A twist of light

Two gangs, one ordinary girl, big secrets, and that one thing that may split or bring the gangs together; Or did it lead to a cruel event that goes wrong and turns upside down because one person can't confess there love, and the other one has to hide and deny it from not only herself, but her brothers gang.


PG-13 (For a mature audience only)

and I will warn you guys only once but this will have sexual conduct in it okay?

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9. has a small blooper

A/N: For those of you who don't know what blooper is go to the end of chapter six in my little authors message at the end of my chapter. Also at the end of this chapter I have some questions ok?



I woke up with a strong embrace around my petite body and my head nuzzled down into something that was breathing. I lift my head up and see a shirtless harry in bed with his arms wrapped around me, I feel safe so I won't complain. I look up at his smooth tan face, like he is peaceful and calm. I slowly close my eyes getting ready to drift back to sleep until I realized I shouldn't be here. I try and remove myself from his tight grip but he wouldn't move. "Keep still Lea." he said as he put his hand on mine arms till wrapped around.me. I stay still watching as he breaths steadily and calmly. 

"Harry I have to go home, now." I shake him a little. "Please my brothers are gonna be pissed." I say into his ear as he slept. I trace the ink that covered his perfect tan skin.

"What are you doing?"

"Um.. sorry." I say removing my hand from his perfect skin. I looked away trying to remove his large arms from around me, so that I could sit on the window sitting area. After a few minutes of struggle I finally made it out sitting right there as I hear harry stir around in the bed. I pull the shirt down so it wasn't showing the boxers I had on. 

"What are you doing now?" I here him sleepily chuckle. "Come back to bed with me, please." He pouts and puts his head back. I wonder if he realizes we're not dating i'm not his normal slutty type I guess. I laugh a little by insane thoughts. Some days I wish that I could get a boy to want and love me, even if it's that fake mumbo jumbo, I walk into the hall going through the linen closet to grab a towel. I walked back in the room to see harry still perfectly asleep on the bed. I walked in undressing out of the tshirt and boxers I had on stepping into the warm shower water letting it hit my tense tired body waking me up in no time at all. I quickly washed my skin and hair feeling fresh and happy enough to continue on with my day. I walked out of the tub wrapping the white towel around me as I grabbed the clothes off the ground and threw it in the hamper. I walked around not seeing harry anywhere, all there was on the bed was another one of his black tshirts and another pair of boxers. I picked them sliding the boxers on underneath my towel, then quickly grabbing the shirt and throwing it over my head. I pulled my wet hair in a messy ponytail and grabbed one of the head bands off his dresser and slid it on over my head walking down the stairs into the living room, no sign of him there. I walk into the kitchen, no sign of him there. After searching the whole house I gave up and went back into his bedroom sitting on the window seal area.

"Yea just beat him good, ok." I hear the familiar voices say as he came off the balcony. I'm dumb. "I go to go." He immediatly clicks the phone off and looks at me up and down. "You look nice." He stated as he went to his drawer and grabbed some sweats to put on. I try not to look down at his boxer and unshaved yet perfect legs. I roll my eyes in response to what he says. "So are you in a bitchy mood now, cause we were getting along quite fine." He said crossing his arms and looking at me.

"No, i'm not." I snapped back as he looked at me. "I'm just...we're not.." I sigh and look at him, "I really don't know." I say as I walk towards him slowly looking up at his tall figure he grabs my waist an pulls closer, making my heart skip a beat. "Maybe I should just go home now, it's not like you really want me here." I say grabbing my now dry clothes off the ground. I heard him come behind and spin me around to face him.

"You don't have to leave, if you don't want to. I actually like having you hear brad- Azalea." He corrects himself as he talks. I nod and put my clothes on the chair in his room, then walked to his bed to laid down under the un-made bed. He came over and looked at me before speaking. "Can I lay down next to you?" I nod and open the blankets moving back to make room in front of me. He asked for permission when it's his bed I laugh to myself. "What?" He said as he turned to face me.

"Nothing I'm just laughing at the fact you asked to lay in your own bed."

He laughed to pulling me by waist closer to him so that I'm able to  him and pushed my head down against his chest. I hear the steady beat as he rubbed circles in my back as his chin was on the top of my head. "Would you be mad if I told you something?" He asked quiet still rubbing my back. I mumbled a quick no waiting on what he had to say," Your about the must gorgeous bradford I've ever seen." He said catching me off guard making me flush. "An one of the first virgins I've ever met who's a bradford." He say again not really telling me if that's a good thing or not.

"Thank you? " I say with a confused face. "So are you saying all bradford girls are trashy, slutty, and ugly?" I asked 

"Everyone except you." He laughed as my heart fluttered. I nod an keep my head on his chest as I absorbed some of his radiating body temperature, as I look up at him as he looked out the window, making me look back down. I felt a small kiss planted on the top of my head as if he didn't want me to feel it.  

"When can I go home cause my brothers are probably worried." I say after the few minutes of quiet, making hi look down at me as his hands continued to rub circles in my lower back. "I'm not rushing you but um.. my brothers don't know I'm here with you." I say as I look down at where my hands were.

"That's good, they don't need to know where your at all them time." He says looking at me. "Your a grown women an need to make your own choices." He says as he sat up a little more with my still on his warm chest. 

"It is there business." I said lifting my head a little to look at him. "They're my brothers and guardian." He moved the rest of my body off him, turning me to face him. 

"Your almost old enough to take care of yourself, heck I'll take care of you if you let me babe, you can stay in this house and I'll buy you a car, clothes, anything, just name it." Although what he says is tempting I have to reject his offer. I'm independent and will like to know that I can provide for myself with out others help. I shake my head getting off my thoughts. "You won't have to even get a job, just let me show you that I want to take care of you." he says as he flips me on top of him letting me straddle his waist, he pulls my bun out letting my curly hair lay down on one side of my shoulder. He moved my waist a certain pattern making my hips grind on to his, making small groan slip his mouth. "Fuck." He breathes as my hips move faster then before making our crotches roughly rub against one another.

"Har-harry." I moan as I try and slow down, feeling that warmth come in my stomach making it hard for me to breathe as I felt a substance come out of me making my eyes roll to the back of my head like harrys. I catch my breathe as embarrassment floods through me. I picked up my wet clothes and phone just as it was vibrating. "Hello?"

"Hello this is jenna from Little Annes." She say through the phone. Little Annes? Why would she be calling. "Hi would like to know if you can come by today and see us for an interview, your resume was really well put for a fifteen year old." She say as she waited for my reply.

"Um.. Yes I'll be there in a hour." I say happily. "See you soon, bye." I hung up the phone and looked at harry. "Well can you drop me off  cause I have an interview." I say clapping my hands and grabbing my clothes, I walked down the stairs and slipped on my flats as I waited for him to come down stairs. "come on I have an interview." I chirp as I grab his arm and go towards his car.

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