A twist of light

Two gangs, one ordinary girl, big secrets, and that one thing that may split or bring the gangs together; Or did it lead to a cruel event that goes wrong and turns upside down because one person can't confess there love, and the other one has to hide and deny it from not only herself, but her brothers gang.


PG-13 (For a mature audience only)

and I will warn you guys only once but this will have sexual conduct in it okay?

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11. ~Chapter 8~

"Ok slow down." He unlocks the door and gets in, pulling out of the rich gated community and onto the streets. "So there's a party i'm having tonight, everyone from school will be there, and you can come if you want." I smile at the thought of seeing him again, laying down on his soft bad as he slowly shifts his body towards me, wrapping me up in the comfort of his tan inked arms. "Do yo want to?" He asked as he looked at me. 

"Um.. I guess but can molly come, or like someone I know so I won't feel left out?" I asked as I looked out the window watching the world go pass me quick. 

"Left out? Babe you'll be with me, you won't feel left out." He smiles as he takes eyes of the road to look at me once more. I gave him a pout and he nods. "What ever you can bring her." He says as he looks back at the road pulling into the gates of where our house was. "See ya." He says as I walk out of his car waving. I walked up to my front door opening it to say Liam against our wall being yelled.

"How could you let her fucking go with him, thats our sister!" 

Immediatly I run towards zayn trying to pull him off making his reflexes kick in and elbow me on my cheek. Ouch. I grab the side of my face as I back away and see Devon walk in the door with molly tagged along. He looked at me as held my cheek and tears came down, and at zayn who held a bruised liam against the door. "Zayn stop! Stop! You hit her." He pointed at me as Zayns eyes of angers came down to eyes of worriedness. I backed away as he came closer to me running to my bedroom to get ready. I still had on harrys clothes so I'm glad no one mentioned that while I was in there. I examined my slightly bruised cheek running my hand over it as I saw pinkish purple bruise on my neck. I ran my finger over wincing at the pain. I quickly grabbed my concealer and dabbed it on my cheek and the sore on my neck trying to get them to go away, of course that stupid hicky didn't want to go away after how much I tried. I pinned my hair on one side so that it can cover that gigantic hickey.  I pulled out a black overall skirt, a white button up shirt, a black blazer, and toms. I added a little glitter eyeshadow and black eye liner and walked out of bedroom with my phone in my hand. 

"Devon I have to go to my interview a Little annes coffee shop." I say giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek. I walk out the door and made my way to Little annes. I walked into the small yet full coffee filled shop. Stepping up to jenna, the beautiful blonde. 

"Hey Lea are you  here for the regular." She asked me talking about my french vanilla coffee with 3 packs of milk and tons of sugar. 

"Um.. Not coffee, interview remember you called?" I said chuckling as she was making the coffee. She made an "O" shape with her mouth and walked to the back so that I could go talk to Anne. I walked inside of the warm room sitting down at the chair on the opposite side of her desk. "Hi Anne."

"Hello Azalea." She said very cheery. 

After a few more minutes I was finished with the interview and making my way to the park to sit there for an hour until it was time for harrys party. "Hey Lea" I hear familiar voice say from behind me. I turn around to see molly in a short black pencil, and white crop top. She walked up closer to me with her heels clinking along behind her, where was she going?

"Where are you going?" 

"To Harrys party, I always go." She says laughing as she sat next to me on the swing. "Where are you going?" She asked as she rested her clutch purse on her lap shaking her greasy hair.

"To harrys party, he invited me this morning before he dropped me-" I stopped myself realizing I was giving to much infromation.

"Before what?"

"Nothing." I say, "Who's picking you up?" I ask her trying to change the subject.

"Louis or Niall." She say shrugging. "Does zayn know?" I shake my head at her. "Wel...who's picking you up?"

"Harry." I say. By time our conversation was done harry was pulling up with niall in the car to. "Thats them I say as she followed me. 

"Get in the back." I hear harry tell niall, he looked a little confused as to why but after he saw me walk up his head nods ad he sits in the back with my slutty somewhat of a friend molly. "So how was the interview?" He asked as his hand rested on top of my lap, giving me warm feelings inside. 

"Fine, she just said she'll call me." I shrug looking back out the window seeing molly and nialls reflection the mirror as they looked where harrys hand was. "How was the rest of your day?" I asked as I shifted my body uncomfortably.

"Good, and now better because of the you and the party." He kissed my head before the light turned green again. "You look um..hot." He smiles as I see his eyes rake my body and not pay attention to the road making me swat his arm.

"Pay attention styles." I giggled as I turned his head back to the road, he pouts and then laughs as I flick his dimple. "So what do you do at partys like this?" I ask as I watch him pull up at his house full of intoxicated teens from school and gangs.

"Drink, dance, and have fun." 

"But I don't drink." I say as we stepped out of the car making harry come towards me, he looked down at me then back up at all the people in the yard leaving me there to fend for myself at the party. I looked around to see if I knew anyone but now one in particular rang a bell in my head. I sat down on top of harrys SUV watching everyone have fun and party, even molly is one of the intoxicated teens that are dirty dancing on the lawn with niall. I saw a blonde girl with smudged make up and bouncy curls walk into the large familiar house with a drnk in her hand and a super short tight black dress on. I jump down of the van following her inside the large house to see her plop herself down on top of harry.  I stood there with my mouth wide as I see her kiss him sloppily against his lips.

"Hey babe." She slurs as he holds her waist the sight of them together sickens me making me want to cry at the sight yet just scream, but I can't we're not even dating so whats the point, I can't just walk up and say I called dibs on him because that would be stupid. I watched as they sat on the couch making out while all of there friends laughed including molly who was swallowing faces with niall. I watched with stupidity remembering what harry said about wanting me to live with him and how he'll take care of me that's all a lie, wasn't it? I step back slowly as I see harrys eyes lock with my red teary ones as I run towards the door  making my way on the street as I hear my name being called I run and run until I'm deep into the woods. As I hear footsteps behind me I quicken my pace until I'm in the gates of the old small wood creek cementary.

"Azalea! Come out please I'm sorry." He yells making me on the verge of tears even when we hardly no each other and we've never dated. I walk out towards where I hear my name to slap him but decide not to, my phone starts to vibrate as I get Little annes name pop. 

"Hello." I say in a part whisper.

"Hey this is jenna, i'm calling to tell you that you've gotten the job." I wanna jump up and down and scream but I can't now when THAT is looking for me. "You were selected out of all fifteen people you and another lucky person that is." She takes a deep breathe. "Can you start tomorrow at ten 'o clock?"

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