Tobias Eaton-Divergent

We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death, battle, factions. DAUNTLESS. This book is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan.


3. Well Done Tris

I wander around looking around, until I find the Dauntless transfer initiates fighting room. I peak in first, and then my eyes spot on Tris. I make my way inside.

"What are you doing here Four? go and annoy someone else?" Eric told me, shoving me away like I was an annoying brat. Which I wasn't. Eric was the only annoying brat here. Eric was. Not me.

 I join in; much to Eric dismay and Tris smile that sets my cheeks on fire. Then, my eyes wander on the boy that had called Tris "Stiff" being paired up with her. I curl my hands tightly. An urge suddenly wanting to punch Peter. That Peter kid really annoyed me, with that stupid little smirk on his face. Suddenly, I felt like I just wanted to wipe that smirk off, and watch his cry. If that boy Peter hurt her, I would beat Peter up, and then Eric who knew that Peter hated Tris.

They both would end up dead meat. I look at the other Dauntless transfer initiates. I see a Candor born girl called Molly with long brown hair being paired up against an Erudite born transfer initiates called Edward, who beat each other brutally. I see a dark haired boy called Will fight against Christina, and a boy called Al go on the floor, pretending he was hurt. I could see that Al really did not want to fight, and was pretending so he did not have to fight. The boy he was facing called Drew called him horrible names, before spitting at him, and then  walked off in a huff. Al stood up, and I watched Eric look at him in annoyance.

“Coward.” Eric called to Al pathetically, trying to irritate him or get him really posses. So posses that would make All fight with Eric.

"Whatever." Al replied, walking off ignoring Eric, and then sticking his younger at Eric like an little brat.

I admired Al suddenly. For standing up to Eric. Not everyone stands up to him, because of a tall stance, and his harsh tone and scary posture really did put some people away from Eric, and make them feel small. Unlike me, who thought Eric was just  a big bully, and was pretending to be strong but wasn't. I noticed Eric looked annoyed, and did the "I got my eyes on you troublesome pest. One thing and your out." look.

Al smiled, and ignored him before walking off in a stride. Eric frightened a lot of people. I was sure even Max thought that Eric was a little bit evil and scary. But mostly Eric was harsher to the new Dauntless members, or anyone he thought even a little too good, or even a little more tougher or strong. After all, Eric was really competitive. He was the most competitive person I know and have met in my life. I remember when it was two years ago. Me and Eric were in the same batch of newly transferred Dauntless initiates and Eric was so into trying to beat me. That he did not work twice as hard. This lead me to progress more and become a lot better than Eric who was too competitive into trying to beat me, because of this I ranked first, which made me feel overjoyed and Max around.

Max who thought I had a lot of bravery and courage and would turn into the best Dauntless leader that our faction Dauntless has ever had. Which made me feel really proud of myself, and really happy with myself. While, on the other hand it made Eric really mad and angry, and from that day on. Eric had always tried to beat me, and just hurt and torment me. Just like my father. But this was because Eric wanted to prove to Max and the other Dauntless members that he was stronger and that he would be an amazing Dauntless leader, and who wasat least a million times better than me, even though I definitely did not want to be an Dauntless leader.

But who listens to me here. All I knew was that Eric wants to prove to everybody that he is hundred times better than me. Nevertheless, I knew that most of all Eric wanted to prove to himself that he was better than me. Even though I did not care, and thought Eric was an brilliant Dauntless member and would be an excellent Dauntless leader if he was a lot less competitive, and was nicer. But most of all understand that one person cannot make Dauntless the best faction but together we can, and that he needed to understand that I really did care if Eric was much better or much worser than me. Which really means that Eric was worded than me.Eric needed to change his personality and behaviour which really did need improving.


Eric was so determined to beat me, that he did not pay attention or work harder. If Eric stopped always trying to beat me. Then he would get a lot of experience and by now would become an excellent Dauntless member. But I guess Eric could only be Eric, and it would take a miracle for Eric to become nice, and to stop hating and being horrible to me. But it really would take a shooting star for Eric to be nice to me. But Eric being really nice and kind to me by turning over a new leaf was like finding out my mother really was not dead, and that she really loved and cared for me. That would be so awesome, but unbelievable. I wiPE a tear that trickles down my cheek. I really tried not to cry or get too emotional. However, I always did when I thought about my mom. From missing her, to dreaming she was still alive. I love you mother a lot,and even though you are dead I still love you, and know that you really love me very much.

Wait. Why was I talking to myself? Sometimes I did this. It was an habitat of mine. Sometimes I talked to my mother. Wait. I really did talk to my mother. I pretended like she was still and alive, and then I would have an interesting conversation with her. Pretending that she really did listen to me. Especially, on really special days like my birthday when I really needed my mother. Also I really talked to my mother when I was really distraught or sad, and needed someone to talk to. It made me feel like my mother was really listening to me, and that I was not alone. It made me feel like I really had someone who understood me, and someone else to hear me out and make feel not alone.


