The Love Game

Roxanne Foster is you average teenage girl……well as normal as it gets in her life. When her friend and her get trapped in a video game what will happen. Will one die or will they're love for each other prove faithful. Find out in The Love Game!
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4. Love and Death

Roxanne's P.O.V.

God. I swear this kid will be the death of me.

We had just gotten dressed and were sitting at the big oak table along with the tiny elves who had made us breakfast.

"So how long are we staying here exactly?" Thor questioned kindly.

"Gust de nufer nighty." Slurred the old drunk elf.

"Great!" I shouted happily as Thor gave me a death glare. He obviously didn't trust the elves. But I did so he stayed.

"So, Thor, what should we do today?" I asked Thor kindly.

"Hmmmmm………well I saw a lake that runs beside the hut so, I don't know, wanna go swimming?" Asked from beside me.

I forgot. He doesn't know does he. I'm scared of water thanks to my parents.

When I was like eight years old my family went to Norway and my parents threw me in the ocean as a shark was swimming by. I now have bite marks on my stomach and left thigh. Nobody but my parents and I know. Not even Thor knows.

"Ya, sure." I said as though it would be fun.

~~~~~~After breakfast~~~~~~

We were both in the closet trying to find some swim suits.

"I got some!" Thor screamed from behind me making me jump.

"Yesh Thor! Ya don't have to scream!" I said with fear etched into my voice.

"Ah ha. Sorry." He said sincerely.

"Its ok." I calmly spoke as I looked at the swim trunks he was holding.

"Hmm. Those are hot. They'll look good on you." I whispered sincerely.

"Thank you." Thor said grinning from ear to ear.

"Now I just need to find something to wear." I sighed as I look through the next basket.

"I'll meet you outside then." Thor whispered in my ear sending shivers through my body.

"O-Ok." I stuttered as Thor kissed my neck and walked off.

~~~~~~five minutes later~~~~~~

I had just found a white bikini that had lace covering it. It was very pretty.

I walked outside to find the lake right beside the hut.

'Wheres Thor?' I thought to myself. Right after i thought that someone picked me up and threw me in lake and splashed in next to me as I started screaming.

"Roxanne! Roxanne! Its ok it just me! Its Thor!" Thor yelled as I started drowning.

"Thor I cant swim!!" I screamed at him as the water engulfed me.

Then everything went black.

~~~~~~~moments later~~~~~~~

I can hear a voice around me.

"Roxanne please! Please wake up!" It was Thor and he was crying.

I wanted to open my eyes and hug him. Tell him it wasn't his fault. Tell him I still love him.

Then my eyes flashed open.

"Thor its fine! I'm fine! Its not your fault! I still love you!" I shouted startling him slightly.

He grabbed me right away and pulled me into a big bare hug. I realised I was still outside by the water in my bikini.

"I'm so sorry Roxanne. I should have never thrown you in the lake." He just managed to croak out.

"Its ok. You didn't know. I should have told you." I whispered in his ear.

"I love you Roxanne Jane Foster. I'm so sorry that I killed you." He said sweetly.

"Woah woah woah woah woah. Killed me!? I died!?" I shouted as I looked at his face.

"Ya. I'm so sorry. I did't know you couldn't swim. I'm so so so so sorry. I love you so much Roxanne." He said sweetly in my ear.

"I-Its o-o-k-k." I stuttered as shivers were sent down my spine.

God this kid is sly. He knows what he's doing and he just wont stop. The worst part is that it just makes me fall even more for him. And he loves it.

"Do you want to try swimming now?" He whispered in my ear sending more shivers down my spine.

"S-s-sure." I barely choked out.

"I'll be waiting for you." He said very seductively.

"O-o-ok." I whispered shakily.

"Meet you there……" He whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek and walking off to the water.

'I'm gonna die.' I thought as Thor dived into the water.

"Hey princesse you coming your not?" Thor shouted over at me startling me slightly.

"Y-ya." I said barely over a whisper as I got up and sat on the bank by the water. 

Thor came swimming over to me when he gasped.

"Roxanne what the hell is that?!" He asked me shocked as he looked at my shark bites on my lower body.

"The reason I don't like water and cant swim." I said shakily.

"Roxanne, why didn't you tell me?!" He asked a little hurt.

"I-I-I didn't want to worry you." I said sadly.

 As he leaned in and kissed the scars on my body I gasped at the passion and presser he was putting on them. 

I moaned as he slowly pulled me into the water and kissed up my body before he gently kissed my lips and I moved my hands through his hair earning a moan from him.

"See its not that bad." He whispered against my lips.

It was right then that I realised what he had done and I screamed out of fear.

"Roxy! Roxy!! Roxanne its ok I'm holding you!!! Just chill out!!!!" He yelled at me scaring me like crazy but successfully stoping my screams.

I closed my eyes and waited for the slap or punch. But all I got was a soft kiss on my lips.

"I'm not gonna hurt you." He said sweetly in my ear.

As I opened my eyes I found his dark brown orbs starring at my crazy blue ones.

"Your eyes are beautiful." I whispered shyly.

"But nothing compared to yours." He countered making me blush like crazy.

We sat there just starring at each others eyes before he spoke.

"Come on. I'll teach you how to swim." He said excitedly.

"O-O-Ok." I replied timidly as he let me down in the water but still held my hands as I couldn't touch there.

This will be a super scary day.

Thor's P.O.V.

Why hadn't I seen that before? I mean they are shark bites on her freaking hot body? I walked in on her getting changed many times. Why hadn't I seen them?

Poor Roxanne. Shes always in so much pain. I always wish I could just steal the pain some how. I should teach her how to swim.

"Come on. I'll teach you how to swim." I said excitedly.

She just stared at me for a bit. It was obvious that she was mentally arguing with herself.

"O-O-Ok." She replied timidly to me as I let her down in the water. I still held her hands as She definitely couldn't touch here.

Let the training begin.

