Tobias Eaton-Divergent

We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death, battle, factions. DAUNTLESS. This book is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan.


6. Visiting Day And The Day Before

I am just in my train of thought. Thinking about my mother, and what she would be telling me now. I think about her beautiful black hair and warm eyes. I think about me when I was little and would always ask my dad where mommy is. I remember missing mummy so much and crying, and I still do. The pain will never go or fade away. I will always miss my mother. I would always imagine if my mother was here now. It feels so real. I sometimes have these nightmares. That my mother was standing there, alive. She would stare at me with hate, and tell me that she hated me, and never love me. Then my mother would join my father and she would hurt and abuse me. Then I would be wondering why? Why me? Why do you hate me? Then I would wake up, panting and sweating like a pig. Then I am suddenly hear Tris shouting at someone. I run out of my room to see Tris, a pale blue towel that covers her. I can see that Tris has built muscles over the weeks of the training. I see Tris heading to her dormitory when a laughing Peter, Molly, Drew and a few other initiates, blocks her. My eyes glare when three Candor born transfers approach Tris, and poke at her irately making fun of her physique. I want to go, protect Tris, and make my way. Nevertheless, before Tris makes a run for the door, I see a Peter the transfer initiate pull her towel and watch as it lands on the floor in a heap. The other’s laugh and tease her, turning bright red in the face. But not Tris. I try and not look at her. Nevertheless, notice Tris wrap the towel around her, and run to the hallway bathroom, tears trickling down her cheek. I follow her, but stop when she goes into the girl’s bathroom, and know I cannot go in there. I hear Tris sob her heart out, and it makes me suddenly wanting to punch Peter in the face. I want to hurt Peter so badly. I want to make him scream and cry. I want to hurt him as if he did to my beautiful Tris.

“Tris.” I call out, hoping for her to respond.

Tris does not answer me, as I am answered with silence, but hear Tris sob harder. I do not see Tris for the rest of the day until I see her at training. I am pairing everyone up. However, know that I should pair Tris with Peter. Then Peter could get hurt. I know that he did deserve it after all. However, what if Tris hurt her back? Tris looks determined wanting to hurt Peter probably for revenge for their petty act, and can see they will hurt her when she gets the chance. “Molly is against Tris. Edward is against Peter. Al is against Christina. Will is against Myra.” I announce loudly, in a loud voice watching my voice echo around the room. I see Tris wearing some new clothes, which look like it, must be from the Pit. I see Tris looks at me sadly, because she wants to fight with Peter and beat him up. Tris looks slightly disappointed, but looking at Molly, she settles for her and is content. I see Al looking to Christina who is really strong. Come on Al! I cheer. Al tries his best, but I can see clearly that Christina is a lot more stronger than Al.

I smile with glee when I see Edward beating Peter, who lies on the ground beaten and bruised. I cannot help the smile that takes place on my face, but notice Tris do the same thing. Tris smiles happily, her smile lighting up her pretty face. I notice Tris eyes glancing at the fight between Myra and Will. I can see that Tris is being clever, but assessing Myra’s previous battle, trying to think of how to approach her battle. Tris looks back at Molly. Who smirks gleefully, stretching her long arms, and cocks her head to the left staring at Tris curiously. “Are you finished staring at Myra and Will’s battle. Come and fight little chicken, too afraid to fight me, or were you still crying in the hallway bathroom after the little prank we did. Hilarious!” Molly laughs, teasing Tris. I see Tris not answering, but smiling. What was Tris up to? “Bring it on!” Tris smiles, getting ready for battle.

Tris uses Molly’s repetitive tactics against her, and then see Tris thinking. I close my eyes and hope Tris remembers my tip that I told her. I re open my eyes, and see Tris using my tips that I told her and using her knees and elbows. I see Tris empowering Molly, and smiling. I spot Tris constantly assessing Molly’s movements, and eventually beat Molly and have her lying on the floor in pain. Well done Tris. Suddenly, I spot Tris smirk evilly, something was going on. Something bad. I see Tris stare at Molly with anger, and then continuously kick Molly until she is bloody. I run towards to Tris, trying to pull her off but Tris is unstoppable because of her anger and other emotions. I grab hold of Tris, and hold her to my chest. I see everyone else look at us, but nothing matters. Only controlling Tris anger. I see Tris cry in my shirt, and pant deeply in anger.

