It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


14. Time Passes.

It's been 3 weeks since mine and Harry's break up, the next day in classes was horrible, every girl hated me, they would say. "Harry was too good for you anyway!" Or "How could you hurt MY Harry!" This made me laugh alot, considering Harry wasn't really theirs. Of course I asked I move into different seats in the lessons I had with him. He still constantly looks at me, it's his own fault really. Kelley and Leah made it clear that what he did was a dick move and really stupid of him, Time and time again he would say how sorry he was and how he still loves me, but I just don't know whether to trust him or not, for all I know he could be lying to me still.

it was the last day of term before spring break, Leah and Kelley invited me to spend out 3 week break with them but I denied, I wanted to be at home, in my own bed. As its the last day I made myself look nice. I left my brown hair fall in its neat curls past my shoulders, I pulled on a pair of right light denim skinnies and a black crop top from top shop. I only added a little bit of blusher and a layer of lipstick and mascara before leaving the dorm in a pair of black wedges with small platforms. "Good morning Bree-Ann!" Jenny my science partner greeted me as I passed her in the hall. Today was going to be a happy day, so I was going To be nice to everyone that spoke to me luckily Harry doesn't speak to me so I wouldn't have I be nice to him....

"Morning Bree-Ann you look" I heard a familiar sexy husky voice from behind me. I stopped in my steps, I knew exactly who it was. "Hi Harry" I gritted my teeth and turned around. So much for him not speaking to me. Those green eyes, oh how I missed them, and the smile with the dimples I missed, as well as his extremely eye catching beautiful curly dark hair. "Long time no speak" he smiled. I looked at he floor then back up at him. "We'll I haven't really intended to speak to you to be honest" I lied, every part of me knew I lived him sti, I just didn't want to play easy. "Bree-Ann please, don-" I cut off his usual apologies. And stepped towards him "Harry you were the first boy I had ever spoken out about myself to I told you very thing, I lived you!" I to him, but no matter how long apart me are I will ways feel like this, like I was being cheated on, like I was being used!" I ranted to him about, he was a little speechless and shocked with my impressive speech. 

He nodded turned around Tj walk away, I had a crazy moment, something forced my hand out to grab his arm, his thing made me pull him back to me. Then smash my lips to his.

Yes, the fireworks are still there.

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