Opposite World

Olenka is a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, little does she know that in a few days time on her 11th birthday her life will be turned upside down


6. Chapter 5.

After dessert had finished and i had tried the legendary treacle tart which, by the way, was even better that the description in the book. Then i heard a voice, "first year griffindors, follow me!" oh, i thought  it was the prefect so i went and introduced myself"hi im Olenka Barret"

"Cool," she replied "im Judith Alex, the Griffindor  girls prefect, if you ever need help, i occupy the chair to the right of the fire in the common  room whenever im out of classes and i post my class schedule on the notice board so you always know where i am"

"ok sooo ill just follow you to the common room then, " i said because i saw a long line of griffindor 1st years waiting to be shown the way,

"oh yeah, sorry this is my first year in this whole prefect thing so im trying to figure out how to do it. This way so the staircases move so be careful, you'll get a map tomorrow at breakfast, oh watch out for that fake step," catching someone just in time," ok here we are, the Fat Lady,"

"Password" the fat lady said

"Wilikon Chestnut" Judith said leading us into the common room. The fire was crackling in the fireplace, the sofa's and the chairs were comfy looking, and i felt they were just waiting for someone to collapse into them, The tables were set up and board games in the cabinet.

"ok 1st years, boys take the  left stairs, girls the right, then the first door you see, you will find your suitcases have been taken up so  i advise you to go to bed as it is already 10 o clock and you are only 11 yr olds." Judith said. We all followed her directions and i found out  had on of the best beds, I unpacked my suitcase, put my pj's on and climbed into the 4 poster bed which had been warmed up, presumably by the house elves and fell to sleep dreaming  of magic and the wonders of the lessons that i will begin tomorrow. 


A/N hey guys thx sooooo much for waiting im sorry i  didnt update sooner but i had lots of homework and my i was reading the house of hades but i have a day of school next week so ill try and update asap anyways like comment favourite bi

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