Opposite World

Olenka is a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, little does she know that in a few days time on her 11th birthday her life will be turned upside down


4. Chapter 3.

"lexi im going to miss you soooooo much, we'll always be bffs right, promise to send me an owl every day" I sobbed into my best friends shoulder at kings cross station

"it'll be alright, we will stay bffs and Sapphire will be at breakfast for you tomorrow,ok" she replied and i brightened up a little at the thought of Sapphire, Lexi's owl that i got her for a early b-day present. I then said goodbye to my parents and to Lexi and ran through the barrier with tears streaming down my face to the billowing steam of the hogwarts express.


After i had loaded my stuff onto the train i found an almost empty compartment with one other girl in it and when i asked to sit in it she said sure, when we got to the introductions i said"my names Olenka Barret" and then she said"im Olivia Potter but you can call me Liv" omg that girl is a potter then after asking a few more questions i found out she was the daughter of Lily Potter and Darren Longbottom, she was also going to be a first year like me. then the food trolly came along and i got a chocolate frog and Bertie Botts every flavour beans with a pencil shavings flavour yuch, and i felt this was going to be a beggining of a really good friendship. finally we pulled into Hogsmade station.


a/n so like i said if you want to be in my story i need your name, age, house/profession/character and any other characteristics i will try to include all of them, and please dont all chose griffindor and 1st yr anyways like favourite and comment and if i dont include u nxt chapter u will be in my head with ideas and will be introduce later on


final thing shout out to Judith Alex thx 4 being so supportive and i have big plans 4 ur character so wait and see

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