A twist of light

Two gangs, one ordinary girl, big secrets, and that one thing that may split or bring the gangs together; Or did it lead to a cruel event that goes wrong and turns upside down because one person can't confess there love, and the other one has to hide and deny it from not only herself, but her brothers gang.


PG-13 (For a mature audience only)

and I will warn you guys only once but this will have sexual conduct in it okay?

{All Rights Reserved} you can send me a message, on kik @kenneygirl200 if you want permission to post my story anywhere, or if you just want to talk.


6. ~Chapter 5~

 A/N: So this is going to be short because I came home late from volley ball. My coach wanted to be a bitch because one girl didn't bring the proper things to practice in.


"I know mama but there's something about her...I.. I mean she isn't my type but I have to see why I..I really don't fucking know." He said as he ran his fingers through his curly hair. Whats his type anyways? I ask myself sitting on the cool floor. 

"Well honey check the bathroom." She said pointing at it, I sigh from relief as thanks her and walks away to the bathroom. "Now this is wrong but go thru the back, right there." She points to a metal door that leads to the beach. "Go on baby." I look at her a mouth a thank you as I turn and walk towards the door.

"Mama she wasn't ther-" I hear harrys voice and he paused, I continued walking thinking he probably couldn't see me. "Azalea!" He yells as I hear the door slam open. I hear mama yell run and I did so making a dash for the door as I hear foot steps getting closer to me. I try and dash for one man canyon trying to make it to the moon pool, where I always go when i'm scared or want to be alone. I climb up the rocks hastily trying to get away from the tall figure following behind. "Azalea come back down here!" He demanded as I reached the top and ran through the dark forest like area dropping into a little cave whole and into the moon pool. "Azalea please." 

"Shit." I mumble as I sat up looking at the small rip in my white tank. I look down again to see that I have a cut on the open skin that my flat shows. I hear my name again and rustle in the bushes near the opening. "dammit I should've known that he could fall in here since its dark out." I say under my breath as the curly hair figure came tumbling down.

"Az-" He winces in pain before continuing, "Azalea why'd you run?" He asked with a confused expression as he stood up walking near me next to the pool of water that reflects the moon off of it. I stood up and observed him as he looked at the beautiful water deciding whether or not I should push him. 

"Because.." I said walking close to his silently as he observed the clean blue water. "I don't know..I guess I just." I stop and push him as he turns my way pulling me down with him. "You A-S-S" I spell out and push him as he float in the water, he laughed and grabbed my waist lifting me up to put me on the edge of the moon pool. "Why?" I say referring to him pulling me down with him.

"Well I wanted to get you wet." He said winking at me letting me immediately catch on to his dirty joke. "And really A-S-S why not just say it?"

"I don't swear." I simply say as I ring my hair out. "An you shouldn't either its bad." I saw frowning him at as if I was a 5 year telling there parent not to say naughty words. I looked up at him and he burst out in laughter making my frown much deeper then before.  

"Wow you remind me of gemma." He said standing up out of the water, he took his shirt off and started walking out of the moon pool and outside back to the beach as I followed. "Don't ever do that again." He said in a harsh tone. 'Talk about mood swings.' I mumbled as we walked. Gemma who is she? Is she in there gang or is it his girlfriend? I wonder- "Earth to Azalea." My head snap towards him as he knocked me out of my trance. 


"Where leaving now." He said as he walked towards the car. Mama was looking out of her shop door at me waving and smiling, I smiled back and walked to the car with my jacket in my hand. "Get in." He demanded as he started the ignition making it roar loudly. I stood there still and stiff cause of the cool weather that was hitting my wet body. "Get in, now." He growled making me a little nervous in his presence. I look at the the time on my diamond blue pleathered watch, I have to go anyways its 10' o clock the boys will be home soon. I hop in the car hoping he can offer to turn the heat up which unfortunately he didn't leaving me shivering and dripping with water. 

"I'm going to take you to my house." He said as he left his on the road.

"No." I flatly say crossing my arms and facing him. "Take me home now or I will jump out of this car." He looked at me jaw clenched and cheek red of anger. 

"Why are you so fucking stubborn, your worst then your brother." He looked at me as I gasped rolling my eyes. "At least molly was easy." He said under his breath as I couldn't hear him. "Do it then, cause you and I both no you wouldn't jump." He mocked with amusement in his bipolar angelic face. I turn towards the window as he laughed in mockery making me annoyed to the point where i'm going to test him. I take off my seat belt and flicked him off making him laugh eve harder. "Go on this shall be interesting." I unlocked the door opening it remembering what devon told me about how to jump out of a moving vehicle I look back at harry who had a smugged look across his face, I turn and look at the moving ground as I prepared myself to jump I felt arm wrap around my waist pulling me back into my seat and making me shut the door all in one movement.

