The Love Game

Roxanne Foster is you average teenage girl……well as normal as it gets in her life. When her friend and her get trapped in a video game what will happen. Will one die or will they're love for each other prove faithful. Find out in The Love Game!
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3. Rough day or………

Thor's P.O.V.

We were walking through a forest following the elves cause they said they knew a short cut to the castle where we would stay for now. I don't trust the elves but Roxanne does so whatever.

"Thor? Thooooor? Are you there?" Roxanne asked in a sing song voice.

"Huh? What? What did you ask?" I questioned very confused.

"I asked if you were hungry." She said kindly.

"Oh. Ok." I commented back stupidly.

"So you are or you aren't hungry." She asked me again.

"Oh. Pshh. Ya i'm kinda hungry." I said back after realizing what she was saying.

"Here have this." She said as she kindly offered me a snickers bar.

"How do you have this in here?" I question as I took the bar from her.

"I don't know……" She kinda whispered to me.

"Where did you have it?" Ask whisper asked her.

"In my back pocket, why?" She asked me.

"I think the game let you keep it." I plainly stated.

"Why would the game let me keep a chocolate bar?" She asked with confusion in her voice.

"I don't know. Do i look like a game to you?" I asked with fake hurt in my voice.

"Yes, Why?" She replied with fake innocence.

"Oh that is so it Foster!" I shouted with very fake anger. Luckily she could sense that.

"What are you talking about Obsidian?" She asked with smirk playing with her lips.

"Hey! Thats not my last name!" I yelled with real anger now. For some reason she couldn't sense that.

"Oh, yes, right. I "forgot". Sorry monsieur la Odinson." She said grinning from ear to ear.

 I was honestly trying so hard not to hit her. Ya i know that sounds bad. She doesn't know yet though so how can she not call me that.

A few years ago there was a new kid in our class. His name was Shawn. He had a crush on Roxanne. But she never knew. Still doesn't. But the point is back then he called me Obsidian because he thought it was funny. Anyways. All through that year we tried to get Roxanne to go out with one of us. We never succeeded. But now I hate when someone says that. He almost ruined my friendship with Roxanne.

"Thor are you ok?" Roxanne asked with concern spreading quickly over her features. That was Roxanne for you. Always the caring one.

"Huh? Oh. Ya. I'm fine." I replied trying to make her believe me. I don't think she did but she didn't question me any further.

"Ok." She said softly.

We continued walking for a few hours before we came to a little hut where the elves stopped.

"Us is bein ere for twu nighties. Da fafers not vant ou now. Possibwe yater." Said a chubby elf.

"Um I don't think I……" Roxanne cut me off again for the second time today.

"Want to sleep alone." She said looking at me "I'll share a bed with you."

"Um…uh…I uh…sure." I said while blushing. She just smiled warmly.

"Great. Lets go then." She said happily.

