A twist of light

Two gangs, one ordinary girl, big secrets, and that one thing that may split or bring the gangs together; Or did it lead to a cruel event that goes wrong and turns upside down because one person can't confess there love, and the other one has to hide and deny it from not only herself, but her brothers gang.


PG-13 (For a mature audience only)

and I will warn you guys only once but this will have sexual conduct in it okay?

{All Rights Reserved} you can send me a message, on kik @kenneygirl200 if you want permission to post my story anywhere, or if you just want to talk.


2. ~Chapter 2~


A/N: Omg guys thanks for reading ILY!! <3 Thnx to @Nialler's_girl  <3  @brojas91 @Lizzie&Niall and @Directioner3011  Thnx guys I love you so much!! An its funny you guys are fangirling over my story and I'm fangirling over your comments, crazy huh? <3 thnx again.



"Who was that?" Molly asked as she pulled away from her and Devons kiss. I really didn't think she notice cause from where I was standing it looked like they were sucking each ohers faces off. "Well?"

"Um.. Harry." I said as they both looked at me wide eyed, Devon grabbed my arm turning me around searching my arms and face to see if I had any bruises or cuts. "They didn't hurt me." I laughed as they looked at me concerned and still wide eyed.

"Why in the world would you hitch a ride from him?" Devon asked, anger filled his voice and his eyes darkened as he glared at me. "Well what will Zayn say? What will the rest of the gang say?" He still had that intimidating look on his face. "Are you double crossing us Lea?" He asked concern and disgust visible in his face.

"What?!? No. He offered me a ride, if I had've said no to him and his boys would've beat me." I said. "And I'm really not even in the gang, remember? " I don't really agree with the whole gang and territory situation they have, that's why I'm not around them as much. An the only reason I get to hang with them and the rest of the group is because I'm the gang leader (Zayn) and Devons kid sister.

"Well you better explain that to zayn, he went looking for you and now you gotta tell him where you were." I sulked a little not really happy that I gotta explain to zayn, He scare the living daylights out of me.
 "But you know he scares me." I pout and Devon put his hand on my shoulder giving a sympathetic look.

"You know he won't hurt you, your his baby sister." He said casually with a shrug. He honestly doesn't understand how mean zayn can be sometimes I mean zayn loves him more than me. They joke around with each other and do things that brothers normally do, when I come an joke around with him he looks at me like I'm pathetic and just to told thwe worst pond ever. "Come on lets get you home." He stated as he walked towards the small middle class gated community. Zayn poor but with the help of family we live in a middle class place with lower class money and clothing.  We walked into the little cherry pop cotton commuity walking towards the red brick house with the visible broken shades. I walked inside to see Liam, George, and sammy sitting on our couch leaving crumbs everywhere from the doritos bag. 

"Lea!!" Liam and George yelled in unison while sammy still stuffed her face. 

"Hey guys!" I hugged them both. "You guys are leaving crumbs and I'm the one who has to clean it." I frowned crossing my arms. When my parents died Zayn had been in the gang, alway. I grew up around this people who were slghtly older than me, always cleaning up after them and telling them "Watch your mouth," all the memorys flood back as I'm sitting on the coffee table.

"Hey did Lea come ba-" He stopped in his tracks as he spotted me on the small table anger flooding inside of him. "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you to come from the movies?" He said in a casual voice truying to keep his cool.

"Yea I got stopped and lost track of time." I shrug. "Sorry?"

"Sorry!  Hows that suppose to help? I have mikey, jake, and joseph looking for you on the cheshire side. I looked all around here and you were no where to be found! Where were you?" He yelled, his vains popping out on the side of his neck frightening me slightly but I let me fear go away or else I would look like a baby cringed up in the corner crying.

" Sorry! Gosh." I sigh walking away towards the back where the rooms where. I hear him mumble a low' don't walk away from me'. I turned around to see Zayn with hooded eyes that could scare a demon. I looked at Devon who looked at Zaynn  and I obserbently, he nodded towards me as if telling me "Go on tell him," I sighed looking at Devon then at Zayn as all the others looked at us back and forth. "I was... I was-" I got cut off abrutly by zayn.

"You were what?" 

"Shush Zayn, let her talk." Devon said giving me a small nod.

"I was walking from the drive-in movie house "Sunny" and the gang leader Harry from the Cheshires stopped me. They were gonna jump me but then he asked if he could drive me home. If would'vc said no they'd jump me in a blink of an eye, so I let him drop me off at the park and Devon and Molly wre there so.. I was fine." I looked down to the ground afraid to make eye contact with my very upset brother. 
"Did he touch you? Did he do anything to you?" He asked through gritted teeth. I shook my head a you could see some relief wash over his face. "I just want you to be careful, you saw what happened to molly." The painful sight of her walking to our house with black eye and bruise cheek came upon me. She's known for a lot of things, and being a slut was one of them. She is gorgeous icee blue eyes, Perfect pink lips, and black long wavy hair that goes all the way to her butt. She doesn't dress like a princess and doesn't act like one; she has a different boyfriend every week and it's like they keep repeating to. I nodd as I continue my thoughts o what harry did to her after they'd slept together, poor girl.

"I know sorry." I sighed as tears threatned to flood the brim of my eyes, I walk to the back  so that no one sees me crying, I laid down on my bed that Devon and I share. Why am I always emotional? Why can't I be as tough as Sammy or Molly even the other gals? I sighed silently in the pillow as sleep took over my worn fragile body.

I woke up in the dark room Devon laying next beside me fast asleep under his blanket, I curled up under him tugging my blanket over my head trying to go back to sleep. Everything from the past few hours comes back reminding me how I almost got jumped and beat up pretty bad. I stood up walking into the kitchen getting a small glass out of the cabinet filling it with water, I sat on the counter taking small gulps as I try and let the stress melt away slowly but somewhat quickly so that I could go back to sleep. I refilled the cup as my feet dangled off the counter. "Up so early?" I heard a familiar voice that I couldn't see. Liam, he probably spent the night, again. 

"Liam." THe figure came closer coming next to me as I sat on the counter.

"Yea." He chuckled slightly." Why are you up so early?" 

"I was thirsty." I feel his hand go on my thigh."An need to move around a bit." HIs hand goes further up until it's on my waist."Wha-What are you doing?" I stutter.

"Sh..I'm just concentrating on something." He put his finger on my lip as he came between my legs pecking th corner of my lip. I gasp a little to the new sensation and filling from him kissing me. He pecks again kissing my smooth moist lips, adding a little tongue to it as I gape my mouth for him to acess more. Our lips move in sync perfectly as he pulled my waist closer to his long inked torso making me wrap my arms around his neck. This is driving me wild and I'm only a virgin kisser. Never in my life have a kissed someone and dare not to until now, Its just his lips are so smooth against mine as we kiss but I know this is wrong. I gently pushed him of me jumping off the counter and walking back to the bedroom. I laid down next to Devon as I shift around trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep in. I close my eyes slowly letting sleep take over me again.


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