The One I Want

"We both know you want me as much as I want you." he wispered into my ear, sending shivers up and down my spine. "Let me show you how much I love you........please?!" he pulled me closer to him, making me feel the his minty breath on my face. I promise you won't regret it." I felt my heart beat increase every time he spoke. "Give me a chance?" he asked looking down at me. "...I don't know Harry, we're so....different" I replied trying to look at anything else but him. "That doesn't matter, all that counts right now is the fact that I love you and..I-I know you love me too" he stuttered and pulled me into his chest. Harry. The guy with tattoos, the guy who fights...the type of guy I would've never thought of having any contact with. Ever! But it turns out he's The One I Want! Edit


1. 1. If she's happy, I'm happy



Hey guys this is my first fanfic so please go easy on and sorry for the mistakes!! Enjoy:) x


My eyes fluttered open when i felt the car stop "we're here" my mothers voice echoed trough-out the car. My mum has never been the same since my dad left she has to have everything perfect,it's like shes trying to make it up to me for my fathers departure just under a year ago. But i know nothing will ever be the same again. My dad was my rock he did everything for me and the day he left i was devastated and heart broken and since then i could never trust a man again.


I looked up at the massive house that i now call home, which is way to big for just me and my mum but you see the thing is my family always had good bit of money because my mum is a professional cook at the bakery until she decided it was time to open her own bakery here in Holmes Chapel and dad was a doctor in the local hospital until he just left with. No warning




Come on mom we're going to be late" i shouted to my mum while running up the steps of the hospital to collect my dad for his surprise birthday party in this fancy hotel in a half an hour.


When me and mum came to dad office the lights were off and the door was locked, we looked around for him until we came to the front desk and asked the secretary if she knew where he was, I'm sorry Dr Jones left a hour ago but he told me to give you this note! I opened the note and it red......


My Dearest Abbie


Darling I'm so sorry i have to leave but I'm doing it to protect you and your mum, I'm not sure how long i will be gone for or if i will ever be back but you will always be on my mind every single day, i hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me someday and please look after yourself and your mum. Abbie i am so proud of the woman you became i hope you have a long and happy life! love always




I couldn't believe what had just happened so i ran out of the hospital and all the way home to the back garden and sat in the tree house me and dad spent days working on when i was 7, I don't know why i still had it i was 16 and all but i never got sick of that thing, that night i spent the whole time sitting in the tree house crying my eyes out wishing my hero would come back, But he never did.


*End of flashback*


"Come on sweetheart" my mum said linking arms with me and walking towards the house, it was beautiful, it had marble floors, white leather, fur carpet and a giants staircase leading upstairs kinda like the one in titanic, this house was way to pose for me and my mom but i couldn't tell her that she looks so happy and if mums happy I'm happy "what do you think abbes"? mum said while bring in box's with the delivery men, ""its lovily mum" i said trying to sound as hopeful as i could. "you can go pick out your room now" Abbie mum said,


I didn't really care which room i got so i just picked the first room i saw, it was quite big and plain with an en suit and one of them window seats with a great view of the whole neighbourhood, I ran down staires and grabed a few boxes with my bare essentials in them and started putting my things away in my room, thank god my bed was set up by the delivery men cause I'm so tired right now I'm finding it hard to keep my eyelids open so i decided to call it a night and go to bed dreading what lays ahead tomorrow....






Okay guys that was my first chapter i know Harry wasn't in it but he will be in the next chapter i promise, please vote and comment and if ye have any ideas for this story please let me know it would be much appreciated!!!!



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