My eyes rest upon Tris who is fighting Peter. I can see she is determined and wants to prove she is not weak enough to be ranked last.  I know that this early in training, Peter could beat her. But after more training I was sure Tris would beat Peter. I run towards Eric.

“Eric that’s not a fair battle.” I tell him, pointing at Tris and Peter clearly.

“Who I pair up with who is my choice? In addition, an uneven battle is much more exciting to watch.” Eric tells me, shooing me away like a bothersome fly.

“But, that is not fair Eric, and I am the actual instructor.” I protest valiantly, trying hard for Tris not to battle Peter.

“Well now I am pretending so shush. Life is not fair Four. Get over it Four." Eric tells me, brushing his fingers in his hair like he's a superstar.

A super loser more like. Even though, I was the actual Dauntless transfer initiates instructor. Eric took my role from me. I said that we can pretend, but Eric was taking it too far. I wanted to shout at everyone annoucing that I was the actual Dauntless transfer initiates instructor and that Eric was just a cover up for me. While I assesed them. But what was the point? Eric would just yell at me in annoyance for blowing off his cover up, and then later Eric would get really mad and punch him. Then Tris might come up, and ask why I hadn't told her. I walk towards Tris, who looks at me startled. Peter looks curiously at me.

"You don't have much muscle, so you're better off using your knees and elbows." I tell Tris pointing out her weakness and her strengths.

"You okay there, Stiff? You like you are about to cry. I might go easy on you if you cry." Peter taunts.

Even from where I stand. I can hear Peter mocking Tris. I want to go up to him, and literally punch the words out of his mouth.

Peter brings his hands up to his face, and bends his knees. Like a cat ready to spring.

"Come on Stiff. Just one little tear. Maybe some begging." Peter pushes a step farther.

"Stop playing with her. Get it over with. I have not got all day, you know." Eric snaps harshly, getting really angry and furious. Oh no!

I watch Tris initially trying to attach Peter with her knees and elbows, clearly taking what I told her in to her performance. However, Peter dodged it and starts inflicting damage against her. Tris moves to defend herself. Every time Peter hits her, she drops to the floor in pain then gets back up not wanting to lose. I admire Tris for this. Many girls that I know, would probably just lay on the ground and give up. But not Tris. Who evern though she knows she is going to lose, keeps on trying and doing her best. There is a passion in her eyes. A passion to win. A passion which makes my heart flutter for her, and look up to her for her courage and bravery. I watch as Peter hits Tris hard causing her to land on the floor. I watch Eric smile with a glint in his eye. I knew he had planned this. Tears come in my eye. I run out of the arena, not prepared to watch any more.

Later, I see Tris she seems curious asking why I had fleed yesterday. What can I say? That I was too much in love with her to see her in pain.

"Why did you leave when I was unconcious. I could see you left. Why?" Tris asked me curiously.

"It wasn't something I wanted to watch," I told Tris honestly, looking down at my toes.

What could I tell her. That I did not want to see her on the ground and in pain because I loved her, because every punch and kick inflicted on her felt like it was for me. I loved her, and you would never want to see your love in pain or in danger. I have dated other girls before. But it was Tris who I really loved, and looked at her in love. But I knew Tris would never fall in love with a guy like me. I mean Tris is beautiful, smart, brave, courage's and more upon a person I would love to have a wife. I had lived without a mother, who had died and would never love me. A mother I would never have or know. 

The next morning, I see Tris. I know she is forced to get up early, but thankfully, she has her friend Christina help. Christina is a pretty girl who reminds me a lot of Ella, my childhood friend. Who later were accepted into Amity? Amity a peaceful fraction. I always believed Ella would go there she is brave, and strong but a peaceful person. A person who would never hit someone, unless she was forced to. Even though Christina and Ella look nothing a like. Ella with her long brown hair, and blue eyes and Christina with brown eyes, short chin length black hair, and dark brown skin is lean, but tall and stands taller than Tris.

Tris, my beautiful Tris. Tris with her beautiful blonde hair, and her unusual shade of eyes which is a beautiful shade of grey and blue, and her brave heart. I smile when I see her making it to the tracks in time for the departure. I follow them as they go to the fence that surrounds the city. This is by the Amity farms. My heart pounds rapidly as I watch Tris being hugged by Robert, who sits in the back of the Amity truck. I feel anger, and jealousy. How dare he hug her? I listen carefully even though I know I should not hear other people’s conversation. Nevertheless, I hear Tris gasp when Robert tells her to go back to Abnegation. Tris shakes her head, and smiles determined that she would become a Dauntless.

