How To Break A Heartbreaker // l.t

When Liela Summers has her heart broken for the last time by Harry Styles, she transforms her image completely. Her demeanor and style is something that everyone envies. What happens when new kid, Luke Hemmings, makes his way into her life?

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9. Chapter 8.

I had spent all day with Louis watching movies as he tried to cheer me up. To my surprise, it was working. Louis wasn't trying to touch me in any sexual way, but instead just wanted to cuddle me and tell me that everything would be alright.

And in that moment, something changed. I had realized that Louis wasn't always going to be that shadow that had followed me everywhere, constantly begging for me to see that he would be so much better for me than Harry ever was. And in that moment, I believed him.

I believe that Louis would never intend to hurt me on purpose.

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