Tobias Eaton-Divergent

We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death, battle, factions. DAUNTLESS. This book is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan.


7. Tris-The END

It is dinner time, and I was bored.Well it wasn't really dinner time. Everyone else was eating, and well I. I was just sitting there, staring at the plate of hot food in front of me. I really was not hungry, and was unable to eat anything, not even one bite. I sit there quietly my eyes staring at the clock impatiently. I sit quietly and getting really bored, staring at the chips and pizza in front of me with very little interest. I was so not hungry, so I just sat there  quietly playing with my food like a little child finding amusement with my food. I watch my pal Buster look at me curiously, he licked his lips, and I tried to stop the giggle that came when I heard Buster tummy grumble from hunger even though Buster had eaten already.

“Are you going to eat that?” Buster asks, pointing at my pizza slice with a lot of interest, not very unusual for someone just like Buster.

“Not really. You can have it.” I tell Buster politely, watching him take the pizza slice.

"Really. Are you sure?" Buster asked, drooling like a little baby which he actually kind of was. After all Buster acted like a baby, and had the maturity of a little baby too.

"I am hundred percent sure man. Take it, and stop drooling." I tell Buster, positively sure of what I was doing. After all, it was only a slice of pizza, and I was not hungry. Not one bit.

"Buster is just like a little baby." Maddie, my other close friend tells me, mocking Buster and then laughing loudly, rocking her chair backwards, looking like she was about to fall.

Buster takes the pizza slice, and then gobbles it in his mouth pizza stains surround his mouth. Buster is like one of my closest friends. With his broad shoulders and his really loud voice, Buster might appear as someone that you might be terrified when you see him. Nevertheless, Buster was really a quiet, happy, friendly person and was someone anyone would be lucky to have as a friend. With his deep green eyes, and brown curly hair. Buster was like a look like of Harry Styles. Also Buster was a terrible flirt, which made girls fall heels over heels in love with him, and boys watch him with amazement.

This terrified Buster immediately. But of course it would frighten him. It would give me an heart attack if I resembled a pop star. Which I don't. Not one bit. He would get offended if someone even slightly accused that he had a resemblance to Harry Styles. A very funny and hilarious resemblance if you actually looked at it. Buster was one of my closest friends. He knew about my mother death, and that my father abuses me. Nevertheless, Buster was not someone who would make fun of me, or always show pity for me. Buster knew my past, but told me the past was the past, and I was a strong person to get through all of this. However, sometimes I did not feel very strong at all. I nibble on my chips like a little rabbit, much to Buster dismay who gobbles his up quickly. I look at Buster curiously, a little smile playing on my lips. Buster notices me smiling, and stops eating.

“What! A growing boy needs lots of food!” Buster exclaims loudly, smiling cheekily, a little chip stuck beneath his teeth.

“Yeah Buster, like you need more growing. You are already so tall! What are you six foot one or six feet two?” Maddie, another close friend of Buster and mine asked with curiosity that was a question I had always wanted to ask Buster too, but did not know if Buster would get offended if I asked him about his height, and I never did want to offend Buster.

 He was one of my best friends and we had become best friends on the first day of initiation, so was Maddie. All three of us became best friends from the minute our lands eyes landed on each other, and have been best friends ever since. Even thought we had different personalities, and were totally alike. That was what made us best friends.

“Six foot three actually or was it six foot four!” Buster announced loudly, as if he was proud of his height.

“Whenever will you stop growing Buster?” Maddie asked, pointing at Buster with pity then bursting into a laughing fit.

“Well mother told me that I would be at this height now, but as you can see I am growing. I’m growing very tall.” Buster said proudly, smiling warmly at Maddie.

“Yeah, tall as a giant!” Maddie laughed, pointing at Buster and then bursting into a loud giggle fit, causing tears to come down her eyes.

“Ha-ha very funny Maddie Paddy.” Buster laughed hilariously, calling Maddie a funny nickname that Buster and me had invented.

“Knock it off Buster. The name is Maddie. You know how much I hate the nickname!” Maddie pouts angrily, sticking her tongue with annoyance at Buster

"Guys. Guys. Stop fighting like little kids." I tell them, trying to stop them fighting, everyone else was looking at Maddie and Buster like they were little kids fighting, including my beautiful Tris and her friends.

