Bitter Sweet

Rebecca's sister is missing.
Without a trace she vanished.

After no evidence as to what happened to her sister, Rebecca takes things into her own hands by inventing a new identity and moves to the American school her sister was once a pupil at.

It soon becomes clear that to find out the truth, Rebecca must battle mean girls, dangerous pranks and dark secrets.

I guess Rebecca didn't know her sister as well as she thought...


1. Prologue

"Do it"

"No I can't!"

"Listen, stop being such a baby and get the gun"

"This was such a bad idea, I want you to leave"

"What? This was your freakin idea and now you're just going to chicken out?"

"What's wrong with you? This is sick."

"You think this is sick? Letting him get away with what he did is sick! He needs to be taught a lesson."

"Not like this! We could go to prison."

"Fine, if you're not going to do it I will. Pass me the gun."

" No."

"Pass. Me. The. Gun."


"Fine, move out of my way I'll get it myself."


"Get the hell out of my way."

"Get off it!"

"Let go!"

"Put it down!"

"Fucking let it go!









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