911 - Tribute

This is a story for people to realize the true terror of the 911 - Twin Towers terrorist attacks.


1. The Attack on the Two Strong Brothers standing tall!

Scared. Frightened. Trapped. We are like caged animals waiting to get out. A fiery whirlwind of death, descending upon us, as though we are it's prey. It's like a cheetah, slowly stalking it's prey in the night, then the cracking of a branch warns the deer, but by then it's to late, we are trapped, the fire has spread all around us, blocking all our fire exits, there is no escape. The flickering flames slowly cocooning us into a blanket of fire. Sadly, I don't think we will turn into a small, colourful butterfly. The evil glint in the amber flames, as though it is taunting us, laughing at us as it slowly sinks into our soft, subtle skin. Smoke cascading through our nostrils, suffocating us, descending upon our lungs, we are drowning in a sea of endless smoke, making our brain do cart-wheels. The building is pirouetting around us. Maneuvering around the short, small room was proving to be a challenge. It was like figuring out away through the endless Labyrinth, the flames are the Minotaur, and we are it's prey, there is no-one to stop it. We are now the hunted animals, and the fire is the hunter. The ironic thing is, is that according to the Greeks, the Hearth goddess Hestia, is portrayed as the the peaceful and calm goddess. This fire was anything but this. There were people rushing to the small, square windows, trying to desperately let in some fresh air, to no avail. It was horrendous outside. Plumes of black smoke decorating the once clear, sunny sky, into a chalk painted apocalypse of destruction, all the opening of windows did, was let all this in. There is a rumble underneath us, and all the lights and computers fizzled and went off. We don't have much time left. Scared. Frightened. Trapped. We are all alone now. No-one to help us anymore. Not even God can save us from this black and hopeless feeling. i started to feel tears welling in my eyes, when I thought to myself 'no, I wont cry'. I held the tears back, just  barely. The only hope for me is to...i i is to...is to die...! To be set free from this world of a slow and painful death. I envy the tiny figures of the people who are looking up at us from the middle of the rubble filled ground. As I was looking out of the window, a distinctive jet black blur captured my attention from the far right. I was horrified. I thought where I was, was bad, but this was a terrifying sight. A man was free falling from through the sky, half of his face had started melting and peeling off. The other side was marred by the flames, charred to the blackest of blacks. I started thinking to myself, that might be a good idea, slightly disturbing, but it will mean a possible way to die quicker. So I sucked in my stomach and squeezed my way through the microscopic window. As I clambered onto the small ledge and gripped the window I looked down at the mass of people, thinking should I do this, when a gust of wind knocked me off the ledge. I started slipping down the side of the building when I kicked up off the the wall and fell head first downwards. A gasp was heard from the minuscule people, even from 1000 ft up. I let lose the waterfall of tears welling in my eyes. I started thinking about my newly born, baby girl, her sweet, soft brown eyes, like coffee in the morning. She will grow up without her father, my sweet baby girl. My dear wife as well, she was working in the south tower, after dropping off my baby girl at a babysitter, I seriously hope they don't target that tower, so at least my baby girl will have a parent. I started screaming, the smoke, still seeping into my lungs, like gallons of water gushing into my system, and then, it all dispersed, I was finally at contentment, my eye-site started to rapidly darken, finally the darkness overtook me. The feeling of suffocation went, my heart started rapidly beating, and then, nothing... 

Alex Troy

Published - 26th September 2013 ©















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