How To Break A Heartbreaker // l.t

When Liela Summers has her heart broken for the last time by Harry Styles, she transforms her image completely. Her demeanor and style is something that everyone envies. What happens when new kid, Luke Hemmings, makes his way into her life?

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Should you continue to want to read my stories, because someone is threatening to report it on movellas, though it violates absolutely no terms or conditions. Nothing about my writing is obscene, and is definitely not scenic enough to be considered pornographic. All of my stories are rated R and all have details exactly like the smut, though some can be more thoroughly detailed than others; however, I do not wish for my account to become temporarily or permanently suspended. If you wish to continue reading any of my stories, I suggest you follow me on wattpad: , and there, you will be able to read all of my stories (rated R of course) without having to worry about them being suspended. I have already informed the user that all my stories are rated R and that they are not nearly as obscene or scenic as she likes to believe that they are, and that if she has any issues with my writing, then she has an issue with nearly every user's writing, considering that majority of the stories on movellas are rated R and have just as much, if not more, detail than my stories consist of. Even some stories that are not rated R consist of material and content as if they should have been rated as such.

I wish you all lots of love and hope to find you all on wattpad if she should continue on to report my stories. x

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