Tobias Eaton-Divergent

We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death, battle, factions. DAUNTLESS. This book is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan.


5. Target Practice

I take the clipboard in my hand and the dull purple pen while I monitor everyone curiously. It is target practice. A time for me to monitor everyone, and record there progress. I notice Eric standing in the corner, his eyes wandering around the room. He smirks when he spots me, and walks towards me. His stance and pace imitating everyone.  He stands right towards me, standing several inches taller than I do. Nevertheless, that did not frighten me. With his long dark greasy hair in dread locks and many piercings, he should appear as a villain.  In addition, his eyes that are a dull grey which look cold and make him look more menacing should create the picture. Not that his scabbed over knuckles and wicked smile did not put people off. However, I knew there was nothing that scary about Eric. He might taunt me, and occasionally beat me. Nevertheless, I knew I was stronger, that I was much tougher. That Eric only did this because he wanted me to be afraid of him. However, that would not work. Eric could try to taunt me, but I was much better then he was. Eric combs his fingers through his hair, and cocks his head to the left inspecting me like a piece of dirt.


“What do you want Eric?” I ask Eric, watching as his dull grey eyes pierce in to me, making me feel really small and powerless.


“Oh! Nothing, Four. I just wanted to see how the amazing Four was teaching his class. After all Max does have high expectations for you. So are you really going to take the position of Dauntless leader?” Eric asked me, looking at me curiously.


“No I would not want to take upon the offer. After all, I am not worth for the position and certainly do not want a position that high. I am happy as being the Dauntless transfer initiation instructor, and I am glad to be in the faction Dauntless. After all, I know it takes a lot of bravery and courage to be chosen in to this faction.” I tell Eric, by speaking from my heart.


“Yes it is true that you are not that brave and courageous to become our leader. I think Max should just select me. I am brave, strong and would be a much better Dauntless leader then you.” Eric told me, pointing out all the good things about him, making him sound much better than me.


“Yeah, Yeah. Right. Like I really care what you say Eric.” I tell Eric, trying to ignore him.

“Oh you should Four. You should. You wouldn’t like me to make you cry, and make you run home to mommy.” Eric taunts, annoying me.


That really set me on the edges. I suddenly felt like punching Eric on the face. He knew how much my mother’s death had affected me. I always cried every day because I missed my mother. I would never see her black eyes rest upon me of love. I would never have a mother who would nag to do my homework. A mother who would never insist of asking me about girl trouble or be there for me. I remember when I was little, crying my heart out because I missed my mother. I would always ask my father who would shout at me, and then yell at me loudly telling that it was my fault she was dead. How could it be my fault that my mother was dead? I did nothing. It was father fault. I knew it was. It was probably because my father was drunk, and always screaming at my mother that she died. My father killed my mother. Not me. Not me. I tried to tell myself that I could not have prevented it, and that it was not my fault that she had died. However, I still had nightmares. Where she was dying? In addition, everyone was accusing me, pointing at me, accusing of me of killing her, and me crying. Just crying. I curl my fingers tightly into a fist, and then take deep breaths. Do not fight Four. Eric is not worth it. He is just testing you. Do not let him control you. I stared at Eric coldly, and spat at him in disgust.

“Just get lost Eric. Go and annoy someone else instead!” I shouted at Eric, suddenly wanting to punch Eric in the face.

“Whatever Four.” Eric told me, wiping the spit of my face, and walking back towards the corner, and then staring at me like the devil.


I saw Tris excel during target practice with the knives. Her beautiful blonde hair, bouncing up and down as she jumped in joy. I watched her skilful hands, as they threw the silver knives towards the balance, and then watched as they skilfully hit the target each time. I smiled at Tris in joy. She was really improving a lot. I could really see the difference between the old Tris, and then the new Tris. The new Tris was more brave and courageous, but also a lot more strong and improving greatly. I also see the other initiates hitting the target, or getting really close to.

“A little more to the left I think.” I told Molly, whose knives were going to the right, missing the target slightly.

Then I saw Christina. The knives she threw were going near the target, but not close enough.

“Christina I think you have good aim, but a little more focus and concentration.” I said to Christina.

Christina smiles at me, and then raises her eyebrows in determination.I watched Christina, look closer, and actually aim towards the balance, and watched it finally hit the target.

“Yes. Thanks sir.” Christina told me, smiling gleefully in happiness.

I noticed Tris kept looking at me; her eyes told me that she wanted me to praise her.

“Tris you have a good aim, and focus and are doing extremely well. Keep it up.” I told Tris.

“Yes Four.” Tris told me, going back to her target.

