It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


20. Meet the family.

Me and Harry had a big day ahead of us, I was quite shocked when Harry dropped the family bombshell. But I was ready and prepared, it also meant a lot to me the fact he would like me to meet his parents.

i went back to my dorm to shower and change into a fresh pair of jeggings and a burgandy knitted swayer. It didn't take me long to head To the car park where Harry normally waited. "You look beautiful" he kissed my forehead. I pecks him back and admired his outfit, I couldn't keep my eyes off the fact his tight skinny black jeans looked so good on him. I felt Harry's finger touch my chin and he lifted it, for my eyes to meet his green mesmerising ones. "My eyes are up here" he winked, I punched his arm playfully and we both got in th car.

"Your nervous" Harry said 10minutes away from our destination. I nodded, that want he truth because I was nervous. "Don't be babe, my Mums lovely, Gemma might be a wee bit funny but she'll get used to you!" He reassured me. He placed his hand on my upper leg causing th tingly feeling to run through me and make me shiver. Harry found this hilarious. "Haha!" He chuckled. "And you say I'm easy to turn on!" He winked at me, I blushed. 

"Ou haven't turned me on Harry!" He denied, this was a lie because he had, I wanted him. 

"We'll whether you are or not, it can wait till later" he winked. I tutted and rolled my eyes at his hornyness.

webstood at the other side I this small cute cottages door, Using one had Harry knocked an hi other hand was holding onto mine reassuringly. A girl a bit older then Harry opened the door     from the other side. She looked at our stuck hands, "another one Harry?" She greeted her brother guessing it was his sister Gemma. "Nice to see you too Gem!" Harry budged past her.   "Gem this is Bree-Ann, Bree-Ann this is Gemma" Harry greeted us, I said hello to Gemma but she just grunted An went away to go up the stairs. "Don't worry about er" Harry smiled at me. We were interrupted by a loud "HARRY!" Which made bus both jump!

"Hiya Mum!" Harry embraces his beautiful mum into a large warming hug. 

"Who is this pretty young lady then Haz?" She asked  Harry, I flushed red a little.

"Mum this is my girlfriend Bree-Ann" Harry introduced me. His mum opens her arms wide for a hug which I accepted kindly.

'its lovely to finally meet you Mrs Styles!" I giggled to her. 

"Oh do call me Anne! Right Dinner will be ready in a bit so have fun until then!" She smiled. waving us off to leave to the kitchen. harry took my hand and led me up to his bedroom.

as soon as I walked into his edition I was hit my 100 half naked women's eyes staring at me from there paper. I giggled. "I was younger okay! Don't judge me" he pouted, I turned and kissed his pout which made him want more. He opened his mouth to kiss me and licks my bottom lip for tongue entrance which I alowed immediately, my hands wandered round his neck and through his messy set of curls, as per usual Harry's were set on my bum


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