Bitter Sweet

Rebecca's sister is missing.
Without a trace she vanished.

After no evidence as to what happened to her sister, Rebecca takes things into her own hands by inventing a new identity and moves to the American school her sister was once a pupil at.

It soon becomes clear that to find out the truth, Rebecca must battle mean girls, dangerous pranks and dark secrets.

I guess Rebecca didn't know her sister as well as she thought...


4. Chapter 4

  Monday morning couldn't have come soon enough. It felt like I'd been waiting years for two days to pass by. I spent two days packing, fidgeting and trying to watch television whilst my mum gave me the silent treatment. I truly disliked what I'm doing to her but she doesn't understand that Lena couldn't have just left.

 Once my alarm clock bursts into life at 4am, I quickly jump out of bed and throw on some tight fitted jeans and a baggy grey top. I'd laid them out on my radiator the day before to save time. I guess it's my idea of being organised. After I put my hair up into a messy ponytail, I grab my suitcases and half jump and half fall downstairs. To my surprise my mum is already waiting for me. She looks like she's aged 40 years.

  "Morning" I say in a low voice. I keep my eyes to the ground.

  "You've not got your contact lenses in" My mum states matter-of-factly. Guilt seeps it's way through body.

  "Oh, yer I forgot. Thanks" I say before unzipping one of my suitcases to find my blue make-up bag.

  "What time is the taxi coming?" My mum asks quietly.

  "5 o'clock" I say whilst trying to put in my contact lenses with no mirror.

  "It will be here in a few minutes then" She says, looking at her watch.

  "Right, yer" I say. This is really awkward. It's killing me seeing her so withdrawn.

We stood in the hall way quietly until we heard the taxi driver hoot it's horn to let us know it's here.

   "I guess this is it then." My mum says looking at me with sad eyes.

   "I guess so. Mum look I-" Before I could finish my sentence my mum engulfs me in a massive hug.



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