I put my head down in embarrassment. Trying to hide my face away from Tris, who kept glancing this way at me. I blushed red, hoping no one would see me blushing, and then would ask me why?

"No, Buster is the one that started it, and we are not little kids. Well I am not. But Buster is." Maddie tells me, smirking at Buster, and then hiding a laugh.

“I know you do Maddie Paddy. That is why I call you that.” Buster replies telling Maddie what he thought, and then laughing loudly.

“It’s Maddie. Buster. Maddie not Maddie Paddy.” Maddie told Buster off, hurling a chip at him, trying to hit him.

“Maddie Paddy.” Buster repeated, catching the chip in his mouth and eating it loudly,and then munching it with excitement.

I smiled. It was somewhat hilarious how two of my best friends Maddie and Buster were so different, that they always managed to get on each other nerves but they still were the best of friends, and I was really glad that they were my best friends. They were crazy, but fun and always brought a smile to my face. They really had always supported me, and they were two of the people I know I could trust. My eyes look ahead until they land on Tris. Tris with her beautiful unusual shade of eyes, and her beautiful smile that brings warmth to everyone.

I love the way when Tris talks she talks like a child in an interesting but also an animated way. Tris beautiful blonde ponytail bobs up and down as she giggles. Her giggles make me feel something that I had never felt before, make me smile, and feel like I was on cloud nine. I notice Tris notice my eyes on her, and she smiles kindly, and winks at me. I wink back at her, Maddie notices this and looks at me curiously. Maddie is a short girl at five foot five, with long black hair to her waist, and black eyes, her skin is a light brown. A pair of black rimmed glasses rest on her nose.  Maddie had a nose piercing, and a skull and snake tattoo on her right leg.Maddie raises her eyebrows at me, and then looks at Tris with interest.

“You like her, don’t you?” Maddie told me, pointing at Tris with interest.

“Who likes who?” Buster asked curiously, finally back to planet Earth.

“Four.” Maddie points out like she was stating the obvious, then giving him a duh gesture.

“Who do you like Four? Tell me.” Buster pesters like a little child who wanted a lollipop but was not going to get it.

“No. Nothing. Leave it alone Buster.” I tell Buster, waving him off, smiling warmly at him.

“No, tell me.” Buster pesters, inching towards me.

"No!" I protest valiantly, trying to look away but failing.

"Tell me. Tell me." Buster repeats, trying to annoy me. Well guess what. He did. A lot..

"Leave it Buster." I tell Buster, waving him away.

"Not. Until you tell me." Buster told me, pinching my cheek in annoyance.

“Four likes one of the new Dauntless transfers’ initiates.” Maddie tells Buster, pointing at Tris.

Buster looks at Tris, then at me then smiles, as if he had just been hit with an amazing idea. Buster ruffles my hair like a little child.

“The girl is very pretty. She would be a good match to you, and you really do need a girl.” Buster tells me, finally telling me what he thought.

I really did not need a girl. Did I? and if I did that girl would definitely be my beautiful and stunning Tris.

“So do you Buster. Need a girl.” Maddie tells Buster, stating what she thought and then laughing.

“You’re the only girl for me Maddie, the only one.” Buster told Maddie, smiling at Maddie with love.

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention Maddie and Buster was quite an item, they both had feelings for each other but were too coward to admit it, and was too shy. I seriously do think that because of there different personalities Maddie and Buster would be such a cute couple, and maybe then they would argue less with each other.

“Yeah I’m the only girl who could handle a guy like you Buster. Therefore, what is the girl’s name? I am sure you know.” Maddie asks me, curiously looking at Tris then at me.

“Tris.” I sigh out in love, just saying her name made my heart beat rapidly.

"Tris. That really is a beautiful name. Tris, a really nice name." Maddie told me, smiling warmly at me.

"Just like her." I tell Maddie with love, then smirking.

“You really do have a massive crush on her, don’t you?” Buster said, clearly pointing out the obvious.

