I am famous, what about you

she was the girl everyone thought would be a nobody. Even her best friend Justin Bieber, yes the Justin Bieber. But guess what now she is a somebody she is more famous than any other star out there. Ever since she and Justin got discovered they grew further apart. They havent talked to each other in years. But when there managers announce an all star tour they will be on together they have to meet face to face again. You'll just have to read to find out what happens next. ;)


4. Chapter 2

Justin looked me up and down and smirked. "You've changed," He said, smirking at my appreance and pointing to well everything about me. My hair used to be short and choppy, and dyed black which made my face look even fatter than it already was. I was quite chubby and I had the worst dress sense. Now may hair fell in its natural blonde color around 3/4 a way down my back, and my blue eyes sparkled. I had lost a lot of weight since then to keep up my celebrity appliance. And with Ivy's held I dressed better to. "Surprise!!" Ivy said giving Justin a hug. She had known him for as long as I had and we three used to be BFF's. "Amy, what happened to you," he said after greeting Ivy. "I don't see you in 5 years and you just become super hot." "Thanks Justy," I said giving him a hug. "So is this my surprise, Ivy," She smiled and nodded her long gorgeous brown hair bobbing as she did. I smiled and Ivy said "So were going to arrange a dinner for you guys at Justins house to go over the details and then we start rehearsal tomorrow. She smiled and said goodbye. "Bye," I said giving him one last hug. "Bye babe," He winked and I swatted him and walked out the door.

      When I got home Ivy, looked at the clock it took us 1 hour to get here and dinner was at 6 it took us 1 hour to get their and it was 4. I ran upstairs and took a long shower. When I finished my stylist Macy picked out an outfit for me and did my hair and makeup. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=130536669 <- is the finished product. I looked at myself in the mirror once more before heading down the stairs. Ivy and I got in the car and drove off. When we reached the house I went and knocked on the door. Justin opened it and invited us inside. He stopped me as we were walking. "Come take a tour before dinner." He whispered in my ear. "Sure," I said back We walked around till we got to his bed room. His big bed room. "wow, I said, "it's so nice," I turned around but he was gone "Justin?" I said Just then I felt a hand stroking my back. "You look so pretty tonight." He whispered I swallowed "Thanks." Then he kissed me, I pulled away "Justin I don't, I don't want to ruin our friendship," "We won't," he said "We can have a friends with benefits kind of thing." He smirked and threw me on the bed...


a/n- guys you all probably hate me right now. But here it is an updated chapter...

What will happened, will they stay friends, will Amy fall for Justin IDK so keep reading and can we get this up to 50 likes if possible... THANKs <3 <3   

Oh and I changed the character for Amy to Ashly Benson, so check that out, I'm going to add another character page with more that will come up  

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