The Love Game

Roxanne Foster is you average teenage girl……well as normal as it gets in her life. When her friend and her get trapped in a video game what will happen. Will one die or will they're love for each other prove faithful. Find out in The Love Game!
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7. Who?

Roxanne's P.O.V.
I'm somewhat happy that the elves interrupted is when they did. I didn't want things to get to intimate. If you know what I mean.

"Roxanne, babe, don't walk into that tree." Thor said gently right as I walked blindly into a tree not paying attention to where I was walking.

I fell to the ground.

"Owwwww." I groaned in pain and just laid there while Thor silently laughed at me as the elves rolled on the ground laughing like crazy people.

"Just shut up you guys." I groaned as I felt a headache coming.

"Come on Roxanne." Thor laughed out of breath as he helped me up off the ground.

"Can you carry me? I'm to tired." I asked………well I guess I kinda begged.

"Awww. Sure princess." He kindly replied as he walked over and picked up my tiny frame bridle fashion in his big arms, kissed my forehead and began to carry me to our destination.

I soon fell into a deep sleep.

Thor's P.O.V.
She seems so distant right now. Its like shes ignoring the world around her. Lets see.

"Roxanne, babe, don't walk into that tree." I said gently as she walk right into the tree and fell on the ground groaning in pain.

I couldn't help it as I burst out laughing along with the elves.

"Just shut up you guys." She groaned in pain.

"Come on Roxanne." I said slightly out of breath as I helped her off of the cold evening ground.

"Can you carry me? I'm to tired." She begged tiredly.

"Awww. Sure princess." I replied sweetly while walking over and picking up her tiny frame in my arms.

After a few seconds of walking she feel into a deep slumber.

~~~~~A few hours later~~~~~

Wow. This sounds mean but. Roxanne is getting REALLY heavy.

"Roxy, babe, wake up precious." I whispered silently in her ear.

"Are we there yet?" She yawned tiredly as her blue eyes fluttered open.

"Almost babe." I said while putting her down gently on her feet.

"Ve ow 'ere." Gelica stated kindly.

"I thought you said it was a HUGE castle" Roxanne said confused while looking at the empty field.

"It is." Came a silky voice from behind me.

"But theres nothing th………" I said while turning around "holy fuck." I whispered.

Standing there was a beautiful girl. She had long waist length wavy hair that had streaks of blonde in it. To go along with her hair she had beautiful brown eyes that had dark blue around the outside. She looked like she was wearing a dress made of clouds. She was gorgeous.

"I-I. Uh……wow." God I'm an idiot. 

Roxanne's standing right beside me. Bad Thor. Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD THOR.Great now I'm talking to myself.

"I am Princess Clairice of The Fathers. It is my pleaser to be the first to see my lord and lady. Please, come this way." It sounds like she sings when she talks.

"Ok." Roxanne chirped obviously completely oblivious to the battle that was going on in my head.

"Follow me." Clairice urged kindly in her silky smooth voice before walking forward and disappearing.

"O shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit." I muttered under my breath.

Clairice's P.O.V.
As we walked through the gates i heard multiple ohs and ahs from behind me.

I turned around and looked at my rulers looking around at their kingdom that they've never seen before.

They look very happy the two of them. I looked at the two of them studying their surprised faces trying to remember every detail. Everything.

But the boy. He looks strangely familiar. Like. REALLY familiar.

"I'm sorry. But. Have I met you before?" I asked the boy.

"Nope. I'd remember a-I mean I'd remember you." He said while intertwining his fingers with the girl beside him.

"Do you fancy each other?" I asked the two while looking at their locked hands.

"Always and forever." The girl said while smiling from ear to ear before kissing the boy on the cheek.

The boy started blushing before he kissed the girl on the lips.

"Well here we are." I stated bluntly.

I really don't like the girl. Shes to confident. But the boy. He's a good looking guy. What I mean to say is that he is extraordinarily dashing young male.

"Just through the door right there." I said trying to act happy.

"What door?" The boy asked.

He can't see the giant white door three feet in front of him. O dear.

"One second." I said nervously before going to the doors and walking in.

"Where is Marcus!?!?!?" I screamed as loud as I could.

"Clairice, my child, what is the problem dear." My father asked calmly as he came running round the corner and falling on his rear.

"Ouch." He said calmly and quietly before I started giggling. 

"What is it child?" He said while smiling.

"They can't see the door." I stated nervously.

"Cairice, baby girl, its fine. You have to enter the building to the see door." He said calmly while smiling kindly at me.

"Oh thank the heavens!" I almost shouted.

"Go help the guests in then." He chuckled while getting up off the ground and walking back to the conference room.

"Ok!" I shouted back at him before walking out to get the guests from outside.

"Oh! There you are!" The girl chirped in an annoying voice.

"Yes. Here I am." I said annoyed as ever.

"Um. Is there a problem?" The adorable boy asked.

"Nope." I said while faking a smile.

"Great. Lets go then."  The girl said while smiling from ear to ear.

Man how I'd love to wipe that smile right of her face.

"Right. Follow me."

I would say that this couldn't get any worse. But the gods just love to prove me wrong.

As we walked through the seemingly invisible doors Aramunda came walking round the corner bumping into the girl knocking her to the ground.

"Oh. I am dreadfully sorry ma lady." He said while stooping down to help her up.

"No no. Its my fault. I should have been……" she said quickly before looking at Aramunda and trailing off.

Well this should be interesting.

Roxanne's P.O.V.
We came walking into this palace, that was apparently invisible on the outside, when I ran into someone.

"Oh. I am dreadfully sorry ma lady." Came a rough yet kind, gentle voice.

"No no. Its my fault. I should have been……" I couldn't finish as I looked at the gorgeous boy in front of me.

He had blonde, wavy, shoulder length hair with amazing emerald green eyes. He was a soothing sight for my eyes as stood there looking up and down my body making me blush like crazy.

"My name is Aramunda Gusto Titan. It is in my deepest pleaser to finally get to meet my lady." He spoke smoothly as he extended his left hand. And me being me I took everything in. Left hand extended. He's left handed. Right foot slightly out. Ready to bend down. Scar across his left eye. Clean cut. Probably a sword.

"Roxanne Marie West. Its a pleaser to meet you." I spoke calmly.

"Well, Roxanne Marie West, would you like help off the ground?" He said while smiling.

"Do you mind?" I laughed.

"Not at all." He laughed back as he stooped down and helped me off the ground pulling me close to his body making me blush yet again.

"Ahem." I heard from behind me making me remember that Thor was stand a few feet away from me.

I quickly removed myself from Aramunda's arms and walked over to Thor giving him a passionate kiss on the lips.

If this was how it was gonna be here. This is gonna be shitty.

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