It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


13. I knew It.

I knew I shouldn't have kept with him, they warned me. Leah and Kelley strictly warned me that he was trouble, but it felt so real. Everything he said to me felt real like he meant it, but it was too late, it was all a dare which he played very well because he made me fall in love with him, and now he broke my heart.

"Bree! What's happened?" Leah and Kelley called after me as I ran into my room shutting the door. The two of them opened it slowly finding me curled up in a ball on my bed, because he made me feel small, he made me feel like I was nothing. I felt Leah's soft hand stroke my head and Kelleys soothing hushing noises through my hurt ears. I cried it all out, all the pain of being used as Harry's next sex tool, I couldn't stand it, I've never felt this hurt over a guy before. "What did he do?" Kelley asked trying to be kind and angry at the same time. I snivelled an sat up, Leah passed me some tissue and I wiped my sore and puffy eyes. "I-it w-was a-all a d-are!" I whimpered. "What was honey? What was all a day?" Leah asked me. I sat up a little more both of their hands rested on my lap. "Harry was dared to be my boyfriend, just to be my first!" I started to cry again. Kelley stood up.. "That's it!" She yelled, she angrily barged out of the room. "Dot do anything stupid Kell!" Leah called.


Don't do anything stupid? Of course I wouldn't do anything stupid, what kind if person does she think I am?

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!!!!" I yelled at Harry as I barged into there dorm. Harry stood there his face was blank of expression, his cheeks were a little red and his eyes looked sore and puffy. Has Harry Styles been crying? "Kell-ey I need to talk to h-her p-please!" I have never in my life seen someone so passionate about even talking to a girl. This sex addict really loves her. Like Really..... "Follow me" I told him taking a deep breath. He nodded and sniffed trailing at my heels. He followed me all the way to our dorm, I could hear his silent sniffing from behind me. As we were about to open the door Leah burst open tears rapidly falling. "Leah what's happened?" I asked her, I was a little scared. "It's Bree! She's locked herself in the toilet, I'm scared Kelley I'm scared!" Leah pleaded, Harry's eyes opened wide , he pushed past us both running straight to the bathroom door. "Bree-Ann open this door NOW!" He shouted banging on it hard. "NO I WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE YOU!" She creamed from inside, I have to admit, it was a horrific scene. Harry took a deep breath and lent on the bathroom door. "Bree-Ann I know what I did was a dick move, I understand that you hate me and will never forgive me but please, one out of the bathroom, please!" He said this slowly and meaningful. It was a good 3 minutes before we heard the lock click from the inside and it slowly creaked open. Harry's face went pale as he saw the blood pour from her arm, she had cuts all up to her elbow, Leah's face was blank. "Get him out of here" Was all Bree spoke. I knew Leah didn't like blood so I left her to get Harry out. Which wasn't easy. "Bree-Ann please!!! PLEASE!" He cried. When Leah finally got Harry out, I took Bree's good arm gently guiding her to the bath room where I ran the cold Wyler tap over her cuts which washed he blood away, the cuts were quite deep there was about 5 of them. "Bree-Ann, what have you done?" I shook my head. I grabbed some cleansing wipes and dabbed the cuts down with them. I lifted our first aid kit down from the top cupboard and pulled out a flimsy bandage which I pulled over her cut arm. "Please , never EVER do this again Bree!" I was being strong, she needed me to be. She fell into my arm hugging me tightly, I let her sob into my shoulder, when we pulled away I used some more tissue to wipe her eyes, I brushed her hair back for her and tied it up out of her face. I grabbed her onesie for her and made her a hot chocolate. "Thankyou Kelley, where's Leah?" She croaked as she cozied up on the sofa. "She isn't to much of a fan of blood, so I got her to take Harry away, she'll be back in a minute I'm sure!" I reassured her, just in timing a shaky Leah walked through the door, I handed her a hot chocolate and she joined us on the sofa. "You'll be just fine" Leah smile a warming smile at Bree-Ann who just slightly nodded.


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