The Story of A Nerd ♥ // h.s

Marcel Styles is just another nerdy boy who has a double personality. What happens when Leila Summers makes her way into his life? Will he give up the nerdy personality and show his true self? Will Liela fall for Marcel as the nerd or for his true colors?

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3. Chapter 3.

It had been weeks since I met Leila, and yet, I wasn't able to stop thinking about her. She was exactly the same as me. Every morning, she would throw her hair up into a hair tie, take out her contacts, and put on her glasses. Every morning, she would put on a different pair of suspenders, and she would walk the halls, pretending to be someone she isn't.

But that's what I loved about her.

Me and Leila had so much in common. We both pretended to be nerds at school for the sake of saving ourselves from the hell that we had previously put ourselves through. But I was ready to be different for her; I was ready for me to be one person for her, and one person only.

I was ready to be Harry Styles.

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