The One I Want

"We both know you want me as much as I want you." he wispered into my ear, sending shivers up and down my spine. "Let me show you how much I love you........please?!" he pulled me closer to him, making me feel the his minty breath on my face. I promise you won't regret it." I felt my heart beat increase every time he spoke. "Give me a chance?" he asked looking down at me. "...I don't know Harry, we're so....different" I replied trying to look at anything else but him. "That doesn't matter, all that counts right now is the fact that I love you and..I-I know you love me too" he stuttered and pulled me into his chest. Harry. The guy with tattoos, the guy who fights...the type of guy I would've never thought of having any contact with. Ever! But it turns out he's The One I Want! Edit


2. 2. "Stay away from them!"

Chapter 2.

*Beep, Beep, Beep*

I rolled over, groaning as i reached my hand out shutting off the alarm clock." 6:30am, great" I mumbled to myself pulling off the warm duvet cover from my petite body. "Abbie hurry up dear i don't won't you to be late for your first day" my mother sang through the door. I shuffled my way in to my bathroom, turning on the taps in the shower letting the water heat up. before i striped down and climbed in letting the hot water would relax my tense mussels. Scrubbing my body clean with rose scented soap getting rid of every dirty fibre off my body. After spending a good 15 minutes in the shower i got out, lightly applying foundation to cover my freckles and curling my eye lashes with mascara.   

Dropping my towel to the floor i made my way over to my closet picking out a white t-shirt, jeans and a jacket. I never was very daring with my since of fashion but when i think about it i don't have a daring personality. I'm shy and socially awkward, growing up at school i was always the quite girl who sat at the back of the class and never made eye contact, afraid of being put out of my comfort zone and this is why i'm so nervouse about starting school today. I only really had two friends growing up, Lily and Mark. And what if i don't make new friends?

I let my auburn hair flow down my back in curls. Talking one last glance in the mirror i picked up my bag and skipped down stairs where my mum was loudly bagging pot and pans together. The thing is my mum is amazing at baking but could never really get the hang of the cooking part. We never found an solution for the problem, but its still entertaining to watch.

"Morning mum. What are you making?" i asked

"Oh..good morning i honestly don't know what I'm making anymore..i-i" she stuttered at a lose for words.

I lightly giggled causing her to join in. "I'm sorry about this love, why don't you just buy yourself something to eat on your way. She wrapped her arms around me and pecked me on the cheek before wishing me good luck for the day.


Clutching my new timetable in my hand, i slowly made my way done the long corridor searching for room L1/19. The halls were deserted the bell had gone off 10 minutes ago and i still had no idea where i was going. Coming to last door i sighed placing my head in my hands, why couldn't this day just pass by quickly? i thought to myself. Of course it wouldn't, everything i do has to be complicated, it's not fair. I left out a shaky breath continuing my way up the hall again.

Finally after another 5 minutes of searching i found the one class i was looking for. Taking a deep breath i gently knocked on the large wooden door. Stepping inside all eyes were on me. I kept my focus on the floor feeling my shyness take over

."Oh. you must be the new student from London"  the teacher assumed glancing at me with warm eyes. I nodded quickly, "class this is Abigail Jones, she's new here please make her feel welcome. I smiled shyly, taking my seat next to a pretty brunette with sun kissed skin and brown eyes.

"Hey, i'm Daniella but you can call me Dani, it's nice to meet you. She kindly smiled at me. "It's nice to meet you to" I replied. For the remainder of class all i could hear was my name whispered in conversation. Deciding to ignore them hopping this whole 'new girl' thing will end in a few days if i'm lucky.

The bell rung and i garthered my books and headed for the door only to be stopped by someone grabbing my arm. I spun around to be met by Dani's warm smile " If you want you can come and sit with me and my friends at lunch." I grinned and nodded "I'd love to" I shyly smile.

Me and Dani walked into the cafeteria, there was circular tables set up around the room full with teenagers. "Hey Dani, over here." someone shouted catching Danielle's attention. I looked up to where her gaze was fixed, two girls sat at a table, the one with blond hair waving her hands signally for us to join them. We sat down, Dani introduced me to her friends Eleanor and Perrie. Eleanor was tall with long brown wavy hair and light brown eyes. The other girl, Perrie, was blond and pale unlike the other two with big blue eyes. All three girls were stunning and it made me feel self conscious.

I'm not very pretty, i have a plain face with hundreds of little freckles scattered every were. I have long wavy auburn hair that just reaches the middle of my back. My mum always reminds me i'm beautiful and one of a kind like every mum tells her daughter but sitting next to these girls made me feel even uglier than i already do.

Chatting to them in a short period of time i've found out a lot about them like how Perrie plains on auditioning for the X-Factor next year and how Dani hopes to get into Royal Academy of Dance when she finishes school and Eleanor is set on traveling the world with her cousin and even invited me along if i'm interested. I'm so relieved to have made friends so quickly. Thanking the lord my awkwardness hasn't shone true.

The whole room fell quite and i looked up to see five boys enter the cafeteria. They all had minor bruises on there faces but the one with curly brown hair had it the worst, his face was scratched and bruised all over and there was stitching above his right eye.

