A twist of light

Two gangs, one ordinary girl, big secrets, and that one thing that may split or bring the gangs together; Or did it lead to a cruel event that goes wrong and turns upside down because one person can't confess there love, and the other one has to hide and deny it from not only herself, but her brothers gang.


PG-13 (For a mature audience only)

and I will warn you guys only once but this will have sexual conduct in it okay?

{All Rights Reserved} you can send me a message, on kik @kenneygirl200 if you want permission to post my story anywhere, or if you just want to talk.


1. ~ Chapter 1 ~

I walked out of the drive-in and into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had one thing on my mind and that was my brother, Zayn. He's broad  and looks very tough, some people are afraid of him and I see why, sometimes he can be intimidating. dark brown eyes, a bronze and black color to his hair that's not natural. I had an extremely long walk home and no one here to accompany me, but I'm usually a loner anyways, not any reason in particular it's just I like to watch movie, not be disturbed and annoyed by the others asking me questions like, "Whats going on." or "Why did he murder her?" Its no fun when people ask so many questions during a movie. I probably could've just asked Molly, or Devon to walk with me but they don't always seem to get me, Devon tries to understand but he just can't, I know he tries his best to but he should just stop. I chuckle at my insane thoughts keeping me company.

Anyway, I went on walking home, thinking about the movie, and suddenly it hit me I really need company, Bradfords aren't suppose to walk alone to much or they'll get jumped, or some will come past yelling "Trashy Bradford!" at them, which doesn't make you feel cool if you know what I mean. We get jumped by the Cheshires. They're the rich kids that live in big fancy homes and drive cadis that are freshly painted and have that new car smell. Us Bradfords are poorer than the middle class, and cheshires. I think we're wilder and rougher looking too, well everyone except me. I keep my self well dressed, and manicured, I don't wear those skimpy, tight, dirty dresses that most girls my age wear. I wear jeans, tank/ or t-shirt, with a jacket or pretty scarf that I knitted myself. My train of thoughts were interrupted by a sudden rustle and foot step coming from behind me, I stopped in my tracks praying that its not the cheshires I slowly turn around towards the noise. "Only a cat." I sigh and turn back around to be face to face with the head of the cheshires, the gang leader, Harry. "Shout." I mumble underneath my breath as I try not to make eye contact with him.

"Well, well look what garbage man left behind." He said as him and two of his other boys walk towards me. "You just don't learn do you?" Bewilderment crossed my face as he says that. What does learning have to do with anything?

"Obviously I do." I said, I rolled my eyes crossed my arms chuckling slightly. "Besides you wouldn't know what learning is, would you?" I'm scared to death right about now knowing sooner or later my voice is gonna show that fear. I want to just cringe up in a corner and not come out into everything is over with. My day was blissful and placid, and this trouble maker just had ruin it. My body tensed as I felt his arm drape around my shoulder, he had a smugged grin on his face that I wanted to just slap off. I move my body away from him so that his arm was no longer on me.

"Lighten up doll we're not gonna hurt you." A sigh of relief fell from my lips. "Well.. not in away that will cause too much damage at least." There goes that annoying smugged grin on his face. I flinched as I saw his hand fly up in the air as if he was gonna hit me, but he just played it off by stretching. "Flinch much?" He asked laughing a little.

"Yea, haha cause my names Harry and I'm kinda slow." I said in a mocking tone. "Can you get this over with cause I gotta be home by certain time, or my brother will come looking for me." 
He looked at me with amusement and nods.

"Okay boys you heard the little lady, lets get this over with." He gestured towards me. They walked up to me bodys towering over mine. "Remember not to rough guys." He stood and just watched them get ready to hit me. When the blonde hair, blue eyed one raised his hand Harry raised his hand and mumbled quick stop. I  looked over at him and he just stood there. "Do you really think I was gonna let them hit you?" 

"Well yea your kinda a jerk you know." I said pointing out the obvious, I think he caught on after a minute or two because he gave me glare that wasn't so.. pleasant. "Can I go then?" I ask trying to hurry up and get home.

"Sure." He said, but it wasn't that yea sure whatever, it was more of the sure but there is a catch."Let me drive you home." I shook my head quickly, besides that wasn't even a question. "Well I guess you'll just have to go home not only alone but also hurt pretty bad." Now this worried me, he would go this far just so he can take me home? What an idiot.

"Your gonna do all that harm just to drive me home?" I asked annoyed. "Well then.. No." You can't gosh why can't he just leave me alone and get a life. why be so worried over someone like me? I'm a Bradford. "Won't you be ashamed to be seen with me?" I put my hands on my hips getting a little sassy.

"Nope cause all I'm doing is taking you home..'On time'." He added extra emphasize on the word "On time" catching my glance. A smirk appeared on his face as I looked at him now considering the ride.

"Fine..Only this time." I say walking towards his black SUV and getting in on the passenger side, Harry running on the other side getting in. "What about your boys?"

"They could wait." He said casually as he started the ignition. "So where to Bradford?" Okay he starting to piss me off, come on Bradfords, really? Like I haven't heard this plenty of times, I don't even consider myself a bradford cause I'm the total opposite of Zayn, Devon, Molly and all the others. They have tattoo's and piercings all over them and I don't, They dress in either tight clothes or shabby dark clothes and I wear regular clothes like jeans and tanks, They like loud punk and rock and I like soft classical music. See the huge difference? "What are you thinking about Bradford?"

"Nothing, and my name is Azalea." I say with annoyance in my voice. "An take me to oakwood playground, I walk from there." I said looking out the window again inhaling the strong smell of colone, smoke, and that new car smell. Altogether it makes a pleasant smell, that's weird yea? I looked out at my surroundings as he pulled up at the park, I saw Devon and molly on the swings kissing as usual. I stepped out of his large vehicle walking towards my brother and the girl who's suppose to be my friend, I nod my head as I mouthed a goodbye watching him pull off.



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