“What do you mean?” I lie, trying to look innocent but know that I was blushing like a teenage girl in love.

“We can see really clearly that you like her. Even when you say her name you blush like a girl, and then have this really happy but mopy smile on your face.” Maddie told me.

“I don’t really know what you’re talking about. See I can say it normally. Tris.” I say, smiling in a love struck way.

“I can’t believe it man; a girl can make you look like that.” Buster laughed, punching me lightly on the arm.

"Tris." I repeat in love, watching Tris with interest and curiosity.

Like how her smile lit me up, how her giggles were like a child. Like how she brought everyone together, and made my heart beat quickly.

“What do you mean?” Maddie asked looking at Buster.

“I mean boys are the predators, and girls are the prey. “ Buster laughs, not knowing what his words would do to him.

“Do you really want to see who the predator is and who the prey is?” Maddie asks, inching closer to Buster.

“No, I’m ok.” Buster gulped nervously, beads of sweat trickling down his face.

I look at Tris, and see she is looking anxious. I try to listen to there conversation.

“What’s your choice during the test?” Al asked with curiosity.

“Um.” Tris begins, biting her lips nervously.

I can see both Christina and Al both from Candor; realizing Tris is hiding something because of her body language.

“Oh, I got Abnegation but I just chose Dauntless.” Tris lies, biting her lip anxiously.

I can see Al and Christina not really believing Tris, but they just smile and nod there heads. I know Tris probably does not want them to know about her Divergence.

Later that evening, I have posted up the results for stage one. I see Peter run towards the results, his face inching right towards the results; he looks upset and angry, then shouts in anger. I spot the other Dauntless transfers initiates look at there results, some of them smile while others look angry at there results. I know the results by now in order; Edward an Erudite transfer is ranked first, followed by Peter, Will, Christina, Molly, Tris, Drew, Al and Myra Edward’s girlfriend is last. I see Tris smile knowing she is not last. Christina a girl, who used to be Tris friend, stuck her tongue at Tris and laughed. I see Myra Edward’s girlfriend, give Edward a hug.

“You were amazing Edward. You really do deserve to come first.” Myra praises loudly, hugging Edward tightly with joy.

Edwards beams in praises and smiles when his girlfriend Myra kisses his cheek.

“Yeah well done Edward. You were really great; you have good fighting skills, and excellent techniques.” I interrupt, smiling warmly at Edward, and patting him lightly on the back, praising him for ranking first.

Edward was a good pupil, very hard working and intelligent, but he was quite weak and frail but I was sure Edward would make a very fine Dauntless member. I believed in Edward, that he would do good things, something that I do not tell everyone if they do good things or not.

“Thanks sir.” Edward answers like he was a student talking to a teacher.

I had never wanted anyone to talk to me like a teacher. However, I wanted them to talk to me like a friend. Like a mate, someone you could talk to. A mate. That was what I wanted to be with everyone. A mate. Well except a little bit more for Tris. Well actually a lot more.

“It’s Four, Edward.” I correct Edward, wanting him to treat me like a friend not a teacher; after all I was only two years older than him.

“It’s Four.” Peter mumbles, under his breath, but not quiet enough I hear him and turn my face to look at him coldly.

“What was that Peter?” I spit at Peter, cocking my face to the left and staring at him harshly.

“Nothing Four.” Peter lies to my face, and then putting his middle finger at me, when he thought my head was turned.

“That was what I thought.” I tell Peter, smiling at him cheekily but also mischievously.

“It should have been me that was first!” Peter exclaims in protest, inching closer towards Edward.

“No it shouldn’t have. Edward was better, and worked harder.” Myra tells Peter, explaining why Edward had become rank one, instead of Peter.

“Oh Edward, so you have your pathetic ugly girlfriend talking for him.” Peter laughs.

I look at Myra; she was a very strong and effective fighter and a mentally strong person, with long brown hair. Myra crunches her knuckles, and spits tight at Peter.

"Shut up Peter. You are so ugly and pathetic." Myra tells Peter.

“Shut up Peter. Myra is beautiful and hard working, unlike you Peter. You are arrogant, stupid, pathetic and a loser.” Edward shouts at Peter, Peter recoils in shock.

