The Love Game

Roxanne Foster is you average teenage girl……well as normal as it gets in her life. When her friend and her get trapped in a video game what will happen. Will one die or will they're love for each other prove faithful. Find out in The Love Game!
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2. "The whats?"

Roxanne's POV

"Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah. The whats?" I asked honestly confused.

"Aye! Gruble! The lad ain't have a ider what is Ansestrians!" Shouted what i assumed was a girl.

"So me 'eard Gelica." Slurred an old man. One word came to mind when to mind when he spoke. Drunk.

"No we don't know what the Ansestrians are. Could you please tell us?" Thor asked kindly.

"Ah, yea! De tale of de Ansestrians!" Shouted a tiny elf.

All of the elves were sitting down and so I sat down on my knees with them. Thor was still standing up so I gripped his shirt and yanked him down.

"What was that for?!" He whisper yelled.

I just shushed him and got back to listening to the biggest elf.

"Aye. De tale of de Ansestrians. Me know i' as i' it 'append 'esterday. Me were finally a wee elf. Me mam and pap was letting me out de 'ouse. Me wanted ti walk take. So me did. And dats when me saw dem. Men wif coats a armor made a gold. Women wif dwesses sewn fwom silk. Dey were beautiful. Awl ob dem. So wif me bein me i ent op ti dem and asked whewe dey were fwom. De fiwst to answew was a yittle giwl. 'I am Abby the youngest Ansestrian ever' and i didn't know wha a Ansestrian was back en. So i asked. And den a oldew woman spoke. 'The Ansestrians have lived for many years. We are the ancestors of every living thing.' And wif dat dey weft."

"So the Ansestrians are…are the ancestors of EVERYTHING?" Thor questioned the elves.

"Aye!" Shouted Gelica.

"And so what you mean to say is we are the King and Queen of the Ancestors. Meaning we're the King and Queen of EVERYTHING?" I asked this time.

"Aye!" They all shouted again.

"Thor we need to get out of here and figure out more about this game." I whisper yelled to Thor.

"Ok. Grab my hand." He whisper yelled back to me.

I grabbed his hand and he shut his eyes. I was waiting for the pain to come but it didn't. I looked over at Thor and he was still trying to get us out of here.

"Roxanne?" He whispered.

"What?" I asked.

"Roxanne, I think we're stuck in here." He stated worriedly.

"Is there a way we can get out?" I questioned starting to get worried.

"The games saying that we have to beat it to get out." He said with fear etched into his voice.

"Crap." I sighed. 

"We're gonna miss supper." He groaned, trying to ease the tension.

It worked. I started giggling and he started laughing. Pretty soon we were trying hard not to roll on the floor.

"Ehhhh……Siw? Ma'am?" Asked a tiny little elf.

"What?" Thor asked a little out of breath, as he was trying hard to stifle his laughter.

"Us is going fwouw attack. May you pwease hewp us?" He asked quietly.

I looked up at Thor who had turned very serious all the sudden.

"I'm sorry but we…" I cut in right then.

"Would be more then happy to help."

Thor looked down at me with concern in his eyes but anger on his face.

"Roxanne can I talk to you for a moment?" He asked sweetly.

"Why not." I sighed.

We walked away from the elves and Thor stopped.

"We are not helping them!" He said emphasizing the not.

"Yes we are." I stated extra chilled.

"Roxanne you could get hurt!!" He started yelling at me.

I think my eyes automatically got big with fear because right after he said that his eyes got big with guilt. I started moving away but he grabbed my arm making me screech with fear.

"Roxanne. You know I'd never hurt you right?" He asked concern filling his voice.

I nodded my head stiffly as he pulled me into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry Roxy." He said with no sarcasm at all.

"Its ok. Its my fault for being to jumpy." I commented trying to lighten the mood.

"Ok, we'll stay." He sighed.

I was about to shout a loud yes but he cut me off.

"But promise me that you'll stay close to me the whole time."

"Ok, I promise." That would be a promise I would try very hard to keep.

Thor's P.O.V.

Ugh. Why did I do that? Why did I say yes? Why does Roxanne have to be so cute? Why does she have to be so persuasive? Why do I have to be so in love with her?

Its been like this since the first time I saw her. I had always loved her and probably always will. But the worst part is that I always have the desire to protect her. And I know she hates the over protectiveness. Thats why I try and stop. Sigh. But I can't.

"Hey hot shot! You there?" Roxanne asked……well kinda yelled at me.

"Huh. Oh……uh ya sorry." I said while escaping my trance.

"We're going now." Roxanne said well more like urged me.

"Right." I sighed as Roxanne yanked my arm and pulled me back to the elves. 

"So er ya gonna elp os?" Asked a little elf.

I just sighed as Roxanne answered.

"Yes we are." She said with a big smile.

"Yaaaaay!" They all shouted at the same time.

This was gonna be a rough day.

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