It Was All A Dare.

"So let me get this right , you were dared to be my boyfriend?" I screamed at Harry. He gave up on shouting at me. "Yes but I regret it you know that!" He defended himself. "Well that's not good enough Harry" I said walking away.


2. Hi again.

I was walking alone for a while before I finally found the dorm I was assigned to, my suitcases had already been transported to the door. I clicked open the door with the key and pushed it open. The smell of freshly summer hollister spray hit me, that as well as music. Before I managed to look around the dorm a bubbly red headed girl flew In front of me. "Hi in Leah!" She smiled. She had sweet dimples and light shade of freckles on her cheeks. "Hiya I'm Bree-Ann, but you can just call me Bree" I giggled at her enthusiasm. "Oh and that's Kelley she's not a very social friend!" Leah awkwardly pointed towards a girl who was slumped on her bed with headphones covering half of her head. Kelley lifted her eyes up away from her magazine and smiled at me, she had a warming smile, I knew I was going to like these two. 

The two girls helped me unpack my clothes and items into my drawers and into the desk. "You bring more stuff then me!" Kelley laughed bopping her head. I giggled at her. Leah and Kelley made themselves comfy on my bed. "So who have you met so far?" Leah asked crossing her legs. I took place on my comfy beanbag. "I met a senior student called Harry" I told them simply. Kelley dropped her magazine on the floor and both of there jaw dropped low. "What have I said?" I asked, a little worried I had committed something wrong. "Is this Harry Styles, the most wanted senior by any girl here?" Kelley said stunned. I just shrugged my shoulders, mainly because I knew nothing about his apart from the fact that he is gorgeous and he smokes. "Well he is very attractive" I giggled. Leah and Kelley over reacted there nodding in agreement. "He's more then very attractive honey!" Kelley laughed. Leah jumped up of the bed onto her two feet, she took grip on my arm. "I  think it's tour time!" She squealed in excitement. Kelley groaned but agreed I come along anyway.

They took me across the grass explaining this is where we sit and hang on free periods, they took me to the main hall where assembly's are held. I was taken through every single classroom (which is a bloody lot) and through all the activity centres and gyms. Finally they took me through the dorm route, which ended up being a long corridor of never ending doors for dorms. "We'll you've seen it all!" Leah smiled . "I hope you enjoyed our tour please come back to Leah's Luxurious Tours any day you please!" She spoke in a posh advertising voice. Causing me and Kelley to hurl over into laughing fits. "Oh hi again" A husky raspy voice spoke. I stood up straight stifling in my giggles trying to contain them. 

Great. Just the timing where I look like a right and utter mong Harry fucking gorgeous Styles appears in front of us. He had changed out of his helping shirt into a Rolling Stones shirt a pair I black boos and skinny black jeans. He slipped his phone into his pocket and stared straight into my light hazel eyes with his bright beautiful green orbs. "Oh erm hi Harry!" I choked. He looked at me again, "It's Bree-Ann right?" He asked me, I nodded smiling. "But you can call me Bree if you like" I told him, he nodded in agreement, "Hi girls" he smiled to Leah and Kelley who were both creepily staring t him, I had to nudge then both to bring them back to life.

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