Tobias Eaton-Divergent

We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death, battle, factions. DAUNTLESS. This book is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan.


4. Capture The Flag

I had a dream of Tris that night. Her beautiful long blonde hair and her unusual but mysterious eyes right beside me. It felt like she was really there. That I could actually feel her hair, and smell in her beautiful strawberry strength. In my dream, I am at the park. I am looking at the lake watching as time goes on, when Tris joins me, and sits beside me on the bench. Tris is stroking my arm, and resting her head on my shoulders. I cradle my arm around her, protecting her from everyone. Her eyes look at mine with love, she presses her lips onto my cheek, and inhales my scent..

“Tobias.” She calls me, calling me by my real name.

“What is it Tris?” I ask Tris her.

“I love you.” Tris tells me, inching closer for a kiss.

Suddenly Tris is being dragged away by a hooded figure.

“Help me Tobias!” Tris exclaims.

"No." I scream trying to run towards me, but never getting towards her.

Tris mouths I love you.

I run towards her. Suddenly the hooded figure shoots Tris. Tris collapses on the floor, blood staining her shirt. She lies in a pool of blood. I run towards her. My heart staggering in pain. I collaspe to the floor. I hold her tight, her blood staining my shirt. No Tris. No.

"Don't die Tris please. I love you." I tell her.

“I love you too.” Tris mouths at me.

“No, Tris.” I scream in anger, tears trickling down my cheeks.

I cry and scream in pain, holding a dead Tris.

Tris. Tris. Tris. Tris.

Suddenly a Dauntless member who I recognise as Summer shakes me awake. Summer with her lovely brown hair and her warm brown eyes. She shakes me awake. Summer who was my ex girlfriend and had tried for a long time to get me back.

I look at my shirt expecting blood. My heart beated rapidly. I take deep breaths, and sigh. Just a nightmare. Just a nightmare. I close my eyes, suddenly I hear someone awaking me.

“Wake up Tobias. Bad dream” Summer spoke loudly, shaking me awake.

I woke up, blinking repeatedly. My eyes still tired. I look around it is dark. I ruffle my hair tiredly.

“It’s Four Summer, Four, and why are you waking me up this early?” I inquire curiously, rubbing my eyes tiredly.

“It’s time for capture the flag. Wake up.” Summer tells me, like she thought that I had forgotten.

Not like that I did. Capture the flag is a game we play with two teams. Where one team have to capture the other team’s flag. Where you have to split into two teams. I had played this game before last year. Last time Eric's team had won, and I was determined to beat Eric this time. Determined but brave. I knew I was going to beat Eric this time. I just had to. I just had to beat Eric this time. Eric always taunted me, and teased me making me really mad. He even hurt me, but it was not like I did not hit him back. But the thing was, Eric always made me feel little. He made himself feel really powerful, and then made me feel powerless. Like he was a hunter, and I was his prey. But I wasn't. I was much stronger and tougher than Eric. I especially hated when, Eric brought something up related to my mother, and her death, and then when he accused me of killing her because I was just a sick horrible child that hated everyone. What else made me feel made was when Eric made fun of me, saying my mother killed herself because she didn't want to look at a ugly, horrible little brat. This really hurt me. A lot. Mainly, because I had always felt like that. That it was my fault my mother died, and that she killed herself because she didn't like me, or the look of my face. When really my mother had died in an accident. Couldn't Eric see how much this hurt me. Was he really that cold? But then, Eric had always been a evil cold hearted villian who at times acted so ruthless and mean to me. I still missed my mother. A lot. I had always wanted to see my mother, to tell her that even though she died I still missed her. That a single day has not gone that I did not think about her. I think about her every day, even now. I just want to hug my mother, and cry into her arms with love. I just want her to protect me, and then always be there for me. I want my mother to tell her that she did not die because she hated the look of me, and that she was the only person who loved me. That someone really did love me. But I can't change the past, and my mother would never really be there for me ever.

I stand awake, and walk outside my room into the main hall. To see the other Dauntless members and Dauntless transfer initiates who look confused. I spot Max standing tall, a microphone in his hand. Summer holds my hand, and follows me to the main hall. Why does Summer hold my hand? Didn't she know that I did not have feelings for her. I drop Summer hand, and watch as she looks at me ashamed. I know I had to tell Tris that this game had to stop. Even after I had broken up with her. She said we could be friends. But I knew we could not just be friends. After all, Summer still liked me. I did not want Tris to think I was with Summer. My eyes rest upon a tired Tris, who stands with her friend Christina. Even at this time, Tris is wearing her cute pyjammas which look adorable on her. I see Tris look at me and smile. I look back towards Max, who looks at me curiously.