I smile at her, and look up at her for her determination that she will get it. I know she will become Dauntless. She just has to. The next time I see Tris is a few days later when she is fighting against Molly. I see Tris look at me with surprise, then smiles at me. Eric notices this gesture then stares at Tris then at me curiously, and then smiles at me in a sneaky way. I ignore this gesture, like a bothersome fly and look back at Tris.

Her beautiful blonde hair is twisted in a knot behind her back. I had never noticed her eyes but they were a unusual shade of blue and grey. Her large wide eyes stare at Molly with determination, her long thin nose pointing at Molly. Then I look at Molly. Molly with her large bulbous nose, and bronze skin. With broad shoulders, and stringy black hair, and a small weak chin. Molly snort laughs in an ugly way, showing off her crooked teeth. Molly is taller than Tris by inches. Nevertheless, I can see this that it does not bother Tris in one way. She stands back tall, her fingers curled, and her face determined. Tris cocks her head to the left, and examines Molly carefully, probably wondering what move she was going to use first.

Come on Tris! You have to do this Tris. You can win Tris! I think, wanting it to shout it loud. I watch Molly make the first move, trying to punch Tris, who dodges it and punches Molly on the jaw, causing Molly to groan in pain. Molly tries again to hit Tris, who slams her slight body weight on to Molly, and punches her. Molly groans in agony. I notice Eric smile confidently, as if he had knew this was all going to happen.

Suddenly, I had a though, like Eric, had planned this all out and knew that Tris was going to win. Tris knocked Molly out with a painful blow, causing Molly to collapse on the floor, tears in her eye.

“No more. No more.” Molly groaned in agony and pain, then she smirked gleefully like Eric did.

I noticed the person Molly always hangs with Peter. Look at Molly with annoyance, and sighed pitifully. Molly stood up, holding her paining jaw.

“You’ll pay for this!” Molly shouted angrily, her voice venomous, as she sticks her middle finger at Tris with anger, and then sticks her younger at Tris..

“I think you should pay a visit to the doctor for your jaw first.” Tris laughed with her friend Christina.

Molly tried her hardest not to snort back at them. I thought Tris was really brave for arguing with Molly. But, what if Molly causes Tris pain, or if her words harm her. Don't test her patient Tris. You are much better then this.

“Molly your rank has become lower then Christina because you were beaten by a lower opponent Tris. Tris your ranking goes up.” Eric proudly says, ticking some thing on a paper.

“Yes!” Christina laughs happily, jumping up and down in joy..

I was sure Christina was upset yesterday that she had lost to Molly, but know I could see that putting Molly under Christina rank made her smile. Peter laughed at Molly with pity, probably judging her. Molly looks annoyed, then looks at Christina and Tris, and stomps out in a hurry. I want to run and congratulate Tris but see her friends hurry around her, congratulating her.

“Well done Tris.” I tell her loudly, before walking out praising her.

My heart pounding rapidly, and my hands sweating. I looked back at Tris, who caught my eye and winked back. My heart fluttered. I smile and walk out. I feel someone eyes look at me, and notice Eric staring at me with interest.

"Time to tell them now." Eric tells me, nudging me impatiently.

I walk towards the student. They chat in groups chatting to themself discussing who I could be. Except Tris who looks at me, recogonising me instantly. Her smiles radiated from her, like a ray of sunshine had filled up her world. I smile at her warmly, hoping that she did not see the hint of red that flushed in my cheek.

"I know you all believe Eric here is your instructor. But that was all my plan. You see my name is Four and I am your actual Dauntless transfer initiates instructor. I just wanted to see what your levels were, and how your team work and your ability was in general. I was impressed by most of you, but disappointed with others." I explain kindly as they all finally realize who I was.

"It's true. Well I'm off bye Four." Eric says, punching my arm then walking off.

I spot Peter look at me in awe, now realizing that I was their instructor. Tris brushed a strand of her hair, and winked at me sneakily.

"See you tommorow class." I say, walking off, waving my hand and then walking off.

I spot Max outside looking at me, his grey hair and lines on his forehead show his age. But even at his age he is strong. Max smiles when he see's me.

"Just the Dauntless, I wanted to see." Max tells me, patting me lightly on the back.

"What is it Max?" I ask curiously, and confused.

"You refused my request." Max points out clearly, determined and annoyed.

I suddenly remember Max had requested me to become a Dauntless leader.

"Max, I know your wiser than me. But I really do not wish to become a Dauntless leader. I want you to be a leader. You are much better than me. I am happy in my position." I tell Max.

Max looks weary, trying to think of something to say. Still determined.

"But." Max starts, thinking of something to say.

"Please sir." I protest, shaking my head.

"Fine. Take  care son." Max tells me patting my back kindly, than walking off knowing he had lost this battle. But I knew that Max would never give up.

Tris. Tris. Tris.

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