Tobias Eaton-Divergent

We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death, battle, factions. DAUNTLESS. This book is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan.


2. Meeting Tris

I can still remember, as if it was yesterday. Was it yesterday. Of course it wasn't. However, in fact it had been two years. I had gotten used to Dauntless, and now felt like it was the faction I had been born into it. Our leader is a man called Max. He is a brave man, and very determined. Just like, he is determined for me to become the next Dauntless leader. Me, as a leader. I had politely refused hoping for him to get the idea. Nevertheless, as I said he is determined. I am an instructor. Dauntless transfer initiates' instructor. Max told me to go and check up on the Dauntless- initiates that are coming on the train. I walk out of the room, to be shoved. I turn around to see Eric. My nemesis. He is a year younger than me at seventeen. He is very tall, with long dark greasy hair in dead locks. His cold eyes are a dull grey, making him more menacing. He gives me a wicked smile, and then looks at me like a piece of dirt.

“Look, who it is?” Eric says, looking at me like I look like a frog.

“What do you want Eric. Still made at me because I finished first in initiation and you finished second.” I laugh at Eric.

Eric sticks his tounge at me like a little kid, and curls his fingers into a fist, and makes a "I am going to kill you" motion. I laugh at him like a kid.

“Wipe that smile off your face Four. I am still much better then you.” Eric tells me, looking at me like a piece of dirt.

“Right.  Do you want to train the newly transferred initiates?” I ask.

"No, of course not but I bet Max gave you that job." he spits out harshly.

“Well, I am the Dauntless transfer initiates instructor” I tell to Eric beaming proudly.

“I don’t know why Max trusts you so much, after all I am much better then you.” Eric tells me.

"Well I let you train them for me, while I asses them okay." I tell Eric.

"Right. Whatever. You own me frog face." Eric calls me, punching me in the shoulder lightly and walking off.

I ignore him. Then stand outside the compound. I see the train approaching the destination. I know this is the part when the newly Dauntless transfer have to jump, to prove they are brave. After all, I have done the same thing two years before. I know three initiates have failed: an Erudite transfer who failed to jump into the train, an Amity transfer who refused to jump off and chose to be Fractionless, and a Dauntless-born girl who did not jump successfully onto the roof. I sigh, waiting for someone to be brave enough.

Then I wait, until I can see right at the top of the nearby rooftop the transfers stand. They look down afraid, and in fear. I can hear a boy shouting Stiff. I see a figure stand on the rooftop. I try to see if it is a girl or boy but cannot see. Whoever it is, they must be brave to jump first. I watch as the figure jumps. The closer she gets, the more I can see that she is a girl. The girl jumps on to the net meant to catch her. The girl looks at me. She is beautiful, with blonde hair. I offer my hand. She looks at me. I support as she drops down, then looks at the other transfers above.

“What’s your name?” I ask her curiously.

“Beatrice.” She replies, after giving it a thought.

"Really. Names stick you know." I ask, in case like me she wanted to change her name.

"I mean Tris." She tells me honestly.

Like she didn't know her name, or was making one up. A group of Dauntless members cheer her for being the first jumper. Later, the rest of the transfers have jumped and are being toured by Dauntless-initiates Lauren. I walk around, when I notice the girl Tris walking around, looking lost. Looks like she was separated. I walk towards her.

“Are you lost?” I ask her.

“No, just found Lauren a little boring.” Tris tells me.

I gasp.

“Don’t catch her saying that about her. However, do not worry she is. I’m Four.” I tell her.

Four, is the name I have chosen. Not Tobias Eaton any more. However, Four, a proud brave Dauntless member. I tour Tris around, and notice she is very curious, asking me many things. Then I show her to the brief on the initiation process. Eric the Dauntless leader is giving a brief. He looks at me, and gives me a dirty smile. I hear that he tells them that only the top ten initiates will become members. Some of them gasp, while others chat to one another. Saying they will be in the top ten. I watch Tris; look at Eric with a passion to win. A passion I had not seen in many others. The Next Morning I walk towards the shooting room.

Where I know the new Dauntless transfer initiates will be. I see that they are in a middle of a shooting lesson. My eyes wander around until they land on Tris. She is talking to a boy I know is called Will and is a Erudite transfer. Suddenly I feel envious of the boy Will. I shake my head. What is happening? I cannot be jealous. Can I? With Tris, is another girl called Christina. Suddenly I spot Tris look at where I am standing. I hide behind the door, and watch Tris look at where I was, and then go back to her conversation. I wander around the room where I spot Eric.

“What are you doing here?” Eric asks me.

“Nothing. After all I am the actual Dauntless transfer initiates instructor." I tell Eric.

I was the actual Dauntless transfer initiates instructor. But, I wanted to asses them without them knowing who I was. So, I told Eric to pretend, until I would tell them.

I can’t say I was looking at the Dauntless transfer initiates because then he’ll ask what I was doing there, and I can’t say I was looking at this beautiful girl who I think I love.

“Right.” Eric says looking unsure.

“So what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” I ask.

“Max just wanted me to check up on you. Why I don’t know? It is not as if I am your baby sitter, and know if you are finally interested in the position that you was being offered as a Dauntless leader. “I do not want it.” I answer.

“Well I hope that Max gets the point and stops asking you.” Eric points out, and then walks off.

The rest of the day past quick. I was waiting for another chance to talk to Tris. Something about her drew me in, like a puppet on strings. All I knew is that I had to see her again. I did see her, the next day. In a training activity, which I know is a part of the initiates test. I see Tris, her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, wearing the dauntless uniform. I see a part of a tattoo peaking underneath her top. I wonder what it is. I peer through the door. I notice that there are a odd number of transfers so one of them won’t fight today. Tris.

I watch two girls Molly and Christina fight intensely. Molly beats Christina up, to the point where Christina just stops the fight. I notice Eric standing there fuming with anger. I laugh quietly. He orders Christina and the other transfers to follow them. I follow behind as they reach the chasm. Where Eric orders Molly to climb over it and hang over the other side for five minutes, or she fails initiation and will leave to be Fractionless. I want to tell Eric that he cannot do that, but I know he can. I watch Molly hang over the other side of the chasm for five minutes. I notice several narrow escapes where she comes so close to the end that I thought she would fall. After the five minutes, Eric orders her to come up. Against Eric's order, a boy and Tris help her up. I notice Eric watching them with anger, angry with them for disobeying them and walking out fuming. I look at Tris brave for angering Eric; no one else had done that by me. I close my eyes and pray for Tris to become on of the top ten then open my eyes to see Eric looking at me.

“What are you praying for Eaton?” Eric asks.

“Nothing.” I lie nervously.

“Praying that Eric doesn't kick your butt, well  I will.” Eric tells me, slamming me on to the wall.

I hold Eric hand tightly, dodging punches ahead my away. I punch Eric right in the stomach, where I watch as he groans in pain. Spitting out blood.

“I’ll get you Eaton, even if it’s the last thing I do.” Eric says, staggering out.

“I’ll like to watch you try Eric. You can try, but the last punch is always for you.” I tell Eric, as he scowls then staggers out.

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