I am famous, what about you

she was the girl everyone thought would be a nobody. Even her best friend Justin Bieber, yes the Justin Bieber. But guess what now she is a somebody she is more famous than any other star out there. Ever since she and Justin got discovered they grew further apart. They havent talked to each other in years. But when there managers announce an all star tour they will be on together they have to meet face to face again. You'll just have to read to find out what happens next. ;)


5. More Characters

These Characters will be announced in further chapters, but just so you know what they look like. 


Macy- (already know) Amy's makeup artist


April - Ivy's daughter 


Davis- Aprils dad Ivy's ex

Jenelle- Davis's new gf and Ivy's enemy 

Brandon- Amy's ex, holds bitter feelings, keeps trying to ruin Amy's life

Oh and guys no hate to any of these people I actually like them all so yeah <3 <3 even if in my story they are evil

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