"Why'd you stop me." I scoffed as I looked at him with an amused face. "You thought I would really jump. Didn't you?" I asked amusement not only visible but clear in my voice also. 

"What the fucks wrong with you! You could've been hurt or killed." I rolled my eyes and looked out of the window. "You still want to go home?" He asked looking at me with anger in his eyes. I nod and look into his mesmerizing green eyes. "To bad." He said turning into a forbidden territory for my kind and a very beautiful neighborhood. "Come on." The shirtless curly head said as he parked an stepped out the . I followed him onto the lawn of a mansion like house and up to the porch as he pulled out his keys. 

"Is this where you and your parent live?" I asked pointing to the unnecessarily big house.

"No, just me." He said lowly. I looked at him wide eyed and back at the house. Why does he live here alone? Where's his parents? "I live here because I.. my mother and Robin kicked me out of the house forcing me to live close to my dad, who pays for my large house." He said answering all my questions leaving me to wonder why he was kicked out.

"Can I ask you something?" He nods as I step inside behind him taking off my flats. "Why did you get kicked out?" He looked at me then at the ground. "Harry its-" Before I could've he cut me off surprising me.

"It's really non of your business." He sasses back as he walked away harshly stomping. "An besides why do you care?" He looked at me and then walked into his living room, leaving me by my exit ticket out of here from this A-S-S. "Come so I can get you some clothes." I hear him say from the living room. I can't stay here, I'm gonna be in so much trouble when I get home. I slip on my flats opening the door slowly so he can't hear me exit. "Where are you going?" He asked in a spooky voice.

"No where I was just...I was.. um.." He walked towards me pushing me against the door roughly as he pushed his body against me grinding his hips into mine. "Har-Harry." I stutter as the beautiful sensation makes my body warm up and tense sometimes. He forcefully pressed his lips against mine prying them apart with his trying to get access, but I refuse. I feel his hand snake up my shirt and squeeze my chest, making me gasp and moan and the new sensation that's traveling through my body giving me pleasure. Our lips moved in sync perfectly as I finally gave in. We were now on the couch with him hovered over me with our lips locked. He pulled away lifting my wet shirt off.

"I still don't know how I got you went so fast." He said smirking. He dipped his head into the crook of my neck kissing me different places until a certain spot cause a sudden moan to release. "Got it." He said in my neck as I he roughly sucked on the spot drawing up blood in the one spot that i'm sure will leave a bruise or what ever they call it. His hand mad its way to my jeans, yanking it off with my underwear following. I sucked in the air as the cool air hit the bruise on my neck. 

"Harry I.." He put his finger on my lips shushing me just like liam did. "But I feel uncomfortable." I said as he pulls off his wet jeans also, I took that opportunity to pick up the white shirt of the ground putting it on to cover my naked body. I saw him grab a small silver package out of his pocket resting on the coffee table by the couch. "Whats tha-" I was cut off guard as I felt his finger slowly go inside of me, its uncomfortable yet pleasurable.

"Wow your extremely tight." He says breathing heavy. "Its like you've never been fucked, your almost as tight as a, virgin." His words came out slow at the last few sentences as he looked at me. "Azalea are you a..virgin?" He stuck his finger in deeper making me whimper and squeeze my eyes shut. "Shit," he mumbled as he removed his finger. "But how your attractive I know some guy had to of fucked you by now." 

"No i'm a virgin, I've never been kissed before except by Liam, and you. I never even really dated cause some guys are either not my type or my brother will tell them to buzz off." 

"I'm sorry I didn't know." He sighed as he started to get from on top of me. I grabbed his fore arm looking into his eyes. 'Please' I mouthed letting his body hover over me again. He slowly eased his cold finger into me pumping slowly then picking up speed as I whimpered now in pleasure screwing my eyes shut. I feel my stomach turn and feel warm and get all hot as a warm substance came out of me as I breathed hard. Harry took his finger out of me and put it in his mouth sucking it. "You taste so good." He moaned as he took his finger out of his mouth. "Lets go get you some clothes." He helped me off the couch and leaving our clothes there. I followed him up the long steps and into a bedroom with light gray walls with white rims, it had a medium sized chandlelere on the cieling, a stone concrete deck with a good view his backyard. He had a large bed and sitting area in the window.

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