It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


25. Sex with Harry.



Me and Harry race back to his dorm as quick as we could, the tingly feeling ran through me quick, it made me want Harry in every way i could, the feeling was sensational.

We burst through his dorm doors and instantly started stripping our clothes off, I pulled off my crop top up and over my shoulders, Harry's swimming shorts were instantly on the floor, he helped me untie my bikini and he threw it on the counter, I pretty much ripped off the rest of my clothes until both of us were butt naked.

Harry's arms wrapped around my naked body to my bum (again), I threw my hands around his neck and twisted his dark curls through my fingers, my boobs pressed hard against his chest, his penis bulging into my lower belly.We kissed each other with passion, our tongues working in each others mouths. Our breathing was heavily. Harry pushed me down on the sofa. Not where I would like, but i couldn't contain my need for him any longer. I opened my legs  as I laid on my back, Harry positioned  himself between my legs, holding them in the air, so my feet where at his shoulders. He slowly thrusted into me, I let out a quick moan as I felt his length inside me, it was painful like before, but this pleasure over-powered it. 

Thrust after thrust we were both reaching our climaxes, I moaned every hot thrust he threw into me, even Harry grumbled repeatedly. "I want you" He growled sexually, suddenly Harry's hips stuttered and shook a little, he came.. It flooded inside me, hotness running up my spine and through my numb legs, it felt so good. (I had the implant so i was unable to get pregnant dw) Harry let out a loud sigh of pleasure, and pulled his length out of me, he flopped down beside me. "That was definable the best sex I have ever had" He puffed, I laughed and caught my breath. "Lets go wash" I told him.

After our shared bath we both climbed into some loose clothes, as we were both still a little hot and flustered, we crashed on the sofa next to each other, my head on his shoulder he ran his fingers through my hair playing with it. We heard giggling and voices and the other lot bounded through the door, "Before I sleep tonight, where as it?" Was the first word that came out of Zayns mouth, they all stopped and stood still. I giggled, Harry looked at the sofa then back at Zayn letting out a wink. "Really! I have to sleep on that!" Leah yelped, the others were laughing. I shot a glance at Liam. "You can stay in mine tonight" Liam said, Leahs face brightened up and she nodded making me laugh a little.


Bree-Anne and the girls headed over to their dorm to gather more clothes, we all loved staying together in one dorm, and sleeping alone now was horrible now I had got used to her bed company. Me and the boys tidied up the place a little, chatting and laughing along the way. "How is she then Haz?" Louis asked me, giving me his little look. I nodded. "You have no idea how good she is!" I puffed my lower lip out.
"This isn't like last time is it Harry, I mean, we all like her, you can't mess this one up?" Niall said to me. I stopped fluffing the pillows up an looked at them all. "Its different, she's different, she's like no-one I have ever met before, she's a keeper boys" I smiled. The girls burst thorugh the door, Bree-Ann had a massive smiled on her face.



Me and the girls pulled our suitcases behind us along the hall, we stopped at the boys door, we could hear them mumbling. "This isn't like last time is it Harry, I mean, we all like her, you can't mess this one up?" We heard Niall spoke.
"Its different, she's different, she's like no-one I have ever met before, she's a special one. she's a keeper boys" Harry mumbled back, he said I was special, and that im a keeper, I couldn't feel more happy, I burst the door open and looked at Harry with a massive smile on my face, I dropped my suitcase and ran up to him jumping on his and wrapping my legs around his body. "I love you so much Harry!" I said to him, he hugged me tight supporting me as he held me. "I love you too baby" He said to me pulling our hug back and then kissing me. "Get a room, I've already had to disinfect the sofa!" Zayn threw a pillow at us, Harry placed me on the floor, his arm still round me protectively. 

I love this boy.

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