“You shouldn’t have said that Edward. You are a loser, you arr. I am so going to hurt you.” Peter says, going to shove Edward.

I try to stop Peter and Edward, but I get pushed away by Peter, whose face is red with anger. I watch impatiently, wondering what was going to happen.

Nevertheless, Edward shoves him harder, and I watch Peter land on the floor. Peter stands up shocked and in horror, he makes the “I will kill you” gesture.

“I’ll get you for that Edward!” Peter shouts, running out.

After that, the day goes quickly. I wait impatiently wondering what was going to happen next. That night, I have a dreamless night. I try to think about Tris, about her beautiful face, but all I see is pitch black and darkness. Just as I am going to put my head on the pillow, I hear a scream. I jump out of bed, and rub outside. To see Edward, a butter knife in his left eye, blood pouring out of his eye. I look around, and know that Peter and Drew must have done as it, as they were both missing from their beds that night.

“Owwwww! My eye.” Edward screams in agony and pain, letting out a blood curling scream.

“Don’t worry Edward. It is me Tris, I am going to try and prevent too much blood loss from your eye, or it could get seriously get worse. I know how to help you because when I was little and got injured my mother would do the same thing.” Tris tells peter, trying to prevent too much blood lose on his eye with her hands.

“Take him to the doctor.” I tell Tris immediately ,starting to panic. This had never happened here before, and I was a little worried about what to do.

I watch Tris, hold Edward arm, whispering sweet soothing comforting words taking him to the doctor. I follow them, as we wait for the doctor to come. I smile at Tris; she shows so much bravery and courage and helps Edward like the one a mother would have done.

“It’s ok Edward. You are going to be completely fine.” Tris tells a sobbing Peter kindly.

Myra stands by Edward, and cries her hands rose to her face, and she sobs.

“It’s ok.” I comfort Myra, patting her lightly on her back.

“My poor Edward. Why him? He would never hurt anyone. It must be that Peter. I am so going to kill him.” Myra tells me angrily, clenching her wrist tightly with anger.

“Be brave Myra, and be strong for Edward.” I comfort Myra kindly, just like Tris is doing with Edward.

I watch as the doctor calls Edward, and Edward goes inside.

“I am going to clean Edward’s blood off the dormitory floor.” Tris volunteers, walking off.

I know that the Dauntless would not do anything for Edward, as they believed pain was just an ordinary thing of being Dauntless, and no one would help him. I sympathized with Edward, and wished for him to recover quickly. I know that Tris knows it was Peter, but I am sure she and Christina will not report Edward.

That night, Edward is discharged. A bandage around his left eye with blood splatters on the bandage probably from his eye. Myra holds Edward arm protectively.

“Part if me wonders if this is a suicide mission disguised as a game. It isn’t the first time since I have wondered that since the choosing ceremony.” Tris mumbles quietly to herself.

That was also something I have wondered. That if all these tests were a suicide mission.

“I am leaving because my injury would hinder me from going through the Dauntless initiation.” Edward announces.

Everyone looks shocked, and began discussing it to each other loudly.

“I am also leaving with Edward, wherever Edward is I go.” Myra announces that loudly, as I watch Edward and Myra leaving become fractionless. With the departure of Myra and Edward, everyone else ranks have been raised. Now Peter rank is number one.

Suddenly everyone screams. I turn my head to see what was going on, and what I see shocks me. Summer staggers in, a knife covered with blood in her arm. Summer runs to me, tears trickling down her cheek. Her mascara running, beads of sweat trickling down her face.

“I killed her!” Summer shouts loudly.

“Who?” I ask impatiently, my heart pounding rapidly.

“Tris!” Summer exclaims, before collapsing on the floor.

