Opposite World

Olenka is a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, little does she know that in a few days time on her 11th birthday her life will be turned upside down


7. Chapter 6.

I woke up, the sunlight streaming on my face, why didn't i pull my shades down last night, i ask myself; then i remember. Getting the letter, the sorting ceremony, the great hall, bedrooms, Hogwarts, and i'm a witch!!!! Throwing of my comforter, I jump up and get dressed then head down to breakfast. i sit next to Joanna Simpson and say hi and pile up my plate with food and eat. Sapphire comes flying in and i open the letter:

Hey olenka,

I know its only been a day but i am missing you like crazy. School started yesterday and everyone asked where you were, i told them you transferred to a new school but we still kept in touch and you visited in the summer. So what house are you in??? Please let it be Griffindor but I wont judge if your not (unless your in slytherin jk). Answer back soon and then after your first day give me all the deets.

your BFF 


Just reading that letter made me miss home so much i almost started crying, but i didn't instead i wrote a reply and attached it to Sapphire

Hi lexi,

I miss you sooo much, how is school? Is mr Crumpets as bad as the rumors? Anyways im sure you want to know what house im in. Well its GRIFFINDOR!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to head to my first class, Potions with Professor Gutman and even though i'm dreading it everyone says Professor Gutman is really nice and makes potions fun

your BFF


Letting Sapphire go to deliver the letter i waved a quick hello to Judith and headed down to the dungons



ok so im sooooooo sorry i didnt update sooner but i kind of gave up and felt bad then a few months ago saw all of u still sticking by me and a told myself i would keep on going but didnt get round to it till like yesterday cause i had a ton of tests not to mention im basically failing latin (why did i chose to take latin:(????) so please accept my apology and like favourite and comment


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