A Calming Prescence

Elise is too smart for her own good.
She's also a demigod.
A demigod with a difference.

Then meet Mya, a monster with no memory.
She's also been created to kill Elise.
And by the looks of things, nothing's going to stop her.

(We do not own the passage from J. K. Rowling's 'Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them'. Thank you.)
For the Battle of the Fandoms competition.


2. Time Freezes and a Helicopter Talks -Mya

     I flick a strand of my ratty blonde hair over my shoulder, scrunching my face up in annoyance as it falls straight back into my face, obscuring my view.

     I roll my eyes as the teacher, Miss Something-or-other, instructs someone to read aloud from the book we're reading - The Complete Guide to The American Revolution. It's like she doesn't know that we've read it so many times we could recite it by heart 'till our faces turn blue. 

     It doesn't help that the class is meant to be 'Gifted and Talented'. I'm only in it because the English start school a year ahead than America, though the Yanks neglect to realise that I was only living in England till I was eight and, let's face it, I'm not all that bright as thirteen year old girls go. 

     I can hear Elise-who-sits-behind-me sigh as the teacher makes an unapparent mistake, trying to look like the annoying smart aleck that she is. It's not that I hate her, because I don't. She can't help being almost perfect any more than I can help being a complete idiot.

     It's just the fact that she is.

     Interrupting my stream of thoughts, an almighty roar echoes from the window beside me, and my face blanches, a stark comparison to the classroom around me, which goes on as if a sound that could be mistaken for a small earthquake didn't just erupt from outside the classroom window.

     Though with my luck, it's probably far more sinister than that.

     An alarm bell begins ringing, and a curl of smoke starts whispering into the classroom from under the door. The teacher blinks, the sudden noise and smell startling her awake from the stupor you get from listening to thirty children read aloud. Signalling for the class to stand, it's just as I grabbed my three inches of homework they call a binder that the real party starts.

     A helicopter, its blades still frantically whirring crashes through the classroom window, knocking several dozen desks aside as their owners scream in accompaniment. Elise stands frozen rigid, for once not having an answer.

     I shake my head wildly, squeezing my eyes shut in the hope that when I open them everything will be fine.

     No such luck.

     The helicopter still sits amongst a mass of commotion, kids screeching, teachers flailing. It just shows how in control humanity really is. 

     Of course I'm above all this chaos. 

     At least, that's what I think until time freezes, and the helicopter starts to talk.

     I don't mean that the world begins an ice age, the hellicopter actually grows a mouth and it's voice box starts working. Nope, nada, guess again. What I mean is that the people, the objects, everything around me just... Stops, freezes, becomes lodged in time. Everything that is, but the helicopter. 

     The helicopters then proceeds to grow a lion's head, sprouting from a goat's body, from which a dragon's tail licks the earth. So what I really mean is that the helicopter was incognito as a chimera. 

     Honestly, it's not surprising that I scream.

     The chimera stares at me in shock, acidic dribble rolling down its chin. In other situations, I'd probably have laughed, but now, all I can do is stand terrified behind my chair, hoping I'm not about to be confused with the monster's daily meal.

     Then the huge beast does something utterly and completely unexpected.

     One corner of it's mouth turns up, then the other, till its teeth are bared in a ridiculous giggle, its gargantuan tongue dancing between lion's lips. In gasping, shaking breaths, the chimera nods its head at me to come closer.

     I shake my head, too petrified to say a word as the monster sighs and speaks. 

     "Follow me." 

     I shake my head again, more insistently this time, and with this surge of courage feel the strength returning to my legs. Before the Chimera can open it's mouth to command me a third time, I turn away from it and begin a staggering run out of the classroom, just as time begins to unfreeze itself.

     Smiling grimly, I can't help but push Elise's desk over on top of her.

     Maybe this wasn't such a bad day after all.

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