What About Love

This is the story of what happens when two gorgeous girls meet One Direction while working at Nando's.


2. Kendal's POV

I heard someone aproaching the counter, I was looking down at my phone checking twitter when an Irish voice said,"Can I have a table for five please?"

I looked up and I almost died!  IT WAS ONE DIRECTION!

"Ummm sure, what are you guys doing here?!!!"

"Just coming to get some lunch." Harry said.

"Oh, I'm a big fan and welllllllll I...... LOVE you guys!"

"Oh, that's so good.  Are you coming to the concert tomorrow love?" Louis asked.

"Yepp.  I sure am, my friend Abbie and I are going."


Just then Abbie walked out and......she sreamed. (face palm)

"It.....I....it's really you!!!" she yelled.

"Yes Abbie."  I said shooting her a stern look trying to signal that she was probably scaring them.

"Oh."  she said.

"Hi I'm Abbie."  she blushed.

Harry winked at her.

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