It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


22. Party time.

We arrived at the house that was throwing the party, we could hear the music from a block away,we got out if the car and I instantly grabbed Harry's safe hand and stuck my shoulder to his. People were smoking in the grass, a bit of sexual intercourse In the bushes. Nice. 

A ginger guy greeted us at the door he had a huge smile and was eyeing me up and down. Harry pulled me close. "Back off Corey she's mine" He growled, Corey surrendered his hands up. "She's a bit of a sexy one you have there Haz" he grunted. Harry pulled me past him into the house. "If he tries anything tonight on you I swear to god I'll rip him apart" Harry growled. I have him a squeeze. "I'm fine baby" I kissed him reassuringly on the cheek. "I love you" I whispered to him, he pulled me infront of  him and rested his hands on my bum where mine wrapped around his neck. "I love you to babe" he said resting his forehead on mine. We were about to kiss but were interrupted by Zayn. "Ave a drunk it's maxing" he slurred, Harry sighed. And shook his head in disgust, "already drunk Zayn gawd!" I giggled at him. Harry shook his head. 

"Babe I'll be back in 5 gonna say hello to some old friends, mingle" hard kissed me in the forehead then trotted off to the jock team. "Mingle" I whispered. I looked around grabbed a drink I felt arms slip around me. "Haha Harry" I giggled, I turned as saw Corey's smug face looking at me. "Get off me Corey! I have a boyfriend!" I pulled off of him. He chucked and took my arm roughly. "Looks like he's busy!" He pointe I followed his finger he was right, George was on the sofa and a Lilasat on top of him. I felt my eyes sting in tears and my head was pounding. "Follow me, I'll get you something"Corey soothed me he took my hand J didn't care and he led me upstairs. I was taken into his double bed room. "What are we doing in here?" I asked Corey a little scared. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him he shoved his alacholic tasted lips on mine roughly. "Corey!" I squealed, he shoes me on the bed pulling my shoes and dress off me, I had no choice in this. I whimpered when he pulled my underwater and bra off me so I was bare. He pulled his trousers off, I got up and ran to the door but was pulled back hard, "don't!" He grabbed my arm so hard a winced.


I finally got Lola of off me and began looking around for Bree-Ann again, I hope she was okay. I asked Zayn Liam and Louis if they had seen her, they replied with a no. I finally asked Niall

"Niall have you seen Bree-Ann?" I asked him.

"yeah Corey was taking her upstairs" he said simply. My heart skipped a bit, I grabbed Niall "He's gonna rape her!" I screeched at her, Niall caught on to what was happening and we both pegged it upstairs. I shoved the door open.

my hearts melted at the sight of my naked Bree-Ann shoved on the bed, luckily the sicko hasn't entered her yet, Niall ran in and shoved Corey to the ground throwing punch after punch at him. I ran to Bree-Ann cradling her into a big hug. She cried into my chest, I pulled a blanket around her. "Harry what happened?" The 3 boys and Kelley and Leah stop At the door. They caught ino it quickly, and all 3 boys threw themselves into Corey aswell as Niall

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