It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


28. Special One.

Me and Harry walked back to the door hand and hand, I couldn't stop apologising to Harry, I felt like a selfish cow. "Sorry Harry" I mumbled as we stood outside the dorm, Harry sighed and stood in-front  of me closely. "Please stop saying that, I know your Sorry babe, leave it!" He said to me, I nodded and buttoned my lips which he gave me a peck before me walked into the dorm. 

Harry approached Zayn, Zayn hugged him brotherly. "Mate, i am so sorry! But i understand now, she's yours and I respect that! But keep her safe mate, there will be more after her, worse then me!" He said nicely to Harry. Harry nodded and gave Zayn a hug back. "She is special Zayn,she's my everything, thank-you for being so understandable!" Harry patted his back, I stood awkwardly in the corner, crosser my hands and legs smiling at hearing what Harry said. "Im your everything?" I winked to him as he walked over to me, "You know it" He winked sexually back, he slipped an arm around me and kissed me gently on the forehead. "C'mon the boys want to play fifa" Harry mumbled. I stopped and smiled. "Oh my god teach me how to play! Ive always wanted a boyfriend who can teach me how to play" I mumbled the last bit shyly. Harry smiled to me, he sat on the sofa and opened his legs wide and patted for me to sit in between them, which I did. Niall handed us a controller to share so Harry could teach me.He slid his arms under mine and we both had our hands round the controller, it was quite cute to be honest.

"Right now wiggle this the way you want to's better! your a pro!" Harry instructed me, I couldn't stop giggling, I was getting good at this. "I demand a match against Harry!" I smiled. I slipped off Harry's lap and sat next to him closely. "Here you are Haz, don't loose, she's a girl" Louis mumbled, I shot him my famous *i can hear you* looks and he backed off. 

"On your marks....Get set....GOO!" Liam yelped. I was drawing with Harry, I managed to be Niall to let me use all his winning money on buying a fast pink car, (he secretly loves it)

"You can NOT beat me!" Harry screamed, leaning the way his car was going. I managed to speed up at the end as I past the finish line 0.9 seconds before Harry did.

I dropped the controller got up and danced about, jumping and whooping. Harry's expression was a picture. "Don't under-estimate us" Leah winked. I sat on Harry's lap, facing him, I grabbed his cheeks with my flat hands and pushed them together making his face look fish like. "Aww baby" I pouted to him, kissing his squished face and lips. Can't believe I lost against my own girlfriend" He grumbled, his hands resting on my hips lightly. "Oh i can" I giggled. He shook his head at me laughing.

I then remembered something....we have got lessons tomorrow.....yay.

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