I noticed Al, watching Tris curiously, and blushing. Did Al like Tris? No, it could not be. Nevertheless, I suddenly felt like Al did. Al could not like Tris. She was mine. I mean she was not mine, but I liked her. A lot. I noticed Summer walking down the hallway; she smiled at me when she saw me. Her skirt really short, but showing off her long tanned legs. She smiled, and waved at me, then blew me a kiss. I ignored her, but noticed Eric laughing at Summer. Summer looked at Eric with disgust, and then walked away. At least that shows I was not the only one who thought Eric was extremely annoying.


I spotted Al is the only target that has not hit the target in over half an hour. Maybe he needs to focus more, or aim better. I notice Al throws, go a long way from where it should be. I see Eric getting more pissed off with usual, and about to go and strangle him. I walk towards Al, and after seeing another missed shot. I break.

“Al go and get your knives, will everyone else keep practicing you guys are getting really good.” I told them.

Eric walks beside me, and for once agrees with me.

“I refuse, you are just afraid of getting stabbed by airborne knives that why you just stand there Eric.” Al laughs, being stubborn and arragont.

Not good. Not good. You should never anger Eric. Unless, you wanted to seriously get on his bad side, and make him destroy your life forever. Al should not have said that. I watch Eric getting mad. Al had just lightened the fuse on Eric’s anger.

“Fine. Al stands in front of the targets and Four you throw the knives behind him, until you learn not to flinch.” Eric orders.

I pick the knives up, and watch Al stand in front of the target, trembling with fears. He looks at the knives in my hand, and gasps in fear. Al is the sweet and peaceful type. I did not know why he chose Doubtless. Maybe he had personal problems, or just wanted to be in Doubtless. But from first glance, and getting to know All you would probably assume he would choose the faction Amity. That was what I thought. But it was Al who chose Doubtless, and you could never really question someone choice. After it was his choice. Maybe he just wanted escape like me.

“Stop this Eric. Any idiot can stand in front of a target. This does not prove anything except that you Eric are bullying them, which is a sign of cowardice, and not of a true Dauntless member.” Tris speaks out, unable to stop herself.

Oh no Tris! What have you done? You have just made Eric a lot more mad and angry. Tris gasps when she realizes what she said. Everyone else gasps in fear, and chat to them selves about what Tris punishment is going to be.

“You tell me what a real Dauntless member is. I am a true Dauntless member, and full of brave and courage, and you speak of me of being a coward. I may be a bully. Nevertheless, I bully to make you better. Tris stand in front of the target, and replace Al.” Eric orders loudly.

I watch Tris gasps, and walks boldly towards the target. She looks at me in fear. Her unusual shade of eyes looking really afraid. She twitches, and breaths deeply, and closes her eyes.

“You can’t make me do this Eric.” I tell Eric.

“I can, and I will. What are you afraid of Four? Are you admitting that you have a slight bit of a crush on the girl?” Eric mocks.

I look at Tris. Yes, I do have a crush on her. However, I cannot just say that. I cannot let Eric mock me. I have to do it. Please do not hurt Tris I tell myself. Making sure, I do not hurt her. I take a deep breath. I will not hurt her. Nevertheless, instead will give her subtle messages about her strength and selflessness.

I throw the first knife, and watch it miss metres away from Tris. Eric looks bored, wanting me to actually hit her. But I can’t, and won’t.  Tris looks worried, sweat trickles down her face. Everyone else is terrified. Tris looks afraid but happy that she took Al’s place.


“Your strength are you courage but you have a selflessness for getting into danger. Don’t you?” I say, trying to give her subtle messages about her strength and selflessness.

“Shut up! Is that your best shot, come on. Hit me, I dare you!” Tris roars loudly, her voice echoing around the room.


Oh no! She must mistake me for underestimation and that I am taunting her. Instead I have infuriating her. I see Eric look at me, clearly telling me to do it then.

I intentionally throw the knife and watch it nick her ear, to avoid suspicion from Eric. Eric smiles.

“Well done Tris. Everyone else you can go now.” Eric says loudly.

I watch everyone flee away, terrified of what they seen, realizing that now there mouths could get them killed. Eric looks impressed about Tris daring attitude. I stand there watching. Eric walking towards Tris.

“I should keep my eye on you.” Eric smiles, gripping Tris shoulder then leaves.

Tris stays behind with me. I look and see that we are alone. I approach Tris.

“How could you hit me on purpose?” Tris questions in disbelief, confronting me.

“Yes I admit this. But you should thank me because I have helped you, and I am getting tired of you waiting for you to catch on.” I tell Tris, and leave Tris confused about what I meant.



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