“Tris I know you are angry. But please look at what you have done to Molly?” I tell Tris.

Tris looks at Molly lying with blood around her, curling on the ground with pain. I notice Tris trying to feel slightly guilty about what she has done, but I know she cannot. Tris is happy she hurt Molly. I mean not sickly like she is a psychopath that wants to hurt someone. Nevertheless, I know she is happy because she has taken out all her anger and pain on someone. I know Tris feels like Molly really does deserve it. I spot Eric watching the whole thing. I break my hold of Tris, who looks at me. Eric walks towards Tris. Oh! What is he going to say now? Whatever it is, it is not good.

“Well done Tris that was an excellent fight with Molly.” Eric commends, smiling and patting Tris on the head, then walking off.

I see Tris realize she must have done something wrong if Eric thought she was right. The next day is visiting day. The day that I hate the most. I try and not let the fact that while everybody else parents come and visit them. That mine does not. After all, my mother is dead and will never come back. While my father will not come, and should never come. Even after these two years, I have not forgiven him, and never will.

After sixteen years of hurting and bruising, he deserves all the pain that has happened to me. I really miss my mother, especially on visiting day. I imagine her running to my arms, and embracing me in a tight hold. My mother would hug and hold me in her arms. She would call me her little baby Tobias, and then she would wipe my life slate of all the abuse and hate. Nevertheless, I know that she will not come; after all, she is dead. Dead and she will never come back. Ever. I hug myself tightly, and cry to myself. Trying to hold back my tears back. I try to be strong. Nevertheless, I am not. I am weak. I cannot pretend that my mother dead has not hurt me. It has. I wipe my tears angrily, and take a deep breath. Reminding myself that if my mother had been here she would have told me to be strong. To be brave.

I walk out of my room, putting a brave face on. I see Eric standing there, his mother beside him. I can see Eric stone cold face. He is the “ruthless kind” of Dauntless. Even after the capture, the flag Eric is still competitive. That is the kind of person he is. Competitive. He is cruel and violent, and takes pleasure in inflicting pain on others. He is excessively cruel and violent. He stands a distance from his mother. His mother in her forties looks at him with love. Eric shrugs her away like a bothersome fly. I envy Eric. He at least has a mother who loves him. Eric does not appreciate his mother’s worth. After all Eric advises all Dauntless members not to show attachment with there visiting families. I spot Tris with a pretty woman. Whom I think must be her mum? With a woman with a lot of similarities like Tris. The same brown hair, but with brown eyes. I know that Tris mum is in Abnegation. Tris hung her arm around her mother, and showed her around the hall. I can see Tris beaming with happiness and excitement. I over hear Tris mother talking to Tris.

“Tris your father has become very selfish lately, and very grumpy. Mainly because we cannot visit your brother Caleb because Erudite now prohibits Abnegation, visitors from entering there compound. How can they prohibit us? All me and your father and me want to do is look at our son, and talk to him. How we have missed you so much. Oh! I’m complaining on the day that I have the one chance to meet my beloved daughter.” Tris mother complains.

I never knew that Tris is brother Caleb was in Erudite. Maybe it was because, I did not need to know, and maybe Tris forget to tell me. I see Tris notice me, and beckon me to come. Maybe she wants to introduce me to her mother. I walk forwards, and see Will and a girl with blonde hair and blue streaks. Whom I assume to be his sister. I also see Christina with a woman who I assume to be her mother, and a girl whom I assume to be her sister. I suddenly feel very jealous that they all have brothers and sisters. However, most of all a kind caring loving mother. Someone I do not have.

“Mum. This is Four our transfer instructor, and my friend. Also there are my friends Four, Will and Christina.” Tris beams with excitement, gesturing to all of her friends.

“Hi Mrs Prior. I am Four. You look you could be Tris’s sister. I am pleased to meet you.” I introduce, smiling warmly at her.

“Oh, you’re a gentleman aren’t you? It’s Natalie sweetie" Tris mother Natalie says, blushing. Tris mother whispers in Tris ears.

I know I am not supposed to be listening, but I can here.

“He is a keeper, isn’t he? Keep his safe Tris, because men like him only come once in your life.” Tris’s mother Natalie mumbles to Tris.

Tris smiles. I try not to blush, but cannot help blushing pink. “Hi Mrs Natalie.” Christina and Will say chorusing at the same time.