~~~~~Half an hour later~~~~~

She did it!! Roxanne knows how to swim!! I'm so freaking proud of her right now!! The only thing is she wont go by herself. I always have to be with her. O well. It'll be fun.

"Thor can we go inside now. I'm cold and tired." Roxanne asked me kindly.

"Sure Roxy. Anything for my pretty princess." I said smoothly.

What is with me today. All the sudden I know how to make girls weak under my charm. Its like Roxanne is the reason I never knew. She taught me how to make her feel good. She's the one for me thats for sure.

"Lets go inside then." I urged over the sound of the water.

"Ok." Roxanne laughed at my eagerness. I love her to damn much to be real.

As we got out of the lake Roxanne pushed me back in and laughed as I slid in the mud.

"Ohhh. Your gonna get it Foster." I warned.

"Get what?" She replied innocently as she smiled from ear to ear.

"This." I said as I run after a screaming Roxanne into the hut, past the kitchen, down the hall, into the bedroom, and cornered her in the bathroom.

"Hey Roxy want a hug?" I asked her kindly. She just laughed and shook her head no.

"Oh well. You still get one." I said as I run at her and squished her with my big arms. 

She just laughed and smiled at me as I leaned in and kissed her soft lips.

This time hers were dominating as she ran her small hands through my muddy hair. My muddy hands rested on her butt as I pulled her up so her legs were wrapping around my waist. We both pulled back and looked at each other before laughing.

"You need a shower." She laughed at me.

"As do you." I laughed back as I put her back on her feet.

"Should we save water?" She asked me evilly.

"Roxanne your not eighteen yet." I tried to reason with her.

"We wont do anything its just a shower." She replied innocently.

"No Roxy. I don't want to. Not yet. And not in a game." I said emphasizing the not.

"Your right." She sighed. "Fine then. Your dirtier so you go first." She said while smiling.

"I think your dirtier. Maybe you should go first." I retorted.

"Na. You can go first." She said while grinning from ear to ear.

"Nothing funny Roxanne." I said strictly.

"Ya ya ya. Just go have a shower." She said irritably.

~~~~~~~after showers~~~~~~~

Wow. She didn't do anything. Impressive. That was the things going through my head as I looked for pajamas for Roxanne and myself.

"Here we go." I whispered as I found some.

Mine were just green fluffy pants  and hers were blue silky shorts and a white silky top.

"Roxanne?! Are you done in the shower yet?!" I yelled kindly.

"Ya! Just a sec!" She yelled back.

I few seconds later she came running into the closet with a towel wrapped around her body. But her scars were still showing.

I put my left hand on her left thigh where the deepest cut had been and she gasped as she shut her eyes.

"Does that hurt Roxy?" I whispered in her ear.

"N-no. W-why?" She stuttered while shaking her head.

"Why are you shaking so much then?" I asked evilly.

"C-cause i-its y-you." She barely managed to get out.

"What about me?" I questioned her in a seductive voice.

"I-I l-love y-you." She stuttered.

"I love you too." I said seductively "Now get your PJs on."

"O-Ok." She whispered to me.

As she moved back and grabbed the PJs I grabbed her arm.

"Come back when your done." I whispered in her ear.

She nodded and walked off to the bathroom.

I got changed into the PJs I had for myself and lay down on the big silk bed to wait for Roxanne.

A few minutes Roxanne came walking through the bathroom door in the PJs I found for her.

"Come lay next to me." I said as she stood there looking uncomfortable.

"O-Ok." She stuttered as she came and lay next to me.

I grabbed her an pulled her closer to me putting her head on my chest and her arms around my body. Meanwhile I put my arms around her and started to hum the lullaby that I had made for her when she first came to live with my family.

A few minutes her breathing had slowed and her eyes were closed. She was asleep.

"Goodnight precious. Sweet dreams. I love you." I whispered to her as I got comfortable.

Tomorrow all this madness would begin.







----------Authors note----------


HAIR COLOR/ TYPE(curly, straight ect.)


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