It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


17. Night in.

  As I promised Harry, I had to spent the night at his with the boys. I was a little nervous because u haven't really spoken to the boys yet. 

I gathered up my bag with my night things. And said goodbye to the girls. "Be good Hun!" Kelley winked at me, I stuck my tongue out at her and hugged them bit before heading to Harry's dorm. I knocked on the door and heard voices  from inside the door. Zayn opened up, "hey babe!" He said squeezing me into a hug. "Harry's naked at the moment!" He laughed letting me in, I had to giggle a little. "Hello love!" I heard that sexy voice from another room. "Hii Harry!" I called back to him. "Don't let the boys annoy you!" He called back to me. There dorm wa a little bigger then outs mainly because they had two more students living in it. As per-usual Niall was sitting in the sofa with a large bowl of food. Liam was walking round in the phone and Louis was now tickling Zayn I felt a little awkward, but these boys were great. I felt two hands suddenly touch my sides from behind, a hot breath heaving in my ear. "You look beautiful!" It was Harry's familiar whisper I heard. I turned to face him, he was topless, showing off a few tattoos and his muscular chest. I placed n hands in his bare chest, "So are you" I whispered, Harry's hands puns there way to my bum and while wired their way found his neck. His tasteful lips pecked mine softly lingering it there for a while. I kissed him back keep prong our heads silk very close even when we stopped kissing. "Get a room!" Niall shouted threw a mouthful if tortillas. I blushed and pulled away from Harry. "Don't worry they aren't like this always!" Harry defended the boys as they began doing piggy back races. "I like it,  lets play!" I told Harry, he shrugged his shoulders and hauled me into his back. "Oh it's on!" I told Niall and Zayn who were being carried by Louis and Liam. "Like donkey kong!" Zayn yelped. "Ready set.....gooo!" He yelped again. We had to do a lap if the living room which was huge and surprisingly clean. I kicked Harry like a horse as we fell behind. "GO LOUIS GO!" Niall hauled himself forward on Louis back which ended in caos. Louis list his footing and came tumbling down, they then tripped Zayn and Liam up and they tripped me and Harry up. We all ended up in a big heap, Louis and Niall at the bottom of it. Harry jumped up, pulling me up with him. "You okay baby?" He smiled to me, "yeah! That was so much fun!" I squealed, Harry laughed at by reaction holding my arms as I jumped around.  All the boys got up and rubbed different parts if there body. "Liam get your hands out if you boxers!" I laughed covering my eyes. He laughed at me and wiped that hand on me. "Maybe we should do something a little calmer, movie night and popcorn?" Louis suggested. I smiled and nodded at his idea. Harry and the others all agrees aswell. "ONESIE TIME!" Niall screamed, the others waved their arms around and ran into their bedrooms, Harry pulled me Into his. "Have you got a onesie?" He asked me I nodded. Unlike Harry's tiger baggy one, mine was a thin one that was quite tight but soooo comfy. "Where can I get changed?" I asked. Harry's eyes lit up and grinned a cunning smile. "In here with me!" He winked. I agreed I mean...I'm bit self conscious about my body. And he is my boyfriend. I went Ito the corner if the room and face the wall. I pulled off everything except from my bra an knickers. "Here let me" Harry's husky voice rasped in my ear. His bare chest touching my back. I smiled silently and lifted my hair. Harry's hit breath heated my neck, with one hand he unhooked my baby pink bra, it fell to the floor. "Your so beautiful" he whispered. I felt his lower regions harden on my back digging into me, a tingly feelin ran through me. "Your so easy to turn on!" I giggled at him. He lifted hi hands and cupped them hard over my breasts. This tingly made me feel like I wanted Harry in a way I have never felt before. I turned and kissed him rapidly, I heard the boys outside the door and I quickly pulled away and yelped into my onesie. Harry sighed. "Sort your dick out Harry!" I whispered laughing pointing to his boner. "Sort your boobs out babe!" He joked. Fuck sake....when I wear no bra ma fookin nipples decide to erect. Jaheez thanks nips.

me and Harry pined the boys I the large sofas. I had my arms crossed over my breasts, luckily I was curled up with Harry to cover them. We cuddled between Louis and Niall. Liam cooked the popcorn that Niall hogged and Liam and Zayn cuddled together awe. 

Middle of the film I decided to tease Harry. I placed my hand on his upper leg. His eyes kept on the TV but I could see hi pupils get larger and his eyes curious. I higher end my hand to his crutch my hand completely over it. "Bree!" Harry smirked through gritted teeth, his face tensed up. I took my hand away and giggled as his boner returned. Louis noticed and laughed. "Looks like Harry's dying for a shag Bree!" Louis scoffed. Harry shot him a glance the boys burst out laughing. "Fuck off Lou!" Harry spat.


few minutes after the boner incident I took my arms away from Bree-Ann's breast. I lowered it down to her leg and slid my hand between her legs. She winced a little. I pressed against her crotch and she slipped a little moan. I laughed taking my hands away. All the boys looked shocked and Bree was furious with me. "Payback!" I mouthed to her. The boy laughed. Niall noticing her erect nipples. "Are you cold Bree?" He scoffed. She shot him a death stare and grabbed my arm to cover her. Oh I love this girl.

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