“We are playing capture the flag. All of you Dauntless member know this game really well. However, for you new Dauntless transfer initiates it is a game where you are split into two equal groups, and each group has a flag. Your goal is to find the opposite team flag. Find it you win. If not you lose. We need two captains. Anyone. Anyone. Please volunteer or select someone you think would be a brilliant team captian.” Max exclaims loudly.

“I nominate Eric.” Someone says loudly.

“Eric you’re the first team.” Max says.

“I’m honoured sir. Eric says, making his way towards Max.

What a jerk I say under my breath. Summer looks at me.

“I nominate Tobias. I mean Four.” Summer says.

“What!” I exclaim.

“A wise choice. Come on Four.” Max says.

I look at Summer who smiles at me. I ignore her and make my way towards Max.

“Eric, would you like to select your team first or shall I ask Four to select first?” Max asks.

“Let the child Four go first.” Eric says.

Max ignores Eric’s child comment.

“Four, it seems Eric wants to challenge you to pick your team first. Please select.” Max says.

“Tris. Christina, Will, Drew, Uriah, Marlene, Summer.” I begin, then picking some Dauntless born initiates.

I watch Eric pick his team, which consists of many strong men and women.

“Four you get the head start, as you have quite a few new Dauntless transfer initiates.” Max tells me.

I run out, followed by my team. I remember something Max told me before. “The Carousel a great place to visit”. At that time I didn’t understand but now I do.

“To the Carousel past the marsh!” I exclaim, rushing off.

My team right behind me looking confused, probably wondering why we were running towards the Carousel.

“Now what do we do?” Christina asks.

“Now we formulate a strategy.” I declare.

“I think we should just look.” says Drew.

“No. I think we should go in pairs.” answers’ Uriah.

“Pairs. Groups are better.” Will counter argue.

“You guys are all stupid!” Marlene shouts looking annoyed.

"You are." Uriah shouts.

"I think me and Four should go together, and you guys should go by yourself." Summer laughs.

"Why should you get paired up with Four. I should." Christina annouces.

"Stop fighting girls." I try to say, but my voice is quietened by everyone shouting and arguing.

I notice Tris wandering off by herself to the Ferris wheel. Didn’t she know she could get lost? I look at my team arguing. Then run towards Tris. Deciding my team weren't going to go anywhere but just argue.

“Where are you going?” I ask Tris.

“The Ferris wheel should give us enough vantage point of the other team.” Tris tells me intelligently.

I follow an eager Tris who climbs the Ferris wheel curiously. I look up afraid. I had a terrible fear of heights as a kid, and it had never gone. I look at Tris climbing.

“Come on Four, don’t say you’re afraid.” Tris tells me.

“Of course not Tris, what do you think of me as a scared child?” I lie.

“No. I don’t think that. I know that.” Tris laughs.

“Ha-ha. I’m coming.” I announce, making my way up the Ferris wheel.

I look up at Tris, who is several meters higher then me.

“Wait for me.” I announce.

Tris stops waiting for me. I reach her a few minutes later. Now is my chance to talk to her.

“Finally got it snail.” Tris jokes.

“Not funny. What do you think is the purpose of the game is?” I ask her curiously.

“Well it seems like learning strategy and teamwork, but I take it back because it doesn't seem like Dauntless priority.” Tris tells me.

“It should be, and it used to be.” I tell her, as we continue climbing.

I spot Tris about to fall. I climb up to level with her, and support her by holding her. This close feels like I’m going to faint. I was climbing the Ferris wheel with a beautiful and smart girl. This could not be happening. But it was. Tris face is right beside mine, as I hold her. Suddenly, I feel like just kissing her.

“I’m fine now thanks, you can let go off me now.” Tris tells me.


I notice I’m still holding her, and let her go. I get more and more nervous as we get higher. But, it is not because I’m afraid to be of Tris. But it is because of the height. Don’t look down Four. I tell myself. I look down, and about to shriek. I look up, now don’t look or you’ll fall. I notice Tris looking nervous, probably because she’s this close to me. Her eyes gaze into mine with loving. Did she like me? I must be mistaken, because just for a moment I felt like Tris was looking at me with love. I long to hold her in my arms but know that is not right. Tris would never feel that way towards me.

“Who’s that girl you were with before?” Tris asks.

“Who?” I ask, looking confused.

I know what she was talking about Summer.

“The girl who volunteered you, the one with the brown hair, she’s in our team. it starts with a S” Tris points out.

