How To Break A Heartbreaker // l.t

When Liela Summers has her heart broken for the last time by Harry Styles, she transforms her image completely. Her demeanor and style is something that everyone envies. What happens when new kid, Luke Hemmings, makes his way into her life?

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5. Chapter 4.

Liela's POV

I slowly unlock my phone to check the time. 4:02am. I carefully pull myself from the bed, careful not to wake... what's his name again? Liam, I think. Ugh. I pull on my clothes and pull my hair into a messy bun. I slip into my shoes and warily leave his flat, making sure not to wake him. I walk down the stairs and open the door, breathing in the fresh air as it hits my nostrils.

"Mmmm," I hum.

I clutch my jacket closer to my body as the wind whips through me. I walk down the sidewalk and settle into my car, turning on the heat as soon as the ignition is started. I back out of the drive and make the quick 20 minutes drive to my house.

I pull the car into my drive and turn off the heat and ignition. I grab my phone from the passenger seat to my left, opening the car door and making my way to the flat. I unlock the door quietly, hoping not to wake Emma.

I walk up the stairs and down the hall, stopping at the door to the room on the left. I quietly open the door and peer inside, checking to see if Emma is asleep. I watch as her chest moves up and down, eyes closed and mouth slightly parted. I close the door and make my way into my room, on the right side of the hall.

I open the door and feel like something is out of place. I check every possibility but everything seems so right. As I lay in my bed, I notice a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I jump up and stare in the direction of the shadow. I can see the outline of their extremely fit body and their hair. Those curls, that build. No. No, no, no.

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