It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


4. Thankyou.

I stood outside the door Harry went in, guessing it was his dorm . I took a deep breath and knocked lightly on the door. I slappeed my legs ligty patiently waiting. The door creaked open and Harry's head popped out. He smiled showing off his dimples, he pulled the door wide open, he was only wearing his boxers, which showed off his full large package. I coughed lifting my eyes up, "Erm...Hi Harry" I hiked he winked and rose his eyebrows. "Hi ba.....erm hi Bree-Ann your obviously feeling better!" He stopped himself from saying babe, which kinda made me giggle. "I am thanks to you, I wanted I just come round and say thankyou, you kinda saved my life" I said awkwardly. Harry looked me up an down and smiled at me. " Don't mention it love, I'm glad your okay!" He said. His voice is just so sexy it was husky and rasp, I so wanted to know what his morning voice was like. "Yeah, that's er that's it" I laughed, he let out a little laugh and smiled at me. He laughed again. "Would you like to come in?" He asked me, I refered back to my enrolling letter. "Sorry girls are not allowed in boys dorms!" I said, ltting him know im a good girl. "Oh c'mon, I bring girls bback here like everyday!" He joked, he froze, knowing he really shouldn't of said that. "Well, im sorry Harry I wont be the next girl you screw over" I stood up for myself. He opened his mouth and closed it, thinking of something to stay. He struggled. I turned on my feet to walk away. "Bree-Ann wait!" He called, stepping out of his dorm room, not caring he was showing off his lower package that hid beneath his pale blue boxers. The girl I saw that harry as all over early his morning, budged her way past me. "Eurg...Look where you are going sket! Hi Harry babe im here!" She gave me a dirty look then looked and wave at Harry. I stopped and looked at him, I shook my head. "Wow." Was all  said, He looked at me sadly but was soon pleased when the slut flung herself at him and they kissed here way into his dorm. I shook my head and walked away.


I walked into our dorm, slamming or door and chucked my bag on my bed slumping onto it. "Whoa, what's happened Mrs hormonal?" Kelley paid her attention to me.I  just gave her a look, "You were both right, Harrys a complete knob!" I groaned. Kelley nodded in agreement.  "Anyway, I came here to focus on my grades, not boys, especially not ones like Harry!"  grunted.

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