The Story of A Nerd ♥ // h.s

Marcel Styles is just another nerdy boy who has a double personality. What happens when Leila Summers makes her way into his life? Will he give up the nerdy personality and show his true self? Will Liela fall for Marcel as the nerd or for his true colors?

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4. Chapter 4.

I was definitely ready to be Harry for Leila, but the question that remained was: Am I ready to be Harry at school? I decided that he answer was no, and that I would only be Harry around her.

Today was the start of summer break and I was relieved. I no longer had to pretend to be Marcel to pass through the days with ease. I remained Harry. And what's best? I didn't have to stay here in Holmes Chapel for the summer at all. I was going back to Worcestershire, like always; and mum says Leila can come with.

Leila's POV

This summer was going to be amazing. Marcel and his mum had invited me to come with them to Worcestershire for the summer, and I was excited. I hadn't yet been anywhere outside of Holmes Chapel, seeing as I was a transfer from the states.

Marcel says he has a surprise for me that is quite shocking at first, but that I would get used to it. A million things had crossed my mind, but never this. Never what it truly is.

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