I am famous, what about you

she was the girl everyone thought would be a nobody. Even her best friend Justin Bieber, yes the Justin Bieber. But guess what now she is a somebody she is more famous than any other star out there. Ever since she and Justin got discovered they grew further apart. They havent talked to each other in years. But when there managers announce an all star tour they will be on together they have to meet face to face again. You'll just have to read to find out what happens next. ;)


2. Prologe

From the time I was 2 I have been best friends with Justin Bieber. Then he left and about a year later I left to. Now I am one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Well so is he. We have grown apart in the last 5-6 years We're both 19 now. I never though I would see him in person again but I guess I was wrong. 



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