Harry styles fanfic. Bella has never really been into boys or dating but can one certain curly haired bad boy change that? If harry really does like bella he has a funny way of showing it.


3. The text

***Bella's POV*** (it's all ways Bella's POV unless I say different)


The bell rang and I got out of that bathroom as quick as I could.

Why Did Harry follow me out there? . It was probably to torment me and make fun of me , he has made it pretty clear that that's what he enjoys doing.

I don't get it though, I have never done anything to him. 

Ellen said that he probably has a 'crush' on me and that's why he 'picks' on me , but I don't believe that for one second. 

I'm not the type of girl that he goes after anyway , maybe he just gets a kick out of humiliating me.

When I got home I felt better , it didn't really bother me that much anymore, just the fact that if Laura hadn't of did that I would have said yes and in a few weeks or even days , I probably would have regretted it.

I went to my room and decided to get a start on my home work.

There was a knock on my bedroom door.

"uhhhhggg .. Come in"

It was my sister.

"hey I was wondering if you would.."

She was cut off by my phone going off, it was a message.

"who's that?" she asked while I entered my pass code to unlock my phone.

"I don't know.....what the-"

"what... What's wrong who is it?"


"spit it out" she shouted as she threw a pillow at me.

"it's from .. Harry styles.."

I could see from the expression on her face that she was as confused as I was.Why would Harry be texting me ?.

"Harry styles!?" 

I nodded yes.

"what does it say?" she pestered me, sitting down beside me on my bed to see the message.

The message read:

'I'll pick you up at 8 -Harry'

Leah and I both read the message silently in our minds but turned to look at each other straight away. We both had the exact same confused expression on our face.

"what the actual fuck?!" Leah looked at me wide eyed.

The next like 30 minutes was spent by my sister and i fighting about what i should do and text back.

"im not going any where with that....that ... that jerk!" i declared.

"why not ?"

"because all he does is bully and humiliate me and just because he thinks that he can get any girl doesn't mean I'm gonna be one of those girls and any way its probably just a trick"

"what do you meen a trick?"

"i dont know maybe he thinks i'll just reply saying ok see you then , then i'll get all ready and dressed and everything and helll never show and tella all his friends and every one at school about how he 'stood me up'and humiliate me further"

"when did harry first come to our school ?"


"when did he come to our school! It's not rocket science!"

"Emm I dunno I think it was somtime in October back in 2011 why?"

"you'll see" she had an evil smirk on her face as she approached my bed and retrieved something from underNeath my mattress.And before I could ask her what she was doing she was already opening the first page of my diary.

"HEY GIVE THAT BACK ! It's private" I tried to snatch it from her grasp but she was too fast and she quickly exited my room and locked her self in the bathroom.

"bitch" I muttered under my breath while banging on the door.

"AHA" I heard her shout "October 16th 2011 ......" she began reading one of my old diary entries.

' Dear diary, 

today school wasn't so bad , just a few boring classes. But then in history something awesome happened, a new kid walked into the class room covered in tattoos. He had brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes and the cutest dimpled smile ever, and to make it even better he spoke with a british accent!! How hot is that :-D. I think he might be my new crush... He's the first boy I've actually liked since... That night. After that night I didn't really trust men and sometimes the boys in my school terrified me but he was just too perfect to over look. Any ill write again soon :-D 

Bye. Bella smith xxx '

Leah opened the door and I nearly tackled her to the floor trying to get the diary.

"woah ! Relax take it take it!" she held two hands up surrendering.

"why did you read that!?"

"to prove that you like Harry!"

"ok maybe I used to have a little crush on him but I'm over it , after all the fights he's been in and drugs he's involved with and not to forget the way he treats me , I'm just over him!"

"what ever you say" she winked at me and walked away.

I walked into my room , found a new hiding place for my diary and plopped down on my bed and shut my eyes.

I was awoken from my sleep by a knock on the front door and since my parents weren't home I ran down stairs to answer it thinking it would be them. But it wasn't .

It was Harry ..


***Harry's POV.*** 


The front door opened and I glared at her.

"aw come on babe it's 8:00 I told you to be ready by now" I winked at her.

She stared at me in complete shock. "don't 'babe' me and I don't have to do what you tell me"

"well just go get ready and we can leave" I stepped pasture and into the house.

"umm I didn't say come in ? And any way I'm not-" she was cut off by a hand touching her shoulder it was a brunette girl, her sister maybe.

"hey Harry right?" she smiled at me and I nodded.

"I'm Leah , Bella's sister. Don't worry I'll make sure she's ready in a flash" she winked and I gave her a warm smile, bella just glared at her.

Leah pulled Bella up stairs by the hand and I could hear them arguing on the way up.

***Bella's POV.***

"Leah what the fuck I'm not going with him!"

"why not just go!! Besides he's hot" she winked.

"I don't care I'm not going!" 

"yes you are!"

After a couple of minutes of arguing I decided to go because it wasn't worth sitting here wasting my breath screaming at my sister while Harry was sitting in my living room.

I got changed into a pair of high waisted skinny jeans and whited long sleeved crop top and my black vans. Then I just left my hair down and brushed it threw and applied a small basic bit of make up (not to impress him , I didn't even want to go out with him)

I walked down stairs very hesitant and into the living room.

Harry stood up at my presence and looked right into my eyes.

"you look beautiful" I couldn't help but blush at his comment but I was waiting for some snide or rude comment to come after , but it didn't. I couldn't shake the feeling that this is a prank. I just couldn't wait for the night to be over , what ever it is.

Harry escorted me to the black range rover parked out front and opened my door for me and helped me in.

"your welcome" he said sarcastically.

"thanks" I mumble.

He then shuts the door and walks around to his side and gets in , he stars the car and begins driving.

"where are we going?" I ask with a hint of fear in my voice.

He notices it and chuckles but then his face becomes serious again.

"you'll see" .....


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