A twist of light

Two gangs, one ordinary girl, big secrets, and that one thing that may split or bring the gangs together; Or did it lead to a cruel event that goes wrong and turns upside down because one person can't confess there love, and the other one has to hide and deny it from not only herself, but her brothers gang.


PG-13 (For a mature audience only)

and I will warn you guys only once but this will have sexual conduct in it okay?

{All Rights Reserved} you can send me a message, on kik @kenneygirl200 if you want permission to post my story anywhere, or if you just want to talk.


3. ~Chapter 3~

I woke up in the small bed with my blanket wrapped around my small petite body as Devon squirmed around next to me. I sat up untangled the sheets from around me, combing through the curly shoulder length hair on my head slipping it into a quick messy bun. I stepped out the walking in the living room to see Liam and Zayn on the couch talking, I stepped behind the wall listening to what they were talking about so lowly trying to make out every word. "I can't believe Harry tried after my sister, I mean that's really low in his standards trying to sleep with someone way younger." He shook his head. "Lea beautiful and young she hates gangs, guns, and heck violence. He can't make a move on her unless she lets him." Lets him? Wow so they think I would just sell my body out like that? That's just stupid and pathetic to think. 

"Azalea, why are you hiding behind the wall?" I here Devon ask from behind, I turned around to see the sleepy tall figure standing over my shoulder looking at me confused then walking out into the living room leaving me by the wall. "Hey."

"Sup," Zayn and Liam said in unison. I walked out and waved at them too walking right into the bathroom turning on the warm water to get ready for my shower. I stripped out my clothes stepping into the shower letting the warm water hit me relaxing my tensed bones. I quickly washed my skin after being in the shower for awhile, I stepped out drying my hair and  body walking out of the bathroom.

I walked past Liam who was staring at me as Zayn and Devon talked. "Wonderer, eyes off my kid." I rolled my eyes from his words. "Excuse me I mean baby sister." He said in an innocent baby voice. Liam chuckled and turned back around facing the other two as I went into the room putting on orange skinny biker trousers, a white tank top, and a faux leather biker jacket Devon got me for my 15th birthday this year. I walked towards the door slipping on my brown leathered combat boots. "Where are you going?"  I here Devon and Zayn ask in unison. 

"Either to Georges place or to the movie house." I casually say with a sound of annoyance. They both nod and continue talking as I walk out the door quickly before anymore questions could be as-.

"Lea can I come with you?" I turn around to see Liam standing in the doorway with his shoes on and jacket over his shoulder. I nod and start walking as he follows behind, I want to tell him that the kiss was nothing that I really shouldn't have led him on to do it but before I could even finish my sentence he started talking. "So that kiss last night." He sighed as we walked together side by side. "I'm sorry I should have never kissed you." I looked at him as to say yup you got that right, I kinda feel bad if I did that though.

"Its okay." We walked in silence as a lot of thoughts ran through my head making it hard for to process what went on for the past few days. I hear Liam mumble a curse word before looking down and grabbing my arm making me move faster. I look at him confusion crossing my face until I looked back to see, harry and his boys. "Shout" I mumble under my breath as I tried keeping up with Liams pace as he pulled me along.

"Look with wind blew in, paper and shit." I look up at Liam as his jaws started clenching scaring me slightly. I stop in my tracks turning around to see amusement on all of there faces.

"Is that all you can ever say? Gosh I thought your comebacks were bad." I say slightly amused and annoyed at there expressions. I hear Liam chuckle from beside me as he crossed his arm looking tough and very handsome. "Besides it seems like the bank  left there money again." I pout and gave them the 'how sad' look making harrys face redden with anger as though there was a volcano trying to explode.

"I still like you Bradford, feisty and delicious to look at. Pure, innocent, and breath taking." He rubs his hands together licking his lips in hunger and lust.

"Innocent, like?" I scoff. " I life at the sight of how pitiful you are and worthless you'll ever be. You make me sick." I started walking towards him slowly as he did the say. Liam dare not move and neither did Harrys little "Henchman" either. "Money is so dirty to bad I can't just clean it." I spit n his arm and rub my leather jacket on it as if i was polishing something, I then did it to his other arm moving toward his face next knowing I'll piss him off. I got huge gunk of saliva in my mouth and spit in his face.

"That's it you piece of trash." He said as he wiped the rolling spit of his cheekbone . I probably looked terrified but I don't know what he'll do so.. I step backwards next to Liam who stood there casually as if nothings happening. "Let me take you out for dinner." I looked at him puzzled as why he hasn't slapped me or punched me yet.


"Yep I'll meet you at the park at six p.m ready to pick you up. Where anything fancy you have, if you have anything." He laughed as he grabbed my arm. I shook my head saying no again. "Yea you are, and if you dont your brothers and your litle friend here are gonna get hurt. If you don't want that then you'll do it." I nod in agreement as I hear Liam saying "No Lea, no." "What will Zayn say?" I nod at harry not wanting him to hurt any of my family and friends. "See ya then, lovely." Liam and I walked away his face full of disappointment and and mines full of guilt even though I'm slightly terrified. 

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