they remember one thing at least, but the Doctor thinks it's a false memory because how is it even possible that they recall meeting a Weeping Angel?


2. Medusa's Halo 2



(TARDIS appears outside of a house. Camera pans down to the top of the house and shows Clara and the Doctor exiting the TARDIS and walking up the path. Shot shows the Doctor and Clara standing at the front door)

CLARA: This isn't a good idea.

THE DOCTOR: You probably don't have an alternative so your argument is invalid.

(The door opens. Riordan stares at the Doctor)

RIORDAN: You followed me to my house?

THE DOCTOR: Not 'followed' exactly. More...actually followed would be the politically correct term.

RIORDAN: That's slightly creepy.

CLARA: Exactly what I said.

THE DOCTOR: It's not creepy if it's for world-saving purposes as I've said before. Now, how do you know me?

RIORDAN: I didn't know you before today.

THE DOCTOR: That's a lie.

RIORDAN: I didn't know you before today.

THE DOCTOR: Please stop lying.

RIORDAN: I don't really want to talk about this. Good bye.

(Riordan shuts the door. The Doctor stares at the door for a moment before returning to the TARDIS. Clara raises her eyebrows)

CLARA: I told you he'd get creeped out.

(The Doctor begins circling the control panel of the TARDIS)

THE DOCTOR: What really confuses me is the fact that he seems scared. From what exactly? From what?

CLARA: I don't know.

THE DOCTOR: Logic tells me that he's scared. Instinct tells me that he knows something.

(Suddenly the core begins bobbing up and down)

CLARA: Doctor? Where are we going now?

THE DOCTOR: Sorry, what? Oh, where are we going? I don't know exactly.

CLARA: Should we be worried?

THE DOCTOR: Not unless we end up on some alien infested planet where they devour humans. Other than that we should be safe.

CLARA: Don't joke around.

THE DOCTOR: I'm not.

CLARA: Doctor.

(The TARDIS trembles and there's a thud)

THE DOCTOR: We're here already? That was quick!

(The Doctor dashes down to the doors and throw them open)

THE DOCTOR: Well this is interesting!

(Clara pokes her head around the Doctor's tall frame. She takes in the new surroundings)

CLARA: That is freaky. Where are we?

THE DOCTOR: The Midnight Garden Motor Inn. Says it on the sign.

CLARA: So the TARDIS took us to this Motor Inn? Seems a bit fishy doesn't it.

(Full shot of a row of buildings, various vehicles and a small fountain in the middle of a garden)

THE DOCTOR: Not at all and how is it freaky?

CLARA: That.

(Clara points at a Dalek sitting at the counter inside the reception building. The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and examines the Dalek. He reaches across and finds a black circle cut into the metal )

THE DOCTOR: Fascinating. It seems to be branded!

DALEK: Do you want to make a booking?

CLARA: We aren't staying here are we?

THE DOCTOR: Well, I don't see the harm. The TARDIS wanted to go here.

CLARA: Wouldn't we be able to sleep in the TARDIS though?

(The Doctor wanders back to the TARDIS. He tries opening the door to no prevail. He tries unlocking it but it doesn't work. Even his sonic screwdriver doesn't seem to work)

THE DOCTOR: Nope. The TARDIS has locked herself.

CLARA: I'm not reassured.

DALEK: Do you want to make a booking?

THE DOCTOR: Yes. Yes we do.

DALEK: You will stay in Room 24 and 25.

(Dalek hands the Doctor the keys)

DALEK: Breakfast is served at eight in the morning. It is bacon and eggs...eggs...eggs...

(The Doctor takes the keys and leaves the Dalek saying 'eggs' repeatedly)

(Clara and the Doctor go off to separate rooms)

CLARA: Goodnight.

THE DOCTOR: Probably won't be.

(Clara shuts her room door and turns on the light)

(The Doctor throws open the door. You see a Cyberman that is standing completely still. It has a towel in one hand, soap in the other and a lamp on its head)

THE DOCTOR: That is wonderful! They have somehow deactivated the Cyberman and used him as a rack. I wonder who owns this place.

CLARA: Whoever it is is completely insane.

THE DOCTOR: Yes. Insane. You know this place seems to have a familiar aura about it.

CLARA: It does?


(The Doctor steps outside)

THE DOCTOR: Well, goodnight again.

CLARA: Goodnight.

(Someone knocks on the door. Clara opens it. A pretty, young lady steps into the room)

CLARA: Hello?

TADDEA: You're the girl aren't you. The Doctor's girl.

CLARA: Yes...

TADDEA: I do love new people:

If you blink,

and you've seen it cry,

there's no use hiding, just say 'bye, bye'.

Don't turn your back,

Don't close your eyes,

Because that would mean your own demise.

Hands go round,

the face of the clock,

counting down TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK.

One, two, three,

there's no time to run,

the touch of an Angel means you're gone.

Hope you forget,

just hope and pray,

or have a nice trip to the Winter Quay.

CLARA: Okay...

TADDEA: It's funny you know. I like them.

(Taddea walks away, laughing hysterically)

MAEVE: Don't mind her.

(Clara jumps at this new acquaintance)

CLARA: Who're you?

MAEVE: Not telling.

CLARA: You're her friend.

MEAVE: Not telling. Besides, stranger danger.

(Maeve wanders off. Clara shuts the door quickly and blackness)

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