This was going to be the best night ever.

~~~After look around the hut~~~

Wow this hut is actually quite big. Me and Roxanne got the master bedroom. It had a bathroom and a big closet with lots of mens and women's clothing.

Roxanne had decided that she would have a shower and then I would have a shower after her. That way the bathroom would be warm already.

I had decided that while she was in the shower i would think of how to tell her my feelings. But the thing is that i'm scared that she wont feel the same way. But we're friends so it should be fine if she doesn't.

As I was thinking I heard the bathroom door open and close and I looked up to see a dripping Roxanne wrapped in a towel. 

This wasn't a first for me. Seeing as we lived together but for some reason it feels different. Feels like I'm intruding.

"Did you find the closet?" She asked in her soft velvety voice.

"Right there." I said while pointing to the closet door.

"Ok. Thanks." She thank with a thankful smile on her lips.

My god her lips. They look so soft and beautiful. I just wish I could kiss her already.

She walked into the closet and screamed. I jumped up and ran into the closet and saw her holding a pair of shoes.

"These are like two thousand dollars!" She said still screaming.

"Really Roxanne? I thought something happened to you." I laughed at her.

"Something did happen to me. I found two thousand dollar shoes in a video game!" She shouted at me.

"Ok enough closet time for you. Just get some PJs on." I told her.

"Ok." She said while grinning.

I walked back to the bed and lay down with my eyes closed. All the sudden I felt weight on the bed as Roxanne lay next to me.

I think I'll just pretend that I'm asleep and see what she does.

I think I started smiling but right when I smiled something touched my lips………wait……no……they are lips. I felt and electric spark run through my body as my eyes flashed open and I saw Roxanne. Wait……ROXANNE IS KISSING ME!!!!!! I'M KISSING ROXANNE JANE FOSTER!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!

Her lips were soft and plump and as we kissed or lips moved in sync. My lips were taking control as her hands moved through my hair earning a moan from me. 

She had never kissed anyone before me. I mean a random guy kissed her before. But SHE never kissed a guy. I feel so special. I've been waiting for this since grade three.

All at once we both pulled back.

"Wow……" We both whispered.

Roxanne laid her head on my chest and put her tiny yet strong arms around me as i put my arms around her and cuddled her

"Roxanne……?" I asked quietly.

"Ya?" She asked even quieter.

"I think I'm in love with you. I have been since the first time I saw you. I've loved you since grade three." I whispered to her.

"Me too!" She whispered excitedly.

"So uh………does that mean we're a thing then?" I asked nervously.

"Only if you want to be." She said kindly.

"Ya. I think I'd like that." I confirmed.

She smiled and said "Me too."

"Goodnight love." I cooed to her. 

"Goodnight." She cooed back.

Within a few minutes I was fast asleep.

Roxanne's P.O.V.

Honestly that was what I had waited my whole life for. Thor's lips on mine. So when I saw him on the bed obviously still awake and wanting to see what I would do I couldn't help myself.

I lay on the bed right beside him and put my lips on his. It took him a while to realise that someone was kissing him. That meant I was his first!

Poor him. He's my second. This random guy kissed me when I was thirteen. But it didn't mean anything to me. This one did.

It felt like there was an electric spark going through my body. Like I was being transferred to another world. But this was a world i wanted to stay in for forever.

All at once my hands started moving on their own through his hair earning a moan from him. He was so hot when he moaned.

We both pulled back at the same time.

"Wow……" We both whispered.

After starring at his eyes for a while I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his body as he wrapped his strong ones around me.

"Roxanne……?" Thor asked me quietly.

"Ya?" I asked even quieter.

"I think I'm in love with you. I have been since the first time I saw you. I've loved you since grade three." He whispered to me a little scared.

"Me too!" I whispered excitedly.

"So uh………does that mean we're a thing then?" He asked he nervously.

Aww!! He's so cute. How can I say no to him.

"Only if you want to be." I said kindly.

"Ya. I think I'd like that." He confirmed a little shakily.

I smiled and said "Me too."

"Goodnight love." He whispered quietly in my ear. 

"Goodnight." I whispered back.

Within a few minutes he was fast asleep.

I'm not the greatest sleeper and I didn't want to wake Thor up. So I just kissed his cheek and whispered goodnight before closing my eyes and trying to sleep. 

Within a few minutes I fell asleep and slept all night.

~~~~~~~In the morning~~~~~~~

I woke up with my arms wrapped around Thor. Wait……why am I in bed with Thor? Should be in my bed.

I tried to get up but realised that Thor was holding me by my waist.

I poked his cheek to try to wake him up but he just rubbed it and kept sleeping. He looked so cute when he was sleeping. Like an angel. Wait……he is an angel. My angel.

"Take a picture it'll last longer." He all the sudden whispered making me jump.

"How long have you been awake for?" I asked confused.

"Since you tried to wiggle out of my arms." He plainly stated.

"Oh…" I was all I could say.

"Why are we in the same bed?" I asked curious.

"You don't remember yesterday do you?" He asked with sadness in his voice.

"One second I'm gonna think and see if I can remember." I said.

Then it all came back to me. The game. The elves. The hut. The shoes. The kiss……

My head shot up and i looked at Thor.

"I love you." I said as my cheeks turned a dark shade of red.

Thor's head whipped down and looked at my red face. He studied me before he leant down and kissed me on the lips.

It wasn't an over powering kiss like he just wanted to kiss me for no good reason. No. This was a soft, kind and full of passion sort of kiss. The kind of kiss every girl wants. And I got it.

We both pulled back at the same time.

"I love you to." Thor said a little out of breath.

I can't believe Thor loves me. Since third grade as well. Thats when I fell for him.

This was gonna be a fun time. The best day ever. The best week ever.

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