The Story of A Nerd ♥ // h.s

Marcel Styles is just another nerdy boy who has a double personality. What happens when Leila Summers makes her way into his life? Will he give up the nerdy personality and show his true self? Will Liela fall for Marcel as the nerd or for his true colors?

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2. Chapter 2.

I pull myself up off of Riley, everyone still staring at me, and look down either side of the hall to see if there were any staff looking. There were. Their eyes were as wide as can get and their mouths were parted slightly. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice someone that I had never noticed before. Her burgundy hair cascades around her face and her hazel eyes are lit up like her bubbly personality. Her teal skinny jeans look amazing with her white t-shirt and pink suspenders. Wow.

I slowly and casually make my way to my first class, pulling off my glasses and observing them. The lenses are cracked and the 'leg' is bent. Shit. I fold my glasses up and place them into my bag, making my way to the bathroom to put my contacts in and wash the gel out of my hair. When I am finished, I finally make my way to English.

As I walk into the classroom, all eyes are on me and whispering starts among everyone. I make my way to my desk as their eyes follow me, still whispering. As I begin scribble onto my desk, edging the words "school sucks" into the top, there is a knock on the door and the teacher makes her way to it. She opens it, revealing the beautiful girl that I had noticed earlier. A weird feeling erupts in the pit of my stomache as I watch her step into the classroom.

The teacher begins to say something but I don't hear anything because my eyes are completely on the girl, zoning me out. The teacher points towards the back of the class to an empty seat beside me.

My eyes follow as she walks towards the seat. I turn to face her as she sits her bag on top of the desk.

"Hi." I smile at her.

She smiles back at me. "Hi."

I extend my hand to her. "Marcel."


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