"Don't get involved with them Abbie, there bad news" I looked at Dani and back again as they made there way over to a table in the far corner.

"Who are they?" i frowned wanting to know more.

"There in a gang, they beat people up for a living and the best thing to do is stay away from them Abbie, there dangerous."  Dani said sternly.

I shock my head "You won't see me hanging around with them, i promise." I defended holding my hands up in a playful manner. I found it funny the way someone could imagine someone like me end up hanging around with someone like them but i couldn't help the the feeling deep down when i first laid eyes on the curly haired one, he was different. And i don't know why, but something was making me feel like i have to know everything about him.


"So Abbie, how are you liking Cheshire so far?" Perrie asked as we all made our way to the next class. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders "I really haven't seen much of it to be honest" i replied with a shy giggle. "Well we can fix that, right girls?" Eleanor smirked "What are you doing after school?" I was about to reply and tell her i was doing nothing when i remembered that i'm staying back to fill out some more forms. I groaned "I have to stay back and fill out some more paperwork for the principle" I explained and Perrie said we could meet up another day.

The day went pretty fast after that and before i knew it i was making my down stairs to the principles office. Just as i was about to knock , the door came spiraling open leaving me facing the one person i did not want to see. He had a sinister smirk on his face, he leaned against the door frame looking down at me not saying anything as he brushed past me and out of sight.  I stood there for a few seconds, unable to move as i remembered the things i heard about him from other students but yet i'm still attracted to him, why am i? i thought to myself. i have never had boyfriend before, hell i couldn't even talk to a guy properly without somehow imbarising myself.

I was pulled out of my trance as a small middle aged woman with short blond hair stood from behind her large oak desk. I awkwardly stumbled forward taking a seat in front of her. She introduced herself as Mrs Davis and told me all about the school.

By the time i was finished it was 5:30 and it was starting to get dark outside. I hurried out the main entrance digging in my bag for my headphone. I finally found them but being the usual clumsy me i drop them. Groaning out in frustration, to tired to deal with any of this shit right now, i bend down to pick to up. I stood up straight patting out my cloths when i collide with something hard.

I looked up to see the curled hair haired boy standing right in front of me, his amazing green eyes piercing though mine, his tattoos are more noticeable under his black v-neck. I could smell the smoke off of him, scrunching my nose i push myself away from his chest only to be pulled back in.

"I'm starting to think your stalking me, love" he says in a deep raspy voice.

I open my mouth to tell him i'm not but nothing comes out. He lowly chuckes showing off his perfectly carved dimples.

"Aren't you going to tell me your name, beautiful?" He asked, making me shiver.

"No" i boldly replied remembering what Dani had said, not to get involved.

He evilly smirked, "i'm going to ask you one more time for your name, sweetheart. I won't take no for an answer. He says throught gritted teeth, still firmly pushed up against his chest. I looked around desperately looking for someone help me get away from this creep. The car park was vacant, not a soul in sight. I finally gave up deciding to just tell him my name and hope he'll let me go.

"A-Abbie J-ones" i stuttered, making him smirk down a me, his presence traveling to my ear.

"Well Abbie, i'm Harry Styles." He hotly whispered

I shoved at his chest to stop myself from pressing into him but that only encouraged him to tighten his grip. His rough actions left me speechless. His hot breath travelled down my neck, full lips pressed to the spot just under my jaw. My eyes fluttered closed, a whimper escaping my lips. His deep chuckle vibrated in his chest, clearly enjoying the reaction he was getting out of me.

"I like you" he smirked "You're....cute."

The urge to redden his cheek with my palm was growing. But i'm still fearful of the mysterious male standing above me.

"I'm not cute" I weakly stated looking down at my feet. Feeling my checks flush.

I felt his chest vibrate as he chuckled. His plump lips came down once again.

"Well..i think you are, baby"

Harry scared me and right now i was shacking with fright. His hands moved lower on my back, resting just above my bum. My hands were placed on his chest, trying to keep as much distance as possible.

"Let me take you out sometime?" he raspy voice whispered.

I tensed, raising my head to look at him, his lustful eyes burned through me. No way in hell am i letting him take me out on a date. How stupid does he think i am?

"I d-don't think that's a g-good idea" I stuttered. Watching his face fall into a evil smirk.

His curls tickled my face, nudging my head to the side as i once again felt his lips press to the skin of my neck. I whimpered as he tightly squeezed my backside making him chuckle for the hundred time tonight.

Harry stepped back leaving me gasping for air. His lustful eyes gazing up and down my body for the last time before he turned and confidently strolled out the gate. I stood stunned for a while trying to catch my breath. Just as i was about to turn around i heard his raspy voice speck...

"Be ready for 7 o'clock tomorrow night, i'll pick you up then, wear something nice, sweetheart" he chuckled. Before i could refuse he was out of sight.

"Shit" i cursed unable to figure out what had just happened. I swiftly turned on my heels, hastily making my way over to my car. Afraid Harry would make a surprise return. I slammed the door shut, speeding out of the school car park and down the road,  a million questions running through my head, but there was one that really bugged me...

Why me?..


Hey that was the second chapter! I hope you enjoyed it.











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