No. Not Tris. Not my Tris. I push past everyone, running to Tris dormitory, my heart beating rapidly. If Tris died, I would kill myself.  No, not Tris. Why on earth would Summer hurt Tris? It just had to be a lie. It had to be. My heart bested rapidly, and sweat trickled down my face. All I wanted to do right now was to make sure Tris was okay. Tris just had to be ok. I could not lose Tris. I already lost one person I loved. My mother. I could not lose Tris too. This was just like the nightmare I had when someone stabbed Tris, and I was holding onto her, crying my heart out. It just can't come true. No. Tris. Not now. I could not lose somebody else that I loved. I begged to God that whatever Summer had told me was a lie. This could not be happening. I could not lose Tris too. My whole life I had lost all the people I had loved and should be in my life. No. Not Tris. Death could not steal my beautiful Tris. Anyone but her. Death could have anyone. Death could have my dad if it wanted to. But not Tris. I ran quickly, what if Tris was dead. Of course Tris could not be dead. Stop trying to think of the worse thing possible Four. I told myself. Death could have me if it wanted to, but not my beautiful Tris. I loved her too much. Not know. When I was going to tell her my love for her. I was going to finally tell Tris how much I loved her. Death could not snatch her from my hold. No. Tris was alive, she just had to be. Tris, my heart yearned for her. 

I could not live without my Tris. I had known my beautiful Tris for only several months. But in those quite a few months. I had fallen heads over heels in love with her. She was brave, strong, courageous, friendly, caring. In total, Tris was someone I had always wanted in life. Tris was in total, my beautiful dream girl, more like my beautiful dream angel. Tris would stand up to Eric, which very few people did. Tris made my heart sing with love and joy. I loved Tris so much, even more than I even loved my mother. I did love my mother, a lot. But I loved Tris more. Tris had started to fill the whole my mother left when she died.

Another thing Tris did was she reminded me so much of my mother. Tris was like the younger version of my mother. After my mother death. I felt like the spirit of my mother had entered into Tris. Tris was one of the those people I loved a lot, and knew that they were unique and special. I knew Tris was very special, one of those people who only came like once in your life, and would turn your life upside down.

I could not let my beautiful Tris slip from my grasp. Tris was mine, and only mine and I loved her very much. I loved Tris more than anybody in my life. Do not leave me Tris. I love you. Please my beautiful and loving Tris had to be safe, and not even a scratch on her. If Tris was in pain. I wads in pain. Tris. Tris. I am coming, please do not be hurt or dead. Tris had to be alive. Yes Tris was alive in her room, and would be smiling at me. Then I would run into her arms, and hold her in my arms, and I will protect here forever. Which I had failed to do so with my mother. I had failed to protect mo mother. I would not fail to protect my beautiful Tris too. I would tell my beautiful and loving Tris how much I really loved her, and would kiss her, and love her. I would make sure that not even a hair would scratch her, and protect her. Tris and me would live together happily force e r.

I knew my beautiful and loving Tris was alive. This just had to be a joke. It just had to be. Maybe Summer and Tris had planned together to do a prank on me. That was not nice. I would see my one and only beautiful and loving Tris who would smile at me with lots of warmth and love. Then Tris would hold me tightly in her arms protectivly. Then I would check with Tris to make sure she was okay. Then I would give Tris a good telling off for scaring me, and making me panic to death. Tris would apologize, and burst into tears and tell me she was extremely sorry. After that, I would Tris that was okay, but not to do it again and then wipe all the tears that would trickle down her beautiful cheek and give her a kiss and love her forever.

Tris could not be dead. But what if she was. What if Tris really was dead just like my horrific nightmare. I remember my horrific and terrible nightmare. Where my one and only love my beautiful Tris was shot by the no face person. Where I had been too late to save my Tris, and she had been shot. Then I was holding her in arms crying. This can't be happening too me in real life. I had already lost my beautiful Tris in a nightmare. Thankfully, that was only a nightmare. I could not be losing my beautiful Tris in real life. I loved Tris too much. She meant the whole world to me. Please Tris could not be dead. Tris just had to be alive. Please do not be hurt Tris. You could not be dead. You just could not be Tris. I am coming Tris. I will find you Tris. Please do not leave me Tris. I am coming. I love you Tris.

Tears filled my eye. I bit my lip. What could have happened to my beautiful Tris? My heart yearned for her. Just what could have happened to her? 

The door is locked, but crimson blood is splattered everyone on the floor.

“Tris!” I scream loudly, collapsing on the floor.


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