How To Break A Heartbreaker // l.t

When Liela Summers has her heart broken for the last time by Harry Styles, she transforms her image completely. Her demeanor and style is something that everyone envies. What happens when new kid, Luke Hemmings, makes his way into her life?

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1. Prologue

"Harry, please don't go." I beg him as he grabs his last bag, carrying it out of my house and placing in the boot of his car. "Harry!" I scream at him, but he doesn't seem to notice.

He slings his car door open and sits inside, slamming it shut. I watch as he drives out of my drive and down the street, with tears in my eyes. As his car disappears from view, I fall to the ground, crying uncontrollably.

He's never coming back.

One thing is certain though, I will never again let anyone inside. I will be who he was.. is. I will be a heartbreaker.

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