Harry styles fanfic. Bella has never really been into boys or dating but can one certain curly haired bad boy change that? If harry really does like bella he has a funny way of showing it.


2. Get out

***Bella's POV.***

I couldn't believe what had just happened and the thing is i don't even know why i started to cry , I'm not even sure if jack was going to ask me out. 

Oh who was I kidding I knew he was,why? I don't know, but he was and the fact that Laura started kissing him made me feel like he was only asking me out to get in my pants.

Which bothered me greatly since I have been taken advantage of before and that's why I don't go out on many dates and also why I am quite awkward around boys...

**flash back** 


17th of the 5th 2011

I was at my friend casey's birthday party and to be honest... I had a lot to drink and I was felling quite sick and was really tired so I just wanted to go home.

I made my way through the sweaty room of drunken half naked teenagers in search for my sister Leah , but I couldn't find her any where.

She must have went home with Shane (her boyfriend at the time). 

Our parents were out of town so I couldn't call them for a lift home , looks like I was gonna have to walk home.

Shit !

For some idiotic reason I thought of taking a 'short cut' through the park.

After about five minutes of walking I suddenly heard a car speeding up behind me and skid to a stop right in front of where I was standing, but I couldn't run no matter how scared I was. 

I just stood There as 4 men in there early to late twenties piled out of the car (clearly intoxicated) and two of them began howling and whistling at me while they all stood there staring at me up and down.

I quickly turned on my heel to run away but one of the men grabbed me by the wrists and pinned me to the ground with one swift motion.

"I don't think so sweat heart" he winked at me "we're gonna have some fun".

I cringed and whined and wriggled around beneath him, unable to escaped his grasp.

"HELP!" I managed to scream before his giant filthy hand covered my mouth.

With the tears now soaking my face all I did was cry and cry , terrified as I knew what they were trying to do.

The man heaved me off of the ground and held my two arms behind my back while still keeping one hand covering my mouth.

One of the other men approached me with a Pervy disgusting smile on his face which I'm not sure I'll never forget.

He ripped open the front of my dress and began leaving slimy wet kisses down the front of my chest . I tried to shake loose from one of my attackers hold but he wouldn't budge.

I bit down hard on his hand that was covering my mouth and he winced while pulling it away quickly and angrily.

"you bitch" he spat while releasing me and spinning me around to face him. His hand quickly moved towards my face where he slapped me brutally , causing me to fall to the ground.

He began stripping me and inappropriately touching me when I sort of blacked out. 

A near by night time police officer heard my few faint screams and came to investigate, he told me that if he hadn't of stopped them when he did then they would have..... Well you know.....

**end off flash back** 



As soon as I reached the empty corridor I ran straight to the abandoned girls bathroom on the very top floor of the building (there were never any classes on that up there so the whole floor was pretty much completely empty).

I locked myself in one of the cubicles and tried to stop my self from crying.Then I heard some one calling my name.

"shit" I said to myself praying that it wasn't jack, I would be so embarrassed after running out on him like that crying when he was only asking me out. But I knew it wasn't him it almost sounded like.... Like ..Harry? 

***Harrys POV.***

I decided to check the fifth floor first because that as always deserted I figured she might go there.

I was walking through the hall way when I heard a faint sound of sniffling coming from the girls bathroom at the end of the corridor.

"Bella ?!" I calls out, holding my breath for an answer.

"shit" she muttered but it was loud enough so I heard her.

I began searching the stalls one by one , kicking them in as the sound of her faint sobs became louder.

I got to the last one (which she was clearly in) and forced it open .

There she was sitting on the toilet seats lid with her knees to her chest and her head in her hands still obviously crying.

"Bella I-" she cut me off.

"what the fuck do you want? Please just leave I'm not in the mood" she said coldly.

"I can't just leave you here ..." 

"ha! Why do you care" she asked with a sense of curiosity in her voice.

Why did I care.

"I don't care.... I was just .. Emm... I don't!" I spat.

"Harry just go! Please!" she have begged Half demanded.

I thought that I should just leave her. But before I did I grabbed her phone which was very noticeably sticking out of her pocket.

"hey! Give that back you prick!" she demanded trying to take it from my hands but I moved away from her.

"wait" I hushed her.

I saved my phone number in and called it so that I would have her phone number. I quickly took out my phone and saved her number and then handed her phone back to her.

"Jesus chill , here you go" 

She was clearly confused as to why I wanted her phone number and to be perfectly honest.. So was I ? 

Did I... like her !?

She snatched it out of my hands and before either of us could say any thing the bell rang and she ran from the bathroom.

I decided not to follow her or approach her for the rest of the day until I figure my shit out.

When I got home I decided to send her a text...

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