“Err. You are Abnegation. It is filth like you that corrupt us. We Erudite are much better than you dirty worthless little Abnegation. You people should just go and end up someone else. You guys are corrupting our world.” Will sister whom I know is called Cara spits out harshly with venom.

How dare Will sister say that? I feel like I want to hit Cara. She has proven that the Erudite faction are a horrible faction, that think they are better than the others.

“Will, ask your sister if she wants a punch, because if she says one more word about my mother or Abnegation I will punch her, and knock all her teeth out.” Tris spits our harshly, charging forwards bringing her fists out.

“Come on now Cara. I am sorry Mrs. Prior. My sister Cara really does not know when to shut up.” Will interferes, dragging his angry and sulky sister along with him.

“Come on Tris, let’s go exploring.” Tris mother tells dragging Tris into hallways that Tris has not explored yet.

I follow Tris, wanting to do nothing but talk to Tris. I over hear Tris talking to her mother.

“So, what did you get in your aptitude test?” Tris mother Natalie asks her.

Tris fidgets nervously, biting her lip nervously.

“I was. I got Divergence.” Tris stammers out, blinking repeatedly.

Tris was divergent. She was just like me. I knew there were only a few divergent. I was so glad Tris was too. Nevertheless, I know knew Tris would be in danger if anyone else found out. She had to keep this a secret, or her life was at stake.

“Keep a low profile to avoid being watched, and I love you very much no matter what fraction you chose.” Tris mother tells her, hugging her tight.

“I love you too Mom, a lot and dad and Caleb.” Tris tells her mother.

“Also go to the erudite compound and ask Caleb to investigate the simulation serum.” Tris mother tells her, before leaving.

I then realize that Tris mother was from Dauntless. I walk around, feeling very bored. After all, I had no one to come today. I had a dad who hated and abused me and a mother who died. Why couldn’t my father have died instead? I wander around bored, watching other Dauntless members and Dauntless transfer initiates with there parents. This is the one day they get to meet there parents, after a whole year. I notice a worried looking woman and man who must be somebody’s parents walk around calling a name. After all, they must be parents because they definitely were not Dauntless members because I knew practically everyone of Divergent.

” Albert. Albert.” the mother and father yelled.

The woman and man ran up to me.

“Have you seen my son Albert?” the mother asks.

“Um who?” I inquire, feeling very confused. One question kept repeating itself in my mind. Who was this Albert?

“Albert. A large and broad boy, with dark brown eyes and thick eyebrows. He is big, warm and clumsy but do not let that fool you thinking Albert is tough. Al is indeed very sweet and fragile.” Albert parents explained.

“Do you mean Al?” I ask, thinking of the first person who I knew with that description.

"Yes Al. Al my sweet little Albert.” Al father said.

“No, I haven’t seen him. Why?” I ask.

“Because he was with us for one minute, and sadly he ran out don’t know why though?” Al father asked.

“It’s because Al doesn’t want to disappoint us.” Al mother explained.

“He doesn’t understand that he will never disappoint us, and that we are very proud of him.” Al father told me.

“I’ll keep a look out. If I see him, I will make sure to tell him his parents are looking for him.” I told Al parents.

“Thank you very much. What is your name? And how do you know our Al?” Al mother asks curiously.

“My name is Four, and I am your son transfer initiates instructor, and I think Al is a very good boy.” I tell his parents, looking for Al.

I wander around, looking for Tris. When I stand outside her dormitory. What was I doing here? I think. I came here to look for Tris. Nevertheless, was she really in here? Suddenly, Tris runs out, looking disgusted. She notices me, and blushes. Tris breaths deeply.

“I can’t believe he tried to kiss me.” Tris says disgusted.

Who? Who? Who tried to kiss my Tris, my beloved Tris? I suddenly felt like slapping whoever had wanted to kiss my Tris. How dare whoever try to kiss Tris? Wait. Who was it? “Who was it?” I ask curiously, wanting to know.

“Al.” Tris mumbles out, running out.

I notice a red-faced Al come out of the dormitory. He notices me, and freezes in shock.

“Tris?” Al asks, nervously biting his lip.

“Tris has gone she was shocked, and embarrassed.” I tell Al. Al turns to go.

Suddenly I remember what I had promised his parents, to tell him his parents were looking for him.

“Oh I forgot. Your parents are looking for you Al, and they are proud of you.” I tell Al, before running off to find Tris. Leaving Al, in his thoughts.

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