How To Break A Heartbreaker // l.t

When Liela Summers has her heart broken for the last time by Harry Styles, she transforms her image completely. Her demeanor and style is something that everyone envies. What happens when new kid, Luke Hemmings, makes his way into her life?

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7. Chapter 6.

I jolt up, gasping for air as I clutch my chest as tight as possible. I was just a dream. It had to be.

I jump up from my bed and check every inch of my room; it's empty. I find my lace undergarments and shorts at the end of the bed, the same spot they were placed at with the encounter with Harry.


No, it was real. No! This can't be happening! No, no, no. I close my eyes three times, and open them three times but everything stays the same. I violently fall to the floor, crying, as I clutch my clothes close to my chest.


I see Louis' gorgeous blue eyes stare me down as I make my way towards him. "Hey." He smiles. I try my hardest to smile back but fail miserably. "What's wrong?"

I sigh and grab Lou's hand in mine, making our way to the football field. I pick a spot where I know I won't be seen by anyone and sit down on the pavement. "Something happened last night, Lou."

He becomes immediately concerned and sits down beside me. "What happened?"

I can feel the lump growing in my throat as the memory of what had happened begins to replay in my mind. I begin sobbing uncontrollably and Louis pulls me into him, telling me it was alright to get his shirt wet. I calm down before explaining what had happened.

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