What could I tell Tris? That Summer was my ex girlfriend, who still had a crush on me. Oh god. I bit my nails nervously. Trying to think of what I was going to say. Should I say she was my friend, or just someone I know, or should I admit she was my ex. Might as well be honest, because if I lied and she asked Summer. Then that would be crazy.

“My ex.” I admit.

“Oh.” Tris says looking surprised.

“Yeah.” I mumble.

“Then why is she in our team.” Tris asks.

“Well because were friends now. Just friends.” I point out.

“What like friends with benefits?” Tris asks, nudging me.

“No. Just friends.” I explain.

“Well I can see that Summer does not just think of you as a friend. She has a longing for you in her eye. A passion. Which can only equal one thing? Love.” Tris tells me.

I know what Tris is true, but do not want to think about that in that way.

"No. I'm sure Summer does not see me in that way. I'm sure she only thinks of me as a friend." I tell Tris.

"Right. I can see that Summer clearly loves you." Tris tells me, annoying me.

"Ok. Ok. I admit that Summer may still like me. But what does that have to do with you!" I shout annoyed.

Tris has tears in her eyes, she looks at me upset.

"I'm sorry Tris. I should not have shouted at you." I apologise.

"No it's fine. I really should not have annoyed you. After all who I am after all. What you and Summer are is about you, and I don't need to know." Tris says.

I really have irriated Tris, and made her unhappy. I really did not mean to shout at her. Now Tris feels like a third person. Which she is not.

"I'm really sorry Tris." I apologise.

"It's fine." Tris tells me.

"I really am. Friends." I tell her, even though I want to be more then friends with her.

"Of course I'm your friend Four. I was just winding you up." Tris tells me lauging.

Tris looks at herself, and then touches her nose consciously.

“Is my nose and eyes big?” Tris asks me curiously.

“No there beautiful. Just like you are.” I admit.

“Thanks.” Tris tells me.

“Come on we need to go higher.” Tris admits.

“Aren’t we high enough?” I ask curiously, not wanting to look down.

“Not yet.” Tris tells me, going higher.

I follow her feeling afraid of the height. Suddenly I can see the other team, and realize Tris can see it too.

“See they are at the other end of the pier. Come on down now.” Tris tells me.

I hurry climbing down.  Suddenly I spot Tris screaming. I see that the cross bar she stopped on is wobbly.

“Help me Four!” Tris exclaims, just like in my dream.

Suddenly the cross bar falls off, leaving Tris dangling from scaffolding in mid air.

I hurriedly climb down, and then activate the Ferris wheel, watching her as she comes down. I catch her, as she jumps off. She looks at me with bravery and smiles.

Tris runs off the fellow team members at the carousel. I follow behind her. I listen as Tris formulates an intelligent plan for the remaining team members that guard the plan. We catch up to the others, and go off distracting the team members. I look at Tris who eyes stare at the flag practically unguarded hanging from a tree branch. Tris reaches for the tree branch along with Christina.

“Give it a shot Tris, as you are practically the hero of the day and I can’t reach the flag anyway.” Christina says to Tris, with a patronizing look.

Christina takes the branch and takes the flag claiming victory. I notice Tris look surprised at her friend.  However, I see Tris face falls looking disappointed.

I later see Uriah acknowledge Tris.

“Tris you already proved you’re the hero of the day, don’t mind Christina.” Uriah says, taking the words just out of my mouth.

That was what I wanted to say. However, I am glad Uriah said that to Tris. Tris looks at Uriah and half smiles.

“I know Uriah. I know that I proved myself because I don’t want to be greedy like Eric, terrified of other people’s strengths.” Tris says honestly.

Nevertheless, I can see that Tris is just trying to ignore the look Christina gave her. Tris joins the cheers of her teammates.  Uriah walks towards me.

“I know you like her.” Uriah tells me.

“What? I don’t.” I lie, blushing red.

“Come on. Even a little kid can see that Four. Just look after her, and protect her.” Uriah tells me.

“I will, you don’t have to tell me that, for me to do it.” I say.

“Also, I know Tris likes you. So if you break her heart. I’ll break your face.” Uriah laughs.

I smile nervously, trying to ignore that comment. Tris likes me. Does she? I join my teammates, who are laughing with joy and happiness, the flag in their hand. Tris laughs along with them, forgetting Christina look. Christina looks at Tris, and ignores her. Summer runs towards me, and hooks her hand into mine. I try to let her go, but just ignore her.

On the train way home. Tris is acquainted with Uriah and Marlene and jokes around with them. Summer cosies her self beside me, not realizing that I did not like her any more. Christina gives Tris a dirty look, and sits beside her other friends. Her